Zed Tells A Joke / ENCOM 786 Fixed | The Renegade (Part 2) | TRON: Uprising

I should've known better.
I don't deserve a program like Perl. I mean, look at her!
And then look at me! – Focus, Zed.
Able will be here any moment. – Able?
I just saw him in the breakroom. What happened? – We're dead. We're dead! Well, it was nice knowing you all. – You two distract Able.
Let me take a crack at this. – Thanks, Beck.
Come on, hurry! So, the third siren says, I thought that disc looked- you've heard this one before? – Zed…
I'm the one that told it to you. Now where's my 786? – Well, you see, it's uh… – All tuned up.
Just like you wanted. – Great job, Beck. – Actually, Beck's not the only one who deserves the credit. Zed does too.
And he deserves a whole lot more than that. – I do?
I do! Beck helped, but I did all the heavy lifting..

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