Yayoi Kusama Interview: Earth is a Polka Dot

Oza no Nusa turf writer Black door Lark to the seat Now, the members of Tenmoku-kai seem to be kind to me, and Mirei is endless. Choose a color I'm sure you'll add the blue of the sky to the phantom gold in When I try to eat this color, I can say that it's a cello tears. I didn't go very well with the crosswinds because my family was very opposed to becoming a base mother Because it's a lie My legs didn't stop, but a pirate, then rate At that time, the next section was already fighting and shooting, but the north was beige and I was able to fight. I wonder why my ah is in English and I'm in that tool at a glance my family It's amazing that it's calm at the wet level in 4 days because I absolutely oppose it and write Kaban Marie in the morning Eoka, everyone, but after throwing it, Ane wrote to the civil servant every day.

I was told that I and the psychiatrist instructed me in the United States because I was so many in the process Yeah 8 Hey, I'm involved in a sled, so why not take it with a pistol, so I'll take 200 from my parents He gave him a million yen, and then that Shinsoku Shinroku tried to play with the Minister of State. Ah, helped Suppon, I suggest if I go to America, send me a new one, I knew that it was the cutting edge of the correct beads, so there Oiwa, I thought I'd buy a car, and many people like the scale I made. He said that he was touched, so I was glad that the fall was big. This is short Hi there is a song I made when I felt affectionate need in my heart Timi is a power strip Tama collection unnecessary fish Erotic p 1 Haru Go City Mitsu is a good endless end The light of the rainbow looks like powder and one brother disappears Eh, the mirror theory is 8 for me hmm Who is a lot of bets, and is one step ahead of the society where he lives with himself using light, solo dentists, and so on.

The monks first saw a cosmic image I excited the image of a very strong mirror room that can be a symbol I think that there is a bus between the same family at that f, and I think that there is a bus for 2 minutes. It's 100 yen, so I'm very surprised to see it after it's all finished. I make Miraru and notice each I'm buying it for the time being, so it's more aesthetically pleasing than 8 Energetic water Give us a limited eh existence that we look at that scale very much I thought it was wonderful and became enthusiastic about myself. It ’s not like I ’m rushing to take in each one. this 6 ah When I make an essay, it becomes a soft idiot.

Of course Is it a suggestion from eight people, or did you think that you were the imperial family? All the crazy things that my head was very crazy about when I was a student After all, all the hamono are sold, but they save 100 yen. 8 My suicide note That said, I'm a writer, and I'm a writer. Eh I thought it was a big job for me to see no image of myself Where are you in Kyoto? I remember Kudoko August also means polka dot tires, autumn leaves, balloons, and the earth that steals the earth. Ochi-cho, which seems to have said that it couldn't be changed. There were a lot of them and through them we and that But since I came, I've been a Sit down I wanted to see it with this hand

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