Zed Meets Perl | The Renegade (Part 1) | TRON: Uprising

Excuse me. Great. Just great. Is that for me? Yeah, why not? – You here alone too?
– Actually, I'm here with my friend. But I'm… – Zed.
– I'm Zed! I'm Zed. Perl. So the third Siren says,
"I thought that disc looked familiar." I love a program with a sense of humor. – You mind if I borrow him?
– Just bring him back in one piece.  Whoa, Zed. What's your secret? You know what they say, Mara.
It's all the programming!  Well, can you spare some of that programming
for one little dance? Dance? You and me? Come on, you owe me.
I'm your best friend, Zed.

Right, friends. You want to get out of here? Absolutely. Who was that girl? Eh, just a friend. Well, Argon's beautiful up here. It's alright, guess I'm just used to it.   Well, it's a lot better than where I'm from. – Where's that?
– Doesn't matter. I'm here now, with you.   So, what's there to do for fun around here? Well there's the park, but it's 
close to a curfew. There's the Coliseum.
Yeah, not my idea of fun either. Is there any place in the city that's
not shut down by the occupation?.

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