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one bitcoin equals one bitcoin bitcoin is the next bitcoin offended by selling
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Twitter te CH be alt text ok let's start it up on a positive note there oh I
forgot to save five-digit realm palnet like one okay
10-year and that and five digit realm I'm saying this because of this Alistair
Milne tweet that should put a big smile on your faces ten years from now son dad
son says dad do you remember when Bitcoin broke above ten thousand dollars
and the father says which of the eighty nine times do you mean
yeah it's funny because I remember god 2017 when we first got over $10,000
people were having $10,000 celebrations on the YouTube on their channels I think
Thomas had one on the world crypto Network and now we have it's like it's
broken 10,000 so suddenly different ties and keeps going four-digit five digit
realm so yeah it you know it'll keep doing the
people one day it'll be totally five-digit realm we've we're getting
used to it now these last the thing and Alistair is actually pointed out before
we've been above $9,000 for all you feel freaks out there for what like 90 days
or something like that everyone loses perspective everyone loses perspective
there's so many we cancel over Ted we can't maintain five digits but like I
mean imagine the beginning of this year I mean when I was in Israel again this
is my second trip in Israel about to go back to Baltimore but my first trip in
is rose during the winter this year and it was $3,000 and everyone thought it
was the end of the world and and now it's been $9,000 for months and people
are panicked put it in perspective people
I remember the three-digit realm check out the archives and you can see how
things used to be and how it pays off big time to have a freaking strong hand
and never sell that Bitcoin you just collect those crypto dividends and you
turn them in a more Bitcoin yes that's insider information most people don't
know hey you hold your Bitcoin properly on your treasurer your ledger
your your hardware or whatever and you get these Forks and the air drops those
are the crypto dividends you get interest in your Bitcoin you don't have
to lend your Bitcoin out oh god forbid you lend your precious Bitcoin out to
some Bitcoin back and they might pay you or they might steal all your Bitcoin you
get the interest from the dividend process and of course the minimal
Wingull coin one is the one we all signed up for recently and that's coming
out on December 11th but we've got we'll talk about that later okay so speaking
about later this week we've got a fun event coming up on Tuesday people are
you guys ready for the US House Financial Services Committee plans to
question the Securities and Exchange Commission about crypto currencies and
Facebook Slee breh project about crypto currencies and Facebook's Libre project
next week among a host of other topics okay guys that's Tuesday so get ready
for the fun and get ready for a volatile nice all the speculators saying let's
sell a lot now to make all these we can sell more so we can get back we can get
it we can get it a cheap price and then flip it for more once the hearing ends
hahaha hat where we seen this before no we've seen it at every single hearing
but people just don't learn and they still have weak hands this don't worry
about what the government has to okay it's the fridge this is where the big
boys play if you still get trapped that way that's your business
first responsibilities new counterculture I'm just I'm just telling
you the way it is it keeps happening over and over and over again so another
fun to be aware of I'm sure you guys heard the news that Google might have
gotten into quantum computing sort of so that means the ambiguity behind the
quantum stories emanating from Google people are all of them if they can hack
Bitcoin out do this Bitcoin be ready people for the fun you know we're always
gonna have to quantum find it II there's no proof than anything remotely close to
what is being speculated is even happening so we shall see we will see
what happens I want to I'm not worried about it but it's in the news you know
how the news is they've got to sensationalize everything
and soon you'll be so Oh Google they'll be articles about Google can hack
Bitcoin soon maybe sort of in you know that's the body of the article have all
the qualifiers in there okay we've got a tweet from OD here who I saw tonight at
the bitcoin embassy and yeah it's really late at night in Tel Aviv because it's
even late at night back on the East Coast but that's conviction for you a
new show here every single day baby alright except this second day of Rosh
Hashanah which is actually gonna come up soon and we'll explain that later
although I might be able to get a show off my pre-tape a show to put won't
worry about it when that comes up that's Russia shot it's coming up though in a
week baby all right so are you guys prepared you
got your apples and honey now who knew dad will be having a great rush Hashanah
next Sunday night he says and this is a lesson from Z cash he reminds us of an
article that said chemist man build a better Bitcoin and it showed the Z cash
to you this was a couple years ago and he says well it he says well it turns
out he couldn't even build a better – so that's for all you uh
people who believe that and this will happen again with the newbies come
flying back into cryptocurrency that their coin is the next Bitcoin well that
was a straight-up headline saying you know Z cash isn't is a better Bitcoin
they couldn't even build a better – which Judy explains in this tweet but
bitcoin is the next Bitcoin that's what that saying means of mine okay
there have been straight-up articles like the one booty retweets or the
picture of the article they yzi can this man build a better Bitcoin and everyone
gets excited oh gee cash genius will be able to build a better and then we look
at it a few years later they couldn't even build a better – – is better than
sea cash repair all right you can get an argument you all corners which one's
better I know where I've been the entire time that is with Bitcoin pound that
like button follow me on steam it and bitcoinmeister haven't said that for a
while uh okay let's talk about diversification for the sake of
diversification a company that just specializes in that diversification for
the sake of diversification can anyone guess the name of the company that in
the cryptocurrency space that specializes in that that really likes
that kind of thing now that that is banking on so many newbies
coming into the space and just you know creating a portfolio on their site so
it's coinbase of course and here is a and they can do this I have no problem
with we need to put the business everybody freaks out on coinbase as in
their suggests they're going to add another
coin this is where the big boys play if people don't realize what the kind of
nonsense that coinbase is listing on their and they want to diversify for the
sake of diversity they haven't gotten it yet that these are just pump pump tools
for VC's some of them some of our RBC coins here coinbase this is a tweet from
law master says coin basics is exploring listing all of these assets and it lists
a bunch of whack coins okay I mean like we're talking like third tier and fourth
tier type codes the vast majority of them are VC chains that will very likely
crashing down you immediately after being listed some B C's already wrote
off these investments coin base is basically considering facilitating a
retail dump yes yes they are I mean yes they're trying to they're allowing these
people to dump on retail so that that's that's what coin base does that's that's
a business model will that be successful in the long run that's there but I'm not
a coin based investor I don't give a darn
so I mean everyone gets worked up about it I won't get too worked out about it
you just tell newbies don't diversify for the sake of time versus get Bitcoin
I mean that that's the bottom line here I mean if you don't say just get Bitcoin
then people right well I'll get other things and it just leads them down the
rabbit hole and and coin basis this is a very easy place where you get everything
or not everything but you get you get the point here so yeah I don't just if
you if you wanna get Bitcoin get into coinbase sure but don't don't divers
friend rooms take up diversification they make it really easy but that's
their business model let's see if it succeeds all right that's their business
I mean I wouldn't mind if it succeeded I mean it's so what if 84 senators
they're gonna do what they're gonna do it's not hurting me it actually might
help me because coinbase might be able to go public one day and that would be
good for the space or coinbase might sell us off to a larger corporation and
that'll be good news for the space so if 80% is one of fun coin basis a success
great do it it's your business I mean get your fourth-tier altcoin john
mattone is an old an old article of his I've got listed below link to below and
there's a couple of reasons I have it listed what is it he was this is from
2013 and he was going against Carl denature who was saying basically
bitcoin was going to zero and and champa tonus was right Carl temperature was
very wrong in this old-school article but I'm also mentioning it because and
I'm just making sure because I rephrase what mattone is says here about mod or
money monetary theory related stuff and it's the 80 perc it's my basis for why
80% money mmt can work and bitcoin can work and when we say can work we're
already living in it and I talked about this on Saturday show the way the United
States dollar is printed since 1971 it is already mocked modern monetary theory
they just keep printing and printing and printing and the 80 percenters keep
buying it and inflation sometimes doesn't show up it shows up in certain
corners of the especially in like 80 percent of land I mean a wedding cost a
lot more than it used to I mean does that really bother me no our
spectacular wedding cost a lot more than it used to air everyone buy spectacular
weddings now I mean it's the printing of the United States dollar constantly
Soviet you can point to places where it's inflated certain parts of the
economy but they're not like necessary parts of the economy at all I knew 80
percenters are gonna do what they're gonna do but I moved back to the main
premise here and let me paraphrase here all money is a universal mass illusion a
market-based illusion can be just as valid or more valid than a state control
illusion monetary illusions themselves are a competitive marketplace it is
false that only the state is in a special position to confer legitimacy in
monetary matters okay so a lot of people out there and clean car Karl damager
said that the non state money is illegitimate that only states can make
money that only states the nation states can print money and it's that's not true
I agree with Java tonus then anyone can print their own money
bitcoin is its own money and it's a marketplace it's a let the people pick
and you money is a universal messily Jenai I believe that also and that the
dollar wins the 80 percenter marketplace and Bitcoin wins so 20% our marketplace
and they win for completely different reasons of course I mean the dollar is
just it represents the strength of the unite of the United States the culture
of the United States the ease of the dollar the power of the United States
that people are stuck in it basically the the Bitcoin it actually does
something it gets you around the USA / state rules and regulations so they but
hey both can exist there's I have no problem with the United States up
printing the dollar and just wildly and I don't I don't think it really doesn't
hurt me everyone has to understand there's a separation of spending and
saving don't save in the US dollar there that's not what it's for
it's for suspending the government has made this very clear that they that that
currency it's first Bitcoin it's for savings it's a real asset okay so yeah
modern monetary theory works in this time of a tech and abundance you don't
have to be part of it mmm tea is for the target slash government job working man
is Bitcoin is for the elite the government has no balance it creates
money when it spends that's what mmm tea says as taxes are
deleted never spent so our federal taxes fund nothing this is okay so that's mm
tea you can believe it you can care about you can ignore it I I say they're
they've been pulling it off since 1971 there definitely has it's definitely
been an mm tea type of system I have explored it quite a bit lately and I
think bitcoiners should say yeah let let if if they want to promote mm tea with
the United States dollar just keep why not big Bitcoin in mm –
yeah and the US dollar can get along just fine
does it doesn't hurt Bitcoin at all people how was their hyperinflation no
people are gonna lose faith in the dollar and if they did then it'd be
great great for a big coin anyway I sorry I've linked to uh some mmt stuff
below – if you really care about that what Saturday's show I talked a little
bit more about it but the reality is that mmt just describes a system that
most countries in the world live under and have lived under since 1971 so don't
freak out too much about mmt modern monetary theory it's just what is now
the the one thing that you were here Amity a lot about is these at the green
New Deal type of stuff they're like well we just print the money and pay for it
okay just print the money and pay for aspects
of it and but then if they say if inflation starts then we have to start
taxing everyone now that part I don't that part um
I'm not down with that part of it if inflation starts and stopped renting the
freakin money alright because there are a lot of people that are saying that so
far we've been printing the money and there really hasn't been inflation I say
there has been inflation in non necessities do you need uh do you need a
mega mansion or a McMansion do you really need a McMansion you see just in
the United States if such a high-level level of a high
standard of living that people think they need a lot of things and but they
don't really need these you don't need to go out to eat all the time and these
are the things where the prices have gone up in some of these it can't be
denied but with the government statistics for inflation it doesn't look
like there's exactly good inflation if you play your cards right if you're 20
percent IRR you can still buy things that you mean and it's not costing me a
lot more money okay just because United States is printing a bunch of dollars
the system is working really well people are getting richer businesses are
starting with the money printing that's been going on so I if these we're gonna
have to get used to the fact that by 2024 there's gonna be a lot of socialist
stuff flying around the United States of America and they're gonna they're gonna
say either we're they're gonna want to tax people and that is feeling taxation
is definitely theft now some of you are saying well printing money is a is theft
also well it you have to understand what the US dollar is it is not a savings
mechanism you shouldn't be saving in any way it's been clear since 1971 so I
think that printing money for certain projects government projects yeah it's
going to cause distortions it's gonna cause distortions it isn't right but
it's basically picking winners it isn't picking losers though when
you're doing when you when you set when you set up new taxes that is picking
losers and that's I'm not down with that but again I mean big you you can just
look at all this from an outsider perspective if you value your wealth in
Bitcoin you don't have to get emotional and in craze about the dollar being
printed and printed to fund health care or to fund reparations or to fund the
green new deal because you're not your your I mean you might get some of those
dollars and what you should do is get into you don't get it you don't spend it
on a massive wedding or a massive house or
going out to eat I'll never know you get big but most people are gonna spend it
way back and they're gonna spend it back into the economy and build up these 80
percenter industries all right let him do that okay move moving this so that's
my take on mmt for now it was Saturday's show I talk more about it I just let him
print the dollar let him for thought let's see what the how they experiment
it keeps on going I really think people believe in it's so darn much they will
they are stuck in it and they will it won't be inflated very very much it
won't hurt you and I because we we don't value our wealth in dollars we have real
assets I mean this is this is the world of 20 percenters and 80 percenters they
should know better not to worship the dollar not to keep spending spending
spending there's a separation of spending and saving dollars about the
spending bitcoin is about the saving you choose your path all right double spend
cash is a and pound that light one is a site that shows the double spend attack
attempts on B cash and I found that about this site because there's been a
successful double spend attempt on B cash vortex retweeted this I've got it
linked to below and and someone someone replied well at least we learned double
spends are not the immediate end of the currency which we fear okay that's a
good point there is a small silver lining there maybe the person says I
think the other silver lining here is that because she's not Bitcoin they
could have free things like double spends happy it doesn't happen on big
coin okay said there's a takeaway from that I haven't heard anything else about
this double spend think maybe people just don't care about be cash at all
maybe there's just stuff that many users would be cash that's clearly true I mean
if this has something comparable to this happened on aetherium you would hear a
lot about it because there are a lot of aetherium users and people are really
bitcoins kind of blow salt certain bitcoins blow the aromatic proportion
let them do what they're gonna do over there some people through it feel
threatened by fear and there's no doubt about it they shouldn't they don't fit
clearly they do not feel threatened by P cash was this story isn't going anywhere
but there is a site dedicated to to check-in these things out double spend
dot cash check it out link to below and that's it I think that is the end of the
show late at night here i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister this rotmeister
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