XTZ Price Prediction – TEZOS Prediction & Analysis 2021 – Heading to this support line

hey guys welcome or welcome back to my channel 
my name is michelle and today i'm going to be   going over tezos as a request here um so currently 
right now we are trading at 6.14 current 24 hour   volume we are down 37 market cap we are down 6 and 
currently ranked at number 30. so i'm gonna head   over to my chart here i've got in an immediate 
short term of four hours and we can also see that   i've got my bollinger bands with our rsi at the 
very top here so one of the indicators that i want   to first off show you is going to be our support 
number support level and i've got it set at at   cents 5.91 we can once we zoom in we can 
really see that we're almost at the support   line we can ultimately see that the support 
line was tested multiple times as either   a support line or a resistance number here 
relatively back here on september 20th we did   fall below and even below our bollinger 
bands as well and whenever we follow or   fall below our bulger bands then it is an 
indication that we are over selling and it's   a great opportunity for people to get into the 
market and in this case into tesla's as well   so we've seen some overselling we have seen 
some over buying as well pushing us down   giving us that resistance level now our support 
number here we are going to be using 5.91   when i zoom up to one hour it does solidify this 
is going to be our support number simply because   of here so back here um september 23rd we have 
been testing this level as a resistance zone   until we were able to break off of it and use it 
as a support number back here on september 24th we   can see that multiple candles fell below this but 
within our bollinger band but still gave us that   in incline up so um in regards to our bollinger 
band we are simply in just barely gracefully   touching the bottom line here and below our 
middle volume line so most likely we are going to   be trending closer down to our support level until 
we can get a bounce back up so i'm going to switch   it over to a four hour chart and we can simply 
see that our candle is definitely going down we   can see that wick of the candle itself giving us 
that push down because sellers are pushing into   um tazos right now sorry about that symbol um so 
when it comes to our rsi this is a level that we   ultimately want to see as our resistance level we 
have actually seen positive and um negative gains   when it comes to 50 so back here at 50 just a few 
hours ago we can see that we have dipped below   into more of this number here where we're 
currently at at 40.

So we are looking into 50   and 40s are going to be an indicator roughly 
around more of a bullish market it is going to be   immediate bullish when it comes to um the 40s and 
the 50s for tezos so even right here when we hit   roughly around the 40s we did see an incline 
coming up and keep in mind in this hour the   rsi was at 34 so roughly around 34 240 is going to 
give us that incline however when it comes to 50   we can see a bounce back up here on our rsi of 
51.65 so it's kind of wishy-washy when it comes   to rsi um although with our bollinger bands 
we i believe that in the next couple of hours   we are going to dip down closer to 5.91 until 
we can get enough support to kind of bounce us   back up and that's relatively going 
to give us an rsi roughly around 38   if we dip down closer to um this support line that 
i have here so even though it does kind of look   more of a downwards trend when it comes to tezos i 
believe it's just going to easily spike up give us   the opportunity to go more into our middle range 
which is going to be 6.61 so that is basically my   price prediction when it comes to tezos thank you 
guys so much for watching i really appreciate all   of the support if you want to go ahead and drop me 
a line go ahead and drop me a line down there um   but most importantly thank you guys so much for 
watching i'll see you guys in my next one bye

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