Zilliqa Zebra’s News Digest on Zilliqa #8 — (11 Aug 2021)

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your fingertips. Zilliqa released their Ecosystem Growth Report
for Quarter 2 of 2021, with almost 5 billion ZIL staked, 5.8 billion ZIL locked into DeFI
and onchain volume of almost 43 billion. ZilSwap liquidity reached about 800 million
ZIL, pointing to a robust growth story as a whole.

Also, as of 11 August 2021, we are seeing
around 40 million ZIL flowing out of exchanges in the past 7 days, with a circulating supply
of 35.68%. Could this be related to the gZIL mintingminting
which should end in less than 60 days? House of Chimera released a Weekly Altcoin
Update showing Zilliqa NFT ecosystem, with special mention of DeMons, XCAD Network, UFFS
Sports, and more. Cross-chain protocol Poly Network has been
hacked for $611 million in the largest DeFi hack to date. The Zilliqa team is monitoring the situation
and will evaluate how this will impact the upcoming mainnet bridge release. In any case, safety and security over haste
and speed! On 11 and 12 August, Zilliqa's head of marketing,
Matt Dyer will be joining Mark Cuban and Vance Spencer at The NFT Experience.

Matt will be on the panel for “NFTs: The
New Sports Trading Card”. Register for a free session at https://thenftexp.com/ The Scilla Chinese documentation is complete,
and with this, Chinese programmers will finally have access to Chinese language learning materials
for using Scilla to create new use cases. Last but not least, Zilliqa has finally crossed
back to the 10 cents level as of today 11 August! Let's keep going up, up and up! That's all I have for this edition of the
Zilliqa Zebra news digest.

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