Zilliqa: Daily Analysis

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today i'm going to be reviewing zil or zilliqa   uh as always this is not financial advice 
i am not an expert to your own research   zill is a coin that is a little older relative to 
some of the other altcoins and it launched in the   spring of 2018 and it did extremely 
well this is the zill btc pair and   this was kind of the last little run 
uh the last altcoin run in 2018 before   everything really dumped and you can basically see 
this is like the last spike and then just tons and   tons of pain all throughout 2018 i mean there 
were some small moves uh and the uh q4 of 2018   as there normally are for this one but then it 
was just a bearish retest and kept going lower   and uh yeah this is like 2018 like the end 
of 2018 and 2019 were just really painful   experiences for all coin traders 
i remember losing lots of money   during these times clearly a bearish trend 
overall you had this big blow off top here   in may of 2018 and then uh just lots and lots of 
pain so what did we see overall uh starting here   in the summer of 2018 i'm sorry 2019 accumulation 
always looks so obvious in hindsight but it's   always a little harder to see in real time when 
you're actually uh trading it for instance this   pattern right here was an accumulation 
pattern and overall this all coin   zil just made a rounded bottom this 
is kind of a rounded bottom reversal   where uh price really consolidated from august 
of 2019 all the way to may of 2020.

So almost   an entire year where this just really didn't do a 
whole lot i mean you can fit out with just the one   five and zero uh there's a lot of different ways 
you can do this but generally speaking when all   coins specifically all btc pairs are doing this 
type of price action uh your opportunity cost   for your coins is going to be quite high because 
all bcc pairs usually either go to the moon like   you know we saw in 2018 right here or they dump 
like hell which is what we saw all throughout 2019   uh and there's also this ranging price action that 
we didn't really see a whole lot of uh for many   altcoin pairs coins like uh dogecoin actually has 
a lot of these consolidation patterns in general   but uh many other all coins were either just 
pump huge or dump huge yeah you see a lot   more v-shaped reversals for all pcc pairs 
and this ranging price action that you saw   from uh 2019 to 2020 was an accumulation pattern 
for zill and then it price really started to run   uh all throughout the summer of 2020 and this 
was decentralized finance where decentralized   finance kind of led the way massive massive buy 
volume which is exactly what you want to see   uh and i remember actually uh you know you 
compare this to may 2020 and i remember   looking at this i'm like thinking oh like you 
know all coins are really gonna start to move   but really it was just a bearish retest 
this volume wasn't really sustainable and uh for may 2020 though uh this this buy volume 
again it came and then price pulled back heavily   but what we saw for this pump for um may and 
june of 2020 was that this wick up took out   many sellers in this area here and this area 
around 300 satoshi's this was an area that got   poked at several times throughout um 
2019 the early parts of 2019 that is and   this wick up took out more of those sellers and if 
you've seen many of my other videos you know that support and resistance gets weaker 
and weaker the more times it's tapped   and this again is an example of that so price 
pulled back i remember actually trading this uh   in the uh summer of 2020 i think around may and 
me and a few other of my friends were all in this   rookie and dtc trades were all in zelicah and it 
was great price pulled back huge back down to 120   and then this started to moon again in late 
2020 and again this is a simple sr flip from   this swing low here established all the way back 
in march of 2018 this area has held as resistance   generally speaking these wicks provide 
interesting support and resistance levels and   you could see again like later several months 
later this area was great support in 20 uh   the later parts of 2018 so what are we seeing 
right now we're seeing this overall cell liquidity   that was poked at several times in 2019 around 300 
satoshi's this has been tapped over and over and   over again and as i said before these orders 
are getting filled and consumed and there's   not going to be many sellers left in this area 
overall this chart looks extremely good to me not only speaking this is just like a general sr   flip from this area but when you 
see price coming up on a level with higher lows exactly what this is doing this 
is uh very bullish in general and the context   is also important as well like i thought this was 
bullish back in 2019 i was a newer trader i didn't   really understand the overall context of the chart 
but this context right here in 2019 like spring of   2019 is much different than the context right now 
we're seeing in the spring of 2021 where we saw   lots of bullish activity strong volume follow-up 
and uh the overall market environment is just much   more bullish than it was in 2019.

So what am i 
trying to say here i'm trying to say that once   350 satoshi's gets broken and you can see this 
uh overall on the volume profile too this area is   generally uh this is just like a lot of resistance 
all throughout the 200 and 300 satoshi's area   and once this area gets tapped i don't really 
see much resistance up until kind of like   the 500 satoshi's area you can see on volume 
profile there's just kind of like a little gap   so generally speaking price will want to fill 
that in and it wouldn't surprise me to see   something like this like we see like fast move 
up to 500 and then we see a little grind down   now it's important to understand as 
well with regards to all btc pairs that   i personally find it unlikely that many of these 
old altcoins will get to these old levels like if   this gets up to uh 2000 satoshi that's going to 
be pretty impressive and you know if iggy is even   higher up to this 2500 level that's even better 
i find it unlikely that these coins will get up   to these old alt btc highs note i'm saying alt 
btc i'm not saying all usd pairs uh just because   the market environment is much much different than 
it is today uh you know versus how it was in 2018   there's a lot more all coins on the market there's 
a lot more uh just like different newer coins   newer technology that's not to say that silica 
look bad or anything i actually don't even really   know a whole lot about the fundamentals but from a 
technical analysis perspective i find it unlikely   that these will get up to the old btc highs 
there are going to be exceptions of course um   but i find it unlikely for the vast majority of 
these to reach their old pcc highs but generally   overall what i'm trying to say here is that i 
expect this to have good upside in the short term   uh this area around 350 looks like it's thinning 
out and getting weaker as resistance and i think   it's likely that this goes up to 500.

After that 
uh the other levels are going to be this 650 area   you could see it's tapped uh back in march of 
2018 september 2018 and again in early 2019.   and really if it can break this level then the 
next level up is going to be about a thousand sets   and again i'm sure there's going to be a 
very big volume gap and it's hard to see here   but this entire area just is like totally void 
of much trading activity so this will maybe   want to get filled out but again i'm not 
sure this is like pretty strong in general   if it were to get up to this point uh it 
would need to be a perfect environment   for this to happen but overall yeah i'm still very 
bullish on zilliqa in the short term let's briefly   look at the zil btc or the usd pair this is a 
pair that didn't come as early as the first one   i mean what's there to say this is just 
like incredibly bullish on the usd pair   it's if you're going to be looking at charts 
on zill you should definitely look at the btc   pair because the btc pair has a lot 
more price history in general and uh   yeah overall this is just like an incredibly 
bullish chart what you're seeing right here   i remember actually buying zill in uh late 
january because the entire altcoin market was   really pumping hard and i was looking at coins 
that were accumulating this is like bullish   accumulation especially given the context 
of the entire uh market environment where   you see coins just ran if you see coins ranging   and they aren't incredibly bullish like in 
the sense that you see something like file   coin or whatever you know other coins that just 
go from 0 to 100 in a very short amount of time   when you see coins doing something like this in an 
environment that's very bullish that usually means   that these coins are next to run so i remember 
making tweets about it in january and early   february where i said that these are the types of 
coins that i'm targeting i did buy this i did sell   it pretty quickly after just as a scalp i would 
have made a lot more money had i just held my   position but you know is what it is um what you're 
seeing price action wise with something like zill   is really just drive up either consolidation 
like how we saw back in january of 2021   drive up and then you're seeing 
kind of deeper pullbacks now   but the market structure is still entirely bullish 
you're still seeing higher highs and higher lows   uh i don't personally see a sign of reversal 
quite yet what you're looking for is like a big   blow off top with height and then highest cell 
volume proceeding that after or you're looking   for a distribution pattern where it basically just 
hangs out there for several days with huge wicks   on both ends of the spectrum and that's 
usually a good sign of distribution whereas   something like accumulation like right here 
you saw in january they're more tight they're   tighter candles in general and there's not as much 
volatility whereas for something like a market top   you almost always see uh distribution happening 
across several days with like big wicks   this btc chart isn't very good this 
is okay right here as an example but all btc pairs usually reverse a little 
quicker than than all usd pairs but this was   a distribution pattern i mean you see like huge 
volatility big wicks in both directions and uh   yeah price just coming down but for the zeal usdt 
pair i mean this is still extremely bullish to me   and uh yeah this is just it 
looks really good in general there's there's not a sign of 
reversal quite yet in my opinion uh given the entire market context as well i think 
this is going to move up i believe that all coins   will have a second run in uh april and may so 
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