Yield Farming | How to Use Pancakeswap with Metamask Binance Smart Chain

hello everyone welcome to another video here on 
cryptogens if you already watched my prettiest   video on how to set up your metamask wallet 
and then connect it to bina smartchain wallet   i am now going to show you on this one how to set 
up your metamask bsc wallet and get bnb tokens   on an exchange and then connect to tank swap 
to earn cake tokens by staking and farming   so make sure to watch till the end and as always 
i will be leaving all the links in the description   below so make sure to check those out and let's 
get right into it i am not a licensed financial   advisor or registered investment advisor okay so 
we should already be here on pancake's website   and i will be leaving a link in the description 
below just so you can go directly here   and create your account if you haven't done 
so already but again if you start feeling a   bit lost during this video then probably you need 
to watch the previous video that we did that i'll   also leave in the description about how to set 
up your metamask with binance with pancake swap   so if you already have that all set up then you 
should be here and first thing i want you to do   is to make sure that the metamask extension 
is with the smart chain wallet because if   not it won't connect to pancake swap so it 
is an ethereum based wallet so um you need   to change it in order for it to connect so all 
we do is i'm just gonna open here our metamask and then we're going to choose smart chain now 
it's going to be in vmb and now we can connect   the wallet so we just click on meta mask and 
there you go and that's all you have to do for   it to connect to your pancake swap account now 
how can we start training in pancake swap so   you can exchange and for that you simply go to 
the right hand menu you click on exchange here   and we're gonna go let's say if you want point 
zero five bnb so you just type in the from   and two you can actually um select different 
currencies either from the drop down menu here so   pancake swap already has some predetermined coins 
um a lot of predetermined coins i would say so   all these tokens you can just select which one you 
like and the other way is to select uh the address   and paste here of the coin you want to use so for 
that we can go to coin market cap which i'll also   leave the link in the description below and here 
the awesome thing is that you can check out how   each coin is doing right now in the market um and 
then you can just go ahead and open it from here   and once you do click on the coin you'll be 
able to go to contracts and just copy whatever   address is there and paste it here so those are 
some ways you can also for example type for the   coin that you want and it'll appear so yeah 
basically those are the three different ways   and once you select it you it'll tell you how much 
quantity that'll equal to um so yeah just go and   just check it out for yourself also for liquidity 
um right now in this account i don't have tokens   this is just for this example but once you do have 
your tokens it'll let you know the liquidity you   currently have in that pool so the other thing 
you may be wondering what are pools and farming   and all these terms that i keep hearing right 
about pancake swap so basically it's a way that   you can generate more tokens um from basically 
just multiply it by leaving it in a safe pool   now what i do recommend is that for your pancake 
swap account and smart chain wallet your use a   different account not your main account when you 
do where you do all your regular transactions and   this is because it's you know it's the web 
um there can always be leakages and it's just   better to be extra safe now the other step that 
i've mentioned before on how you can be extra safe   is by not only keeping it on these online wallets 
but whatever you're not currently trading having   in that pool you should be keeping keeping it in a 
private address so for example we have the trezor   wallet which i have talked about it before 
i actually have a video which i'll link down   about how you can get the best deals on your 
trezor wallet and it's really just one of the   best options out there it's one of the safest and 
if you want to check that out look at the video   if you want more information on it all you have 
to do is check the website which i'll also be   linking below with a special link where you can 
get some discounts on that wallet so basically   what you're doing when you have your 
private wallet that private hardware address   it's that it's not going to be at any risk 
of someone being able to hack into your hard   earned cryptocurrency so again i'll leave 
the link just the link in the description   and check that out please now for the farming 
basically um pancake swap has just different   pools and farms that you can get into you can 
check out the details right there to see how it's   performing so as you can see just from here the 
apr's on these are exceptionally high so it's just   a great opportunity don't leave this like for the 
future it's something you want to get into now so   make sure to follow the stops and start leaving 
your coins there like if you're not currently   using it then why not have it in a place that it's 
going to be earning you more money without you   having to you know do something with it it's just 
leaving it there so check those out there's many   different options and it's good to vary between 
different ones so the more that you have just   out there then you know the more you can invest in 
and just try it out so do your research or course   with everything beforehand but don't don't 
just stay in that research take some action   and yeah so what i'll say i want to talk to you 
about pancake swap um there's other fun things   that they always have going on like ways for you 
to earn free tokens and they have something for   example watery which gives you the chance for 
different like draws that they have so they're   always having different ways that uh like these 
aren't free of course but it's a great way to get   possibly a big return on small investments they 
also have some collectibles so if you're nf into   nft then things like that you can definitely look 
at that as well if that's the way that you want to   invest your current cryptocurrency it can always 
be get more value in the future and you can resell   it so check all of this out and that's really 
basically it for pancake swap is a really fun and   simple platform to use and as a quick recap what 
you need to do is make sure that you have already   linked your metamask wallet to your smart uh your 
smart chain wallet and then once you do link it   as well to pancake swap following the steps on 
the previous videos we did then make sure that   your extension is currently on that bnb token 
so that you can connect it easily to pancake   swap and then you can just start trading right 
away see the liquidity of your current tokens   and then start farming and yielding and just 
multiplying your cryptocurrency that way now the   other thing i mentioned is that you want to have 
a separate account to the one that usually do all   your other transactions on a separate account 
for pancake swap for smart buy dance wallet   and in addition to that separate online account 
you're gonna need to have an offline wallet a   hardware wallet that private address that's going 
to give you peace of mind where um you know you're   just going to know that that cryptocurrency there 
is secure and it's you know it's not easy to   to go through all these tutorials at first and 
once you do get the head start and you start   seeing those earnings why not keep what you work 
for safe so i will be leaving the link again for   treasure in the description check it out i'll also 
leave the link for pancakes website and for coin   market cap so you can get those addresses in case 
you find them here from the drop down menu that   they have in their exchange tool and that's really 
it for this video so if you enjoyed it guys please   give us a big like and also leave any comments in 
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