ZKSwap lo Swap Economico del Layer 2 su Ethereum Blockchain

good morning to all guys and welcome back to my channel in today's video tutorial let's go and see together what it is that the suap is practically a version a suap on layer 2 of and shot very similar to his let's go and see its functioning later the acronym buzzi that the suap reachable at the address of ks dot org and let's see this suap what it is and how it works as we see zichi suap is a token exchange protocol based on automatic market maker a mm through caparol technology op within this suap it is possible to give liquidity and obtain compensation the entire set of functions of a hislop therefore practically a sort of isvap made on layer 2 dt room with a strong scalability and greater attention to privacy ziga step up provides liquidity providers traders with an infrastructure on very high speed works and the transaction does not require any gas commission is a totally decentralized protocol where users h year the full possession of their transactions because it does not require any authorization signature this bee is very interesting when the dt network is not congested when there are very high fees to pay up and you pull a layer 1 we can see below the investors who have subsidized this project basically we have the road map up to 42 thousand 20 1 where p long which is practically the consensus method of these transactions will be implemented and in addition a gpu accelerator to be able to use this you need to have the matt hamas extension that without particular settings just download meta males will leave you the guide at the end of the video and use the basic network then pull the network where already set meta mans that to start this we click on abo application and we will find ourselves on the uncles protocol that its we are already having downloaded and the extension of meta masche and created our volley, however, leave me all the links at the end of the video we are on this one screen, all we have to do is go to the top right on connect wallet unlock the wallet accept the digital signature of djs suap click company the signature and you see that this screen opens but which one can we make the first transactions or deposit a token or a crypt currency that interests us obviously we must have them on the meta mask wallet and we must also have tearoom because the transaction from me the mask to the suap at one end must be paid you must have enough shots to cover these fi attention because in times of high congestion the transition from meta mask a zichi sua player 2 could be very expensive so be careful to check how much the gas fee is once you decide on which one touches some currency you want to deposit just enter the amount click on deposit and in a few minutes yours amount will be deposited inside layer 2 after which we can transfer them to layer 1 or take them forward re just like them suap we can go to layer 2 suop select our top and our crypto currency and go and decide on which other they touch which high crypto we want to convert then the suap as we said before there are no commissions on layer 2 for a slot regarding and tearoom there is only a very small commission that you go to pay that will go to those who provided the liquidity in the swat this is a big difference compared to layer 1 because in addition to the high credit deposit maybe from meta mascal layer 1 there is also a high fee for the swap while susy that her player 2 the only commission that could be onerous for us users is to move the token all to crypto currency from meta mask within this wallet and then as I just said the purpose is since the crypt crypto crypto tocana token does not have a very small commission that you go to pay that has provided liquidity to this service itself app I remind you that a des k where no withdrawal authorization will deposit them if only you with access through your basic wallet or half males the dress from both level 1 dt and layer 2 is the same so it had to change thieves if it is deposited and received to be but see how to add liquidity to this protocol you have to go to the layer 2 pool to reach liquidity we must have at least 50 zica country token and 200 usd t in fact if we click on pull make sure that your total zichi show up resources are higher than 50 and 200 dollars once we have enough touches a vacation and crypto currencies to be able to add liquidity we can go the liquidity pool will open here uncle cup sos di t we could go add the amount we want from the from the pool and we don't necessarily have to enter 50 and 200 to him to this protocol it is enough that we have those resources in our portfolio to be able to add the quantity we want a v Once we enter the amount of zichi suap that we want to add liquidity , the counterparty will automatically be counted in usd t which we must add in the same way as we have entered liquidity here it will be as I said it is the writing zii ks usd t will be a plus symbol we want to add liquidity is a minus symbol if we want to remove liquidity and get our funds back an important thing could happen that you will be refused the transactions because why we have to set a slip edge higher than necessary in the sense that basic could be written to us in a slip of 0.010 0.02 0.03 we have to go to the top right on settings and go to insert a slip and of at least 5 percent and then we can send the transactions and also withdraw our liquidity by returning for a moment on the wallet layer 2 you have surely seen we have these items of cap asl2 interest so you can automatically participate in the profitability of a pr of 10 pe r one hundred monthly holding zica country within the wallet the same for example tram with these tokens we can also participate always on layer 2 automatically in the activities of me demining the single token and also below with e tyrion with bb t you will have a plan b ticino and we can hold them in the wallet and participate in this sort of mining in the same way you can go on mining and participate in these stages rufo staking mining where it is a pr of 90 6.16 percent obviously fair variable you will receive on the liquid mining scam you rewards for liquidity therefore we have in addition to making a suap the possibility of having a passive gain and holding dks within our wallet without doing anything or accessing the mining pools so call them to see for a moment uncles ks that a token in the list entry of over 7,000 people with a value of 0.68 euro cents the negative fluctuation of 2.39 percent in 24 hours the total failure of one billion tokens to date we are at 20 per cent of the supply cake as you can see the contract is based on rum has received two odits for security very important thing not to forget to always have hobbits against let's go and see where you can buy this token you can buy on several changes as obi global gate point io uni his version 2 paoloni ex orbit and wannenes and several other girdles I recommend you always go buy through these changi but where there is another volume of exchange well guys we have reached the end of our usual appointment if you liked the video leave me a like join our more minute telegram if you have n't done it yet subscribe to the channel to support my work we'll see you tomorrow bye everyone

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