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Don't wait until it happens. I truly believe that by the end of this s.E.C. Versus Rural lawsuit, there will be an outburst and price
that will surprise the entire world. Before we proceed, kindly check the video description and
you'll find a link which offers all our loyal viewers five percent off of trading fees on finance, you can benefit
from this simply by signing up via the link. And the discount is yours every time you trade on finance. The SEC's lawsuit predicament triggered a dramatic drop in
XRP price. Not only that, but many coin exchanges have delisted or
halted trading on their platforms to avoid complications with federal securities laws, as the SEC alleges that the
token is a security with the lawsuit. The commission therefore accuses labs of unlawfully raising
more than one point three billion dollars in an unregistered securities offering through XRP. A lot of users are calling this a black swan event.

So what happens if they win? Does it rebound beyond all belief? Maybe nothing. What happens if they're declared a security,
but all they have to do is pay a fine? How would other projects be affected? While RIPPLE CEO Brad Garlinghouse has remained defiant in
the face of the SEC lawsuit, the XP token continues to lose value with multiple exchange delistings and a halt to
trading on major US exchange coinbase. Can the XPRIZE ever recover? Welcome back to make money online today, we'll be looking
at the possible scenarios that could sponsor one hundred fold move of XP. We'll also look at some of the latest news and surprise
predictions and see how we can benefit from it. If you're watching a video for the first time on this

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so you can get notified every time we post more interesting videos. Let's dive right in. At the end of twenty 20, peace price spikes to about sixty
six cents, however, after the FCC announced the lawsuit, the price collapsed and now is extremely volatile. This case would require a howay test and XP to satisfy all
four requirements to be labeled a security. This could be the new update to the Howay test. It's honestly all very interesting. If Apple succeeds, other coins will have this case as
precedent. If they lose, there will be a new howay test to point to in
terms of money.

It's quite obvious what would happen if they win. They would recover in value exchanges would relist and
clarity would be brought to the cryptocurrency industry. Andrew Seracini of Debevoise and Plimpton has reviewed the
case and suggested that the SEC chose to overlook key facts such as XRP being traded across the world without any
regulatory interference. XRP is a virtual currency and thus outside the SEC's

RIPPLE themselves had something to say about this lawsuit,
and they filed a response suit which made several points. One ripple has never entered a contract for investment with
any holders of XP to repeal, never held an IPO, never offered future tokens to raise money, and has no
relationship with the vast majority of XP holders. Three Holding XP does not mean a person receives a portion
of Apple's revenue or profits for Ripple's. XP sales amounted to far less than one percent of the
massive XP market that has grown over the last eight years.

Five The XP ledger on which XP moves is completely
decentralized. The SEC ignores the economic reality of an XP transaction
and six Ripple's XP Holdings do not create an investment contract any more than De Beers Holdings convert diamonds
into securities. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission is highly
reputed in the US financial sector and is attempting to regulate crypto assets as best as it can at the expense of
overreaching and strong arming institutions to comply with its rules, RIPPLE still has a huge chance of beating the

The SEC's case rests on the proposition that XP is a
security. If it's not, the SEC lacks jurisdiction in the
Constitution. The Supreme Court provided a framework for determining
whether certain assets are investment contracts and therefore securities. The Securities Act defines the term security to include an
investment contract in what's now known as the Howay test. The court explained that an asset is a security if it
represents an investment in a common enterprise, with the expectation of profits derived solely from the efforts of
others. In its complaint, the SEC argues that of security because
investors who purchased XP anticipated the profits would be dependent upon Apple's efforts to manage and develop the
market for XP. RIPPLE has disputed the SEC's allegations, arguing that XRP
is a fully functioning currency that offers a better alternative to Bitcoin.

Ripple, in its official response to the lawsuit, claimed
that the worst affected by the SEC lawsuit were retail investors, as the price of the token fell by over 50
percent. In the wake of the lawsuit, RIPPLE went on to allege that
the SEC was picking sides rather than being unbiased because at one point they even claimed a theorem could qualify as
the security and the time it gained the status of an asset class and XRP could very well fit in that same bracket.

Also accused the U.S. of distorting the facts in the lawsuit filing by cherry
picking the quotes and data to show it in a bad light, according to Coin Desk. In a letter to the Southern District Court in New York on
Thursday, RIPPLE CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Executive Chairman Chris Larsen asked Judge Sarah Net burn to block
subpoenas sent to multiple banks seeking eight years worth of their financial information. The executive body of RIPPLE claimed that the SEC's request
was wholly inappropriate overreach because the case relates to the alleged sale of unregistered securities and is a non
fraud litigation.

Specifically, Garlinghouse and Larssen argue their personal
financial lives are not relevant to the case, though they have agreed to provide some financial information. Additionally, the SEC's demands violate privacy interests,
they said. If all goes well by the end of twenty twenty one, XRP can
touch the one dollar mark. As soon as XP reaches one dollar, the correction phase may
enter the most likely zone for peace price in twenty. Twenty two is from half a dollar to one dollar. However, if the crypto gained support from investment
giants, the XP rates can change its direction to a new bull run. In the meantime, the price of the crypto is relying on
a safe trend within attaining a rigid structure showing a rock solid consolidation. This has led to speculation about the next direction of the
price trend. Will we see an uptrend or a continuation of its current
state of price consolidation? You wonder why there is no option pointing to a downtrend.

There are so many factors in the current market that make
it downtrend highly unlikely. Aside from the information about the lawsuit and the growing
distinction dispelling XRP continuous entanglement with the lawsuit, there's the expansion in the applicability of the
coin to a more diverse use, with new innovations arriving in XP, forming the basis for the proliferation of CBDs through
the use of XP based products. These dynamic utilize provisions of XP gives it a solid
foundation for executing moves of its own as it increases in profile. Looking at the daily charts, the COIN will
continue to consolidate and experience sideways movement while being subject to volatility.

The cause of the recent volatility is attributed by some
analysts to be a result of the most recent moves of Bitcoin. What's the justification? Well, they claim that according to statistics, every rise
in Bitcoin's price tends to send investors flocking to other small coins as they sell off to try to hedge the inflation. The market sentiment moves to favor other coins and only
returns when Bitcoin starts a correction or goes into a major dip. Then what's called an alt coin RIPPLE starts. We'd really like to think that this isn't the way it is. A new section is being created every single crypto trading
day as more people are entering the crypto fold and there's increasing trust going in crypto such as XP. In this chart, we consider a different light to the upward
projection of XP is indicated, we have a green and blue arrow and a zigzag pattern projecting the possible movement
of XP.

The Green Arrow suggests an immediate spike in price to
about forty five cents in the first stretch before a minor dip, which leads to a minor bounce that sets it on a
diagonal push through the resistance above fifty five cents. This is a fairly reasonable possibility, but we can see a
possibly more realistic move in the blue arrow, which takes further consideration of potential market volatility and
suggests that the coin may still go sideways, spiking and dipping almost horizontally before it aims to go on an

Many would reckon with this, given the quiet atmosphere
around the market affects our P closes below 50 cents will be exiting the triangle formed from the November high and
subsequent low to the low side. We can then set our gaze on the 50 cent mark. We could be setting up for something wonderful come April
and we could see some fireworks. Word on the street is that XP will soon prove itself in the
crypto market, often termed as a consolidation giant. We hope to see change shape as a transmutes and becomes
more aggressive in its push upwards. The kind of aggressive moves that we've seen it make before
the SEC case started and the time to come. We may see the crypto make gains of about three hundred,
five hundred and even eight hundred percent on its own with a brute force of investor interest alone.

There's also the chance that a victory in the S.E.C. lawsuit could push the coin to grow a hundred fold, which
is about a ten thousand percent growth margin. That victory would be the grand victory of this decade. Even if it's just starting, newer cryptos and tokens will
have a new precept for evading regulatory enforcement, such as the one with XP. The smallest of the mall will have good
ground to develop from and overcome any threat of litigation by a regulatory body. As long as it plays true to the fundamentals of the crypto
industry, we hope to see some restraint imposed on the SEC is, it embraces desperate measures to quench the fire of
the crypto industry. If they will ever get a foot in the door, it sure won't be
with XP.

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