ZeroSwap Token & Tezos Crypto Price Predictions! Should You Buy ZEE or XTZ Coins?

hope everyone's doing well my name is eq and if 
you haven't been to our channel before welcome   to Stonkaholics i want to give a quick shout 
out to anyone in our discord group that made   a killing on this magic trade you can see 
we've been talking about it since february   all the time has been a really popular one in 
our discord group and as you can see from this   chart february 12th when we first talked about 
it we were sitting at 12 cents almost 13 cents   since then we pushed all the way up to a dollar 
and 90 cents give you a general idea of how far of   a move that would be or was you're talking about 
almost a 1500 move on this trade so congrats to   you guys and anyone in our discord group so before 
we get into the new video i want to go over the   two projects we talked about yesterday let's take 
a quick instant replay of what we went over with   doc my areas of interest for support holds going 
into the next impulse move are gonna be at this   43 dollar range and then the other one is going 
to be up here at the 45 almost 46 dollar range   this little area is going to be an area of 
interest for me it looks like this could be a nice   little consolidation area before it breaks out 
into the next impulse move so you can see based   on the previous video we were holding for a little 
while on the top support we've broken down while   this market isn't a retracement or minor dip we're 
working our way down to the second support line   that's still healthy and we're still ready to make 
this massive impulse move you can see price is   still holding outside of the channel for dot which 
is a great so we needed this dip just because the   stow rsi was in overbought territory but it needed 
to go to overbought in order to break out of this   channel so now we're getting our nice healthy 
dip and retracement to hopefully hold the support   before we turn back up and start 
breaking these all-time highs again   going to bittorrent you can see we are 
still within this descending triangle   looking to break but we're getting a nice support 
hold right here around the 60 rsi on the stow and   we'll be looking to break our 50 rsi resistance 
which can trigger an impulse looking at how this   is looking that could be when we break this line 
and trigger the golden ratio that's going to be   when the 20 ema crosses over the 200 ema we get 
a massive impulse move that's going to start and   trigger this full move so we're keeping an eye on 
a bittorrent but all in all we're still in a good   buy position we're still inside of the channel 
and we were able to hold support throughout   this market dip so all in all the two projects we 
talked about yesterday are looking good so we're   going to add two more projects to the list today 
this first one we're going to be going over is   xero swap token if you hadn't heard of this this 
is a decentralized exchange that offers gas list   fees and zero transaction fees first thing that 
i see on this zero swap chart that's going to   catch my eye is this major support resistance 
hold you can see from the beginning of time   this point here has been a major resistance price 
couldn't hold support so we got to break down   again once price is able to finally hold support 
we got this nice impulse move came down on a   full retracement broke out of our fib retracement 
going to 100 drop basically from the sr flip area   and now we're looking to find support before we 
potentially make another move back up since we've   already done it before just to give you a little 
idea to get back to the all-time high on this one   from current position you're looking at almost 
a 235 percent move just to retest the all-time   high on zero swap now if we were to do a fair 
retracement from our standard sr flip to the top   if price was to break over this point and find a 
support anywhere up here and actually start its   true impulse move we can see price push all the 
way up potentially to the 5.6 range if that is the   case and we do get that kind of push we're looking 
at anywhere near we're looking at upwards of a 500   move which is pretty insane you can five times 
this bag now the other major point that i see   on zero swap is we're getting a major trend 
line right here also a descending triangle   now if i extend this triangle chances are 
it's going to reach one of these higher   points so you can see from here the trend line 
is consistent and even goes through that point   so we can do that but this trend line has 
been consistent through time basically   into early into the year let's see april 2021 
was when we peaked getting this full motion   you can see that we've been holding support the 
whole way down but we haven't been able to break   we're getting to this area right here where price 
is going to have to decide if it wants to continue   to go down or if it's going to break upwards 
the still rsi you can see is very healthy we're   looking to turn up a little bit under the 50 which 
is good because this is under the 50 rsi as well   and we're in bearish on the volume 
oscillator so all of that is showing   that if we do make a nice impulse move up it is 
very possible that we can make one big old move   and then come down and find support now if i 
was to look for a support area before our next   impulse move it's going to be anywhere from the 
all-time high to this next major resistance point   so anywhere from 2.8 to 3.3 is where i'm going 
to be looking for an impulse support if we get   an impulse support in here that's when parts can 
actually push upwards and get into that almost 500   range and the other one i want to go over is tazos 
talked about this one in another video you can   see that we did pretty much fulfill this cup and 
handle now we did get a impulse break out of here   when the market did its correction that brought 
the price down but the handle was triggered on an   impulse move we're finding support on the outside 
of the handle still if i was to bring this down   and it's on a major support line at the moment 
that was held previously on the other side of   this cup and handle still sitting around the 200 
ema which is a good sign we haven't had the 20 ema   go under the 200 on the 4-hour chart which is also 
a good sign we're just hoping that this support   can hold and begin to push up now a quick little 
refresher on tasos in terms of where this can push   if we do get all the way up in our retracement to 
a tp3 you see a major point right here is going   to be so this area right here is going to be an 
area of interest for a major resistance point   as well as a potential support hold for impulse 
move now just to get back to that point from   where price currently is sitting we're looking at 
a 35 percent move just to get to the top of these   major resistances and then if we get all the way 
to tp3 we are looking at almost a two times move   for taseo so you get all the way to tp3 if you 
were to buy in if you were to buy it down here   and price is able to go up or trace and find its 
way up now major thing that caught my attention   on tasers which i want to go over is on the weekly 
chart we're going to remove the drawings for this   now you can see on these peaks we have a little 
trend that's been accumulating through time   cleaner so you can see that we've hit the tops of 
the candles on the bodies through history this is   from april 17th last year then we got august of 
last year going into february of this year now   coming into june july and august of this year 
and you can see on a long term scale we finally   broke this major resistance that we have been 
able to break on tasers for the last year or so   finally getting over and looking for support 
before we make our next impulse moves   this is why it hazel's on a long term scale is 
looking great and you can see the weekly has   plenty of space we're getting the blue line over 
the red which is signaling a bullish divergence   and hopefully we're going to get a pull up or 
a hold on the 50 rsi support which will bring   us up and test the 70 resistance and hopefully 
get another impulse move which is showing tons   of space but all in all tesla's is looking very 
bullish especially from a long term standpoint and   before we get out of here let's do a quick long 
turn for both of them so zero swap is currently   only at a 47 million dollar market cap rank 588 
so if this thing wanted to push let's say to a   two billion dollar market count which isn't even 
gonna put in the top ten you know for all stakes   and purposes let's say that we wanted to get to a 
five billion dollar market cap on zero swap which   wouldn't even put us in the top 25 i believe if 
we're at a 50 million market cap and we want to   get to 5 billion that means that we're going to be 
making a 100 times move which can take price from   95 cents to 95 if the market cap wanted to get 
to 5 billion from where it's currently sitting   now that is a huge move and not saying that 
this thing needs to be moving for a long time   we're also kind of getting near the end of the 
bull cycle coming so with that being said zero   swap has tons of room to grow now looking at 
tazo is currently ranked 36th at a 5 billion   market cap which is where we wanted zero swap to 
be so you can see at 5 billion would be ranked 36   not even in the top 30 which is pretty reasonable 
for zero swap especially if they're considering   to do all these gas less fees and transaction 
list fees and all this kind of stuff for their   dex that's going to be a pretty bullish move 
for them and for tesla's let's say we wanted   to get to 10 billion market cap that's gonna be a 
two times move and that can be done in this next   impulse so we're looking at price a little bit 
over ten dollars and if we really wanted to we   could see price push up to the fifteen or twenty 
dollar range on tazos if you haven't had a chance   to check out our vip discord we're currently at 
ten dollars a month our five dollar a month group   sold out and there's our 48 spots left the spots 
go fast so make sure you jump on that before   price goes up to 15 a month on our vip discord 
group i'm going to throw the link down in the   comment section for that and that about wraps 
up this video hope you guys have an amazing day

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