zPiv Core Wallet 3.0.0 Automint Features

We're here to demonstrate Automint and what
that does on the wallet with Zerocoin enabled. Okay so first Zerocoin has Automint enabled
by default and we may change that before release But right now it means that about every five
minutes it'll check your balances in your Wallet And depending on certain settings it
will possibly mint more of your PIV into zPIV For the benefit of the network and privacy
for everyone. How that is setup is in your PIVX.config file
you'll have a setting to enable or disable And like I said by default it is enabled. When it's enabled you can change a couple
other settings in the Options menu. You can do this by going to your menu and
looking at Options which is under Preferences I think in the Mac and under Settings on Linux. You'll see here it came up and you can change
the percentage you want changed.

10% is a good default that we've set and then
preferred denomination. I believe I don't care will just give you
whatever it finds or break it down such that The max it will try to mint at any time
I think is 6,666. If you have a large balance that could happen
but otherwise if your balance was Let's say 100 it could attempt to mint 10 Zerocoins. If you've already converted your whole wallet
through this Automint or some other mints To have 10% then it will not do anything unless
you're getting stakes. If you're regularly getting stakes which could
be like six PIV or four PIV or something Every now and then you'll cross a threshold and
you'll have like one Zero—or zPIV Sorry. One conversion to one ZeroPIV (zPIV). In that case if you're staking a lot regularly
you'll end up eventually with lots of ones And potentially not as many other coins.

So what you can do is actually change and
say don't bother doing an Automint Unless you've reached a threshold where let's say
you're going to get 50 PIV denom or a 10 PIV denom. And so then it'll be less frequent that it'll
update and you won't end up with tons of ones. I'm setting mine to 10. You can just do that like that in the Wallet
in the options setting and then basically Do an enable. And then if you have this enabled What will happen is you'll see transactions occurring. Here for example in the past there was one
where I did actually get 6,666 because I have In this case a big balance and not that much
currently minted.

And it was broken down As one 1, one 5, a 10, a 50, etc., up to
a 5,000. So now with the current setting when I get
a—with that enabled I should start seeing When it happens the next time I should see
the 50 happen. Currently I have Automint disabled so I'm
going to not see anything at the moment But next time it's enabled you should see that. So that's just a quick demo on how to set
that up. You do want to change your PIVX.config to
disable it if you do not what this occurring. Okay. That's it for now. .

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