ZERO – Radical Art of the ’50s and ’60s

imagine the post-war years artists mostly paint expressionist Being pessimistic this generation had total tobacco from debt and animals art that matched modernity that was about we are like for everything wanting to write it down end pessimism 0 is born how zero represents necessary to paintings represents repetitions new mass culture letting in new materials totally redesigning what art can be art had to move vibrating dynamically there had to be some kind of new optical die and I arise between the work and the spectator and yet do not refer to finding the past is finding a traffic jam but a finder the duck with look is so fascinating were homeless crosses that he was not there is enough one i can ask for with my labor who is awake kyary she was laughing there said sorry i am scoop vriesema shown so intensively we live who möglich so here also artists painted mama goopes to rows but besides that they could try anything to make art out of it in a new way grating reliefs to shooting with bows and arrows to working with paneling nails on the fire and flames create work with the smoke of candles In short, cutting in is all about art sir forgot how fed g at the moment your friend from after your work submitting to solemn circumcision if perforation happy happy the network mainly wants to distinguish itself from the period before that that means that she does not want to show herself as painting animals but as businessman packing distinguished type of traveling salesmen almost they organized like that for the last issue of the magazine ciro real big in guy outside my düsseldorf gallery because that would attract the attention of television, they understood well how they had to play the media at the same time there was also a lot Misunderstanding in the responses to the Box and Mr Urban in 1962 was organized from your wares not blew she really understood nothing at all from a real zero point she felt earlier rock bottom end point bunch of charlatans advertising men in the museum for that link with commerce was not considered by all art critics thank you piene locked him up philosophy cool boy there you can visit had spring and sundin pin them bite wrapped in different rants to give stable piece because friese creates nice piece times on Sunday my favorite work of art flies a bit we show in the room that is absolute top pinus venus van willendorf very nice abstract work if you walk long he sees all kinds of forms well that that an artist through four so one I find work that is so typical of this movement and so innovative inspiring to this day here the urban it is fantastic to have your gold back as this museum as the first museum opened in 1962 to art there said well ok come with your experiments 1965 exactly 50 years ago was a second very large 0 exhibition and which is still the books as actually the overview the most important historical precisely in this time of crisis and pessimism it is important to to look back at these artists who could look ahead so well and all that well to turn back to the peshan esmee for our tremendous inspiration

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