Yarn Review – Premier Parfait Yarn – Bag O Day Crochet Video

hi everybody this is crystal and as you can see 
from my thumbnail it's time for a yarn review   and I got this Premier parfait yarn now it comes 
in all sorts so I don't even have some that they   carry but let's go over it and I'll tell you what 
I think about it now first off I have to say that   my yarn reviews are not sponsored by anybody I 
bought all this yarn I do not get paid and if I   ever leave a link to where you can purchase this 
yarn it is not an affiliated link I do not get   money off you buying any yarn that I ever use 
I'm not affiliated with any yarn companies like   that so with that being said this is this my 
own personal opinions some people like to hear   them they like to know about the yarn before they 
buy it so if you've seen this yarn it's not a new   yarn but maybe you've been hesitant to buy it 
because you didn't know about it so I'm gonna   go over a little bit with you because I have 
used this a few times and we will go over the   different varieties and what it's about so it's 
the premier parfait yarn it is a it's available   as you can see in all sorts I'm just going to grab 
one here and show you now it is classified all of   them are classified as a bulky fine weight and 
I would say that it is a it's a bulky 5 I said   that's probably about a perfect bulky 5 a lot 
of yarns nowadays are some of their bulky fives   are pretty thin I would consider that pretty 
pretty much right on for a bulky 5 recommended   hook size is a six and a half a millimeter which I 
would probably agree depending on the pattern but   more likely I would use a six or six and a half 
for this yarn and it says that you can machine   wash on war in lay flat to dry that I would not 
recommend this yarn although extremely extremely   soft and it's absolutely the colors are gorgeous 
it is a very very delicate yarn I consider it very   delicate it's very easy for it to pull apart so 
I would highly recommend hand washing this and   laying it flat to dry whatever you make with it 
it's just an extremely delicate yarn some yarns   are very delicate this this happens to be one of 
them it is made in Turkey and it is let's find   it 100% polyester very very soft now out of all 
the yarns I've had a lot of yarns run through my   fingers over the years and I would have to say 
that the premier parfaits top out as one of the   softest yarns you will ever feel so plush it's 
like plush very very soft now you could bring it   if I was to compare it to a velvet yarn like the 
burnout velvet very soft also but the parfait is   soft in a different way the velvet is soft silky 
soft I love it it's a very soft yarn velvet is one   of my favorite yarns parfait is soft as a plush 
soft if that makes sense I'm microfiber plushy   soft it's not slicky velvet like the velvet yarn 
so that would be the difference even though they   are both 100% polyester yarns you can see that 
the velvet is more of a slicky soft super soft   yarn parfait softer it's a plushie so it's a very 
very soft yarn I can definitely say that that I   say let's see made in Turkey we went over that now 
it's available in all varieties really they have   small schemes like small Skeens they have about 
192 yards all different colors too many colors   to even count many many colors they also have 
these that are variegated not so much variegated   but more of a spotted kind of yarn in those are 
called parfait flavors and if you look at this   one if this is what it's kind of like they're 
very gated yarns are kind of spotty like this   see the inside of this so these little schemes 
here whether it be the solid or the part or the   variegated which exactly polka-dotty looking of so 
many different colors of each kind – bonita name   they averaged a full price around five dollars 
but you can pretty much find them anywhere and   it's not uncommon to find them at three dollars 
a skein one hundred and seventy five hundred and   187 siddur a specialty yarn so the small ones 
if you can find them for three dollars which   i've seen them a few places online for that i 
don't think that's a bad price considering you   know it's not a it's not an acrylic yarn it's a 
bulky five supersoft but it is very delicate when   you use it you had to be very careful because it 
will pull apart the polyester this will just pull   right off the string very easily I can't really 
get it see that it's just it's very easy to do   that especially when you're working with it so I 
I really like the yarn you just have to be very   careful when using it now we got the parfait 
layers which are cake form these are available   if you go on premiere as a website you'll see 14 
colors available they're all pretty cool-looking   actually they're striped like this they're striped 
with solid and a little spotty variegated all of   them are like that there's no salt was in them and 
there's no straight stripes or Strait of Arietta's   they're all solid and variegated polka dot mix 
stripe like this 14 colors now 459 yards for   the parfait layers bulky 5 these run on average 
$9.99 I think for a bulky 5 that might be a bit   pricey but again it's not uncommon to find these 
on sale I bought mine on sale at Joanne's for   $5.99 and I think that's pretty a price for the 
amount of yardage that you get so again pretty   much available everywhere these are if you look 
on like I said if you go to premieres website   you're probably going to be paying full price 
but if you go to Michael's and Joanne's you'll   be able to find them on sale also a Seymour a 
lot of places carry this hershiser's pretty much   anywhere walmart.com you can find any of most of 
these parfaits so this being 9.99 a little high   for me but I got mine at $5.99 I think that's a 
good price for 459 yards it's a lot of yardage   especially for bulky 5 you can definitely make 
something with that and then we got parfait big   right here now this is the same as the small but 
much more yardage the yardage in the big is 574   now normally priced at these are $9.99 for 574 
yards um again I don't know if I would consider   that if you look at other bulky fives with less 
yardage some of them are the same price with less   yardage I wouldn't want to pay $9.99 it's not 
again as with these it's not uncommon it's very   easy to find them cheaper I bought all these big 
ones pop a seymour for $5 so I thought that was   a killer deal especially for 574 yards and as you 
can see that colors are very rich very deep colors   several colors to choose from in the bigs – too 
many to name they have solids available in them   and they also have the spotty looking barricaded 
so many colors I mean I just they're so pretty   all the colors are deep and rich very saturated 
very gorgeous it's very pretty yarn it's just   super delicate and some might not want to work 
with it because of how delicate it is you have   to be careful I think when using it so you know 
$9.99 for the yardage of 574 bulky five I don't   know if that's fair it might be to some people if 
you like I said if you compare it to other bulky   fives I can think you know you think of a my pan 
like scarfie it only has like it's a bulky five   it has like 300 some yards and it regulars $9.99 
but this has a lot more yardage I won't pay $9.99   for this you know you know I assume no one wants 
to pay full price for anything I don't pay full   price for my yarns I think I said that before 
unless I absolutely have to and but it's not   uncommon to find these for five or six dollars 
and that's that's a great price for the amount   of yardage you get considering its a bulky 
five so what this yarn would be good for is blankets definitely blankets I mean the softness 
is it's there it's unbelievable I think if you   made a blanket out of this and cover it up with 
it it would feel like a light soft I can't I   can't even describe an air just laying on you 
just draped over you I think it would make a   beautiful shawl a beautiful poncho a beautiful 
sweater I probably wouldn't recommend it for a   bag but probably pretty much anything that you 
wanted to – the bag no you wouldn't want to do   kitchen accessories but probably any type 
of clothing I think would work out nice but   remember it's very it's a lightweight it's it's 
really light and it's very delicate so if you   did make clothing you probably wouldn't want to 
make something that's gonna be heavily worn you   know what I mean like a code or something that 
you're going to wear it all the time I probably   wouldn't recommend anything like that but 
definitely good for fur blankets you know   like that baby items and stuff and and shawls and 
and ponchos and stuff what I'm gonna do with mine   I don't know yet but I have a six and a half 
here so I'm gonna do a little demonstration I   got so much parfait yarn laying around me here 
the reason why I have so much of this I have a   lot of this on my shop it's because a Seymour 
had it one day online for $5 and I thought that   was such a killer dough for his mouth yardage 
and I bought a whole bunch of different colors   and I'm so happy with the yarn that I got so 
you've seen what they offer they also have   another one called toy box which is pretty much 
the same I think it's just different colors and   stuff you know more kitty colors for blankets 
Oh more kitty colors for blankets and stuff   like that I am so sorry about that but we'll 
go ahead and I'll show you how it crochets so like I said it's extremely delicate yarn as 
far as when you go to crochet with it it can   be split very easy and sometimes crocheting 
with it isn't the easiest thing to do not   for me anyways sometimes it's hard to see 
your stitches not always but sometimes I think it's just the way that yarn is being 
so thick it's sick thick well it's a it's a   bulky five but it's not heavy at all it's very 
lightweight and I made a cowl out of this one   time and it was so a lightweight you couldn't 
even really sell that you had it on your neck   it felt it's so gorgeous the feel of it is just 
remarkable around your neck he's known if you   made a scarf out of this you would definitely 
be snuggling up to it around your neck so it's   not too bad I guess sometimes though if you 
use special stitches I don't know it's just sometimes your stitches are hard 
to see it's not too bad this time but when I crochet with it I try to crochet kind 
of slow because how easy it can break away from   the string that's holding all this microfiber 
on it I know that from experience I've had that   problem quite a bit now you let me know in 
the comments I'm sure many of you have used   this already if you think that it's an extremely 
delicate yarn do you have troubles with maybe this   splitting away from the main string that that this 
is on because to me that's my biggest problem with   this yarn I love this yarn I love the softness 
of it I think when I get it on sale the yardage   in this in the skein especially the big ones in in 
the cakes are very generous and when you get them   on sale I think that it's very good deals for them 
I think the colors are absolutely gorgeous very   rich colors crocheting with that I said can be 
kind of a task sometimes right now I'm not having   too much trouble but my main concern is it being 
so delicate that for me sometimes it splits away   the fuzzy split away from the main string now you 
let me know if you have that problem that could   just be me in the way that I crochet but it's that 
it's so soft you can make a little stuffed animal   out of that Oh anybody would like that very very 
pretty maybe I'll make Evelyn a sweater out of   this again you just have to be I'm just easy 
with it why not use it so my yarn cuz I know   it's delicate I've used it plenty of times enough 
to know that it's a delicate delicate yarns don't   bother me seems like the delicate ones are always 
a really pretty and I like the velvet and stuff   like that I love all but again it's a delicate 
you're on you just gotta take your time you got to   be gentle with it no speed crocheting with this I 
can't speak crochet anyways if you know even if I   try but if you can this is a yarn that you'd want 
to just kind of go slow with it let's see it's so   pretty oh it's so pretty and soft I wish that you 
could feel it I know many of you probably have   already so I actually adore this yarn I think that 
it's very beautiful but I highly highly recommend   even though it does say to that you can wash it 
into in the washer i would definitely hand wash   it because of how that like it is now that is 
a downfall for some people because some people   just don't have the time to do that but i've 
been here in washington all my crochet items   forever so it doesn't bother me to have to do 
that because that's when i learned to crochet   they the lady that taught me always said that you 
know she always told me you know you better you   want to wash anything that's you crochet that you 
can you know by hand because why do you want to   spend hours and hours crocheting something of your 
time and just throw it into the washer and have   a chance of it being right so I took that and so 
that's why I always hand wash and I know that some   things can be put in a washer without a problem 
but that's just the way I learned it so I just   that's just what I do so me having a hand wash 
something doesn't bother me and nothing against   anybody that put stuff in the washer that's fine 
I mean I should probably put stuff in the washer   because I mean it's probably easier because I 
know a lot of yarns you can do that with I just   learned not to so that's why I don't so that's 
not a problem for me but I know it is a problem   for some now it does frog quite well it doesn't 
really get hung up on itself too bad gently frog   it though if you're going to frog it very gently 
because again the yarn will split away from itself   you just have to be very gentle with it so that's 
so that's the only downfall for me on this yarn   it's not even really that big of a downfall is 
this you have to be gentle with it it's delicate   other or not I love it I mean I love parfait I 
think you can turn out some gorgeous gorgeous   projects with it it just looks very rich very very 
plush and nellie velvety very soft so I hope my   review wasn't too long but there was a lot of them 
to go over there's lots of different brands of   these parfait yarns so if you haven't tried this 
I always recommend you just buy it one skein maybe   you just try one of these small ones that you can 
get for like three bucks or something and give it   a go you know don't take my word for it because 
just because I like it don't mean that you're   gonna like it I love love love lots of yarns 
that lots of people can't stand so everybody's   different everybody has their own opinions but 
for me I always love the parfait yarn ever since   I've used it I've used it several times I just 
know from experience that it's a very delicate   yarn and you just got to be gentle with it that's 
all there is to it and I don't have a problem with   that it's the same way with the burbot velvet I 
always recommend it's a yarn I love you just got   to be it's delicate you just got to be very gentle 
with it and that's it I mean who could say no to a   color like that that is so gorgeous well maybe you 
don't like that color thing it's gorgeous and I'm   a brown lover look at that beautiful this one's 
called me think of a cow I made with that wrapped   around your neck so pretty I'm over here just 
squeezing it and loving it probably grossing you   guys out with it okay that's my review I like the 
parfait yarn I use it I have no problem with that   other other thing other one only thing is that 
you just have to be gentle with it in which I   already know from experience so it doesn't bother 
me to have to crochet slow with it I know I would   highly recommend you hand washing it that doesn't 
bother me some people may not like that about it   and that's very much understandable people have 
busy lives nowadays and you can't sometimes you   just can't you don't have the time to do that very 
understandable so price-wise always try to get a   month's now like I said I got these big ones for 
5 bucks not hard to find them for 5 dollars when   you find a sale 574 yards killer deal these small 
ones not hard to find them for 3 bucks 192 yards   not a good a deal as a big ones but still not 
too bad these layers I got these for $5.99 on   sale it's not hard to find them for that if you 
wait for a sale 459 yards I think that's a good   deal so yeah I like it I do I like it a lot 
and let me know in the comments because I'm   sure some of you have used it what you think of 
it and if you haven't used it head on over to   premier now remember their prices are going to 
be a lot higher on their website but check out   their callers oh there's so many of these colors 
of the big schemes and the little schemes there's   just so many tell me what you think about it tell 
me if you think you'd ever try this if this is a   yarn that you'd like I really like to know I 
always read the comments so that's my review   I'm in love with the parfait layers I always 
have been so thanks everybody for watching bye

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