You May not see Bitcoin BTC Price hitting $30k ever in your Life again Here is Why

Assalamo alaikum friends My Name is Muqaddas Butt In this video I will represent a theory Due to which I believe that, You, me and my audience Until our last days.. you will not see the value of bitcoin.. going back to 30000 USD I am not a futurist! But some factual evidences due to which i ve constructed this thesis I will discuss these facts with you in this video And I hope that this whole video would be very informative for you Because as a user there are lot of stuffs about bitcoin through which you go through on social media However, you had never got a chance to compile all of them together to draw a conclusion Today, by compiling up all the facts and reasons in this video, I m revealing my predictions And I hope that at the end of this video, since I am a strong believer of this bitcoin fact that I had just shared with you, You will also believe likewise! Lets move on now And let me discuss all the reasons with you The very first reason is about Retailers! As the days are passing by..

So the retailers too.. And who are these retailers? These kind of retailers, whenever they see hype in crypto world and blindly follow FOMO without
proper understanding about underlying technology what is FOMO? Thats Fear Of Missing Out As if they say "hey lets not miss this opportunity!' So, everywhere, in news, in social media.. when these people get blindly influenced by a currency's hype and invest their securities by consulting non professional
friends and relatives So these retailers are growing proportionally with growing bitcoin and maturing market And when I am making this video right now there are almost 1.25 billions users who have invested in bitcoin as i had told you in my last night video that there was once a time when investing in bitcoin was so risky that people used to say Invest those which you can afford to loose means put that money on bitcoin that if its lost you dont get worried about it Today, after a complete decade.. after 10 years, the situation of bitcoin is now that people want to utilize that money which they wanted to save for their children's future And why is it so? It is because of the world's belief in bitcoin And there is an increase in its retailers/holders And this recognition that bitcoin has globally received So in my opinion Quantity of retailers is a factor that in near future, with an exponential increase in their numbers, I dont think that they won't give support to bitcoin if by chance any crisis awaits..

So dont forget this! and those big celebrities and influencers, they aren't revealing whether they have held bitcoin for now or not Lets just imagine showbiz celebs sports celebs imagine those big political figures, they haven't discussed about their portfolio yet..
whether they've bought or not.. just imagine if they come forward and publically announce number of bitcoins in their portfolio to their followers then how much FOMO would be created during that time! That time will bring even more retailers into the market for investment So in my opinion, the major factor are retailers! Moreover, a retailer is also a factor that when there is a crisis in the market, it will dump down
the market even more but..

Just like they dump the market due to fear, they, in my opinion, can lift up the market in FOMO and they can constitute a good support of it! Now the second factor in my opinion that i think it can prevent bitcoin from falling below 30k ever.. carries corporates and institutions on first place I think I have discussed this in the previous videos that Michael Saylor who, in November 2020 or maybe before last quarter of previous year called the CEOs of all American companies for a meeting and in that meeting, he recommended everyone to put a small percentage of their balance sheet in bitcoin! And that was the very moment, from where Michael Saylor and Elon Musk came back and started to accept bitcoin via Tesla and then gradually Fidelity and banks started to get involved in it So these institutions in near future, and bitcoin's global recognition and adoption the factor is shifting from retailers to these corporate sectors who already have trillions of funds available If they keep on adding bitcoins in their portfolio that is actually happening right now, imagine this Gray Scale Trust it has more than 400,000 bitcoins even greater than microstrategist Michael Saylor with 200,000 btcs.

Similarly, there's Fidelity there's Ark Invest So in my opinion, these corporations would be investing more in bitcoin in future including the big institutions And exchanges I m talking about centralized exchanges who have to facilitate their users
for diffrent forms of trading they have to stake bitcoins in their exchanges to facilitate their users So if these exchanges manipulate market from one aspect, they also provide support from the other side So until they dont manipulate the market, they actually provide support to bitcoin till then Apart from this, you can see that there are also banks – that Umair Munir is also letting you all know about it
– are gradually considering bitcoin in their balance sheets and storing it as a financial store of value and as a reserve.

The third major factor is National Adoption As you are hearing some news from El Salvador that people are protesting why their president has given legal tender to the bitcoin But dont forget.. Since when btc was legalized there, almost more than 500k Salvadorans are trading crypto via Chivo application So 500k people in very short term have started to trade in crypto. That is how much global adoption bitcoin possess! Now if you ask me why there is a protest going on there against legalization of bitcoin, then i will give you my perception Suppose if Imran Khan annouces legality of bitcoin today then what will happen? All those opposition parties, as they have to play their politics they won't realize the benefit or loss of the public from this notice and since bitcoin has a shady reputation, they all will play politics over it So in my opinion, things are political out there in El Salvador But the reality is that more than 500k salvadorans are using bitcoin there! So for future, they have begun now..

and Ukraine has also declared bitcoin as legal so it means if it happens there as well then another one to two million bitcoin users can add up you can imagine how much support will bitcoin receive And this is just the beginning! In coming future, there would be developing countries to be the first to get rid off America's supremacy via Petrol Dollar Just look at America's bulliness! It says to the world.. Before that, there used to be a universal rule worldwide that a country can mint as much notes as they have gold reserves with them But when America came into power, it abolished this gold standard and declared that if a country has gold along with USD means our stability is determined by how much gold and USD we have in our country So if we get billions of dollars in our federal reserves then our currency would be appreciated What is this nonsense? 36% of USD circulating worldwide is not backed by gold So out in thin air America is minting dollars and making everyone fool.

So these small countries would be the first to adopt bitcoin legalization And gradually with ups and downs and issues But the revolution has begun with the El Salvador case The Fourth factor, lightning network! what is it? let me summarize it If you perform bitcoin transaction from one wallet to another wallet, you know it takes time because of network overload and due to which it becomes expensive as well as delayed This lightning network was a 2nd layer solution within bitcoin network to promote instant transactions while the transaction charges would be almost free And this lightning network is also becoming popular towards future What happens in it, suppose there is McDonald's and they are selling their burgers in return for bitcoins So there would be uncertainty about how much would be the cost of processing transactions between wallets
along with uncertain time periods And then the transaction fees would be greater than production cost of burger To overcome this problem, McDonald's will decide to open its account in Lightning network and it will give its own application to its users User will have to top up balance in bitcoins and when user goes to buy a burger, instead of peforming wallet to wallet transfer, he will perform transaction from his application to the lightning network of McDonald's and this way transactions will be completed.

Hence, lightning network keeps on growing into the future and the more it is growing the more it will become popular and it will acquire more belief from the people and it will get more support. The Fifth is a major factor which is the most determining near this year's November. Today, its September, then October and then November. Hence, within two months or at mid of November, there is a schueduled upgrade on bitcoin network which is known as Tap Root upgrade you can google it This is an upgrade in which just like ethereum being a launching platform for different tokens, like an ecosystem, bitcoin will also become an ecosystem after this upgrade Upon which things like smart contract and other tokens will get launched. But with this upgrade, the transaction speed of bitcoin will also become slow It is not that bitcoin is getting its upgrade for the first time.

It just happens but it usually failed I think back in 2014 there was an upgraded bitcoin token named XZX that eventually failed. In which its block size was 1 MB Its block size was planned to increase to 8 MB but it failed. Then there was another upgrade in 2017 in which bitcoin went hard forked and bitcoin cash was removed from it. Fortunately, this Tap Root upgrade that has to be conducted in November, there is no controvery uptil now. And all bitcoin holders are believing this upgrade to be successful. If it went successful then i think its price would be appreciated and its price will increase due to improved network and technology At the end of this video, let me tell you that all that glitters are not gold and in my opinion it will move up but there is a possibility of crash.

So what could be the factors for crashing? The number 1 and the biggest threat that can even break my 'cant go below 30k' theory is Regulation! I dont know how would countries will regulate their crypto polices in future Regulations linked to stable coins, lending borrowing platforms, DeFi tokens (Decentralized Finance) tokens etc is uncertain If one country starts its regulatory measures and others start to follow the same it wont initiate a crash or dump. However, if all countries worldwide does this regulatory measures at once, Maybe then like i was saying that bitcoin value cant go below 30k..

But if everyone attacks its network at once whose probability in my view is quiet low But if it happens to be, then my prediction only in this regard would break 30k threshould. Later in coming days, as i was telling you about corrections occuring meanwhile, it's because of miners. Since these miners have put investments there and they need to cash out them and take profit And then these exchanges would always be mischievous and will continue to manipulate because they have to make sure their user's investments wash away in future's trading Lastly, there are retailers who, when regulations will be implied and miners will start to sell off their investments, these retailers who are silver linings of the market will eventually be the reason to crash it. Alright friends! These were some of my informations regarding bitcoin that makes me a strong believer on the fact that bitcoin can never crash or dump to much extent until and unless the reason i ve put on here that if all the powers and power corridors unite to attack bitcoin at once but if not, that would not cause a considerable drop in bitcoin value.

Because the more it drops the more the corporate and institutions will buy it at lower rates now the people will sell out them in panic and as soon as miners and exchangers start manipulations, the retailers will sell out them in fear and when everyone has sold off these coins, then institutions will buy them they've kept on doing this and will continue to do it in future as well I wonder how much do you agree with my suggestions but I would be glad if you describe your opinions about this whole video under this video's comments with open heart If you do not agree with my opinion, then do let me know with reason and allow me to leave till the next video. Allah Hafiz.

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