XTZ Price Prediction – TEZOS Prediction & Analysis 2021 – We need this to breakout ~

hey guys welcome or welcome back to my channel my 
name is michelle and today i'm going to be going   over tezos as requested from you so thank you so 
much for this request so currently right now as   i'm filming i we are sitting at seven dollars and 
two cents what a strong number considering back   in september seventh year we're at five dollars 
and of course considering that bitcoin did have a   dip in the market as well so i have our resistance 
zone at seven dollars and fifty three we have been   rejected down in the last couple of hours of this 
number this is a very strong number to be able to   hold for our resistance and our breakout to get 
a higher number in the future so as long as we   can maintain our resistance of 7.53 i'm hoping to 
get in crossing my fingers you guys hoping to get   more positive green higher candles indicating 
more of a bullish market is sending us up in an   ascending triangle formation however we always 
have to look at the downside as we're moving   into the fall season there can be dips in the 
market as well so our support system of 626.62 if we ever to drop down closer to this level we 
may drop down as um low as six dollars and 20   cents but we will gradually spike up um later 
in the couple of days here so if we ever spike   down to six dollars and 62 cents rest assured we 
will bounce up because investors are going to be   going into tesla's as well so if we are to break 
the resistance zone of 7.50 um three cents our   next target in our ascending triangle is most 
likely going to be up in our eight dollars and   ninety-eight cents or nine dollars as well and 
that's going to be our next resistance zone to   break through before we can see another incline 
so those are the two numbers that i'm going to   be strongly looking out for because anything 
can happen we are having some lower red candles   in here but majority of greener candles again 
indication it is going to be a bullish market for   tezos so those two numbers i'm crossing my fingers 
that we can definitely break through seven dollars   and fifty three cents but however if we do get 
dipped down to six dollars and sixty two cents   we will see a spike up or more support on that end 
so that is it for me for tezo thank you again so   much for the suggestion this video is for you 
and i hope to see you guys in my next video bye

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