XRP will be #1.. they’re telling you – you just can’t see [shocking evidence]

so many of these tokens don't have usefulness 
the long-term value of any digital asset   will be derived by the usefulness of that 
digital asset by the utility it delivers   what is going on ladies and gentlemen and welcome 
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perspective on this um i want to   get back into the gematria calculator a lot of 
people did like this and i want to cover a few   coincidence that occurred with elon musk's tweet 
and what trump said couple a couple years ago   uh if you don't know what the gematria 
calculator is i'm trying to read you just   a little overview on what it is so the world we 
live in today is controlled by an elite uh cabal   and very wealthy men and women own the land 
control religion secret societies the media the   banks and the resources if you don't believe in 
that i mean i would just click away from the video   right now because that is factual they don't care 
about us they treat us like cattle to be branded   taxed and milk dry we are always taxed 30 50 is 
ridiculous they have been ruling since before   the days of babylon and probably much longer they 
have installed public governments around the world   that represent them not us we all know that the 
whole government system is basically puppets if   you if you don't agree with me just get off the 
video because this video is not meant for you   the sooner people realize this 
the better off we uh will be   the elite cabal are obsessed with 
numbers and rituals they study kybala   where the word cabal comes from as a part of their 
practice they all they are well versed in gematria   the elite controls the media five six corporations 
control the media codes all their stories and   sports with gematria and if you believe in the 
news i like i'm not saying it's all fake news but   majority the majority of the news is fake like 
how are you coming up with all these like like   content you know what i mean like imagine i was a 
newscaster and like if i had a new newscast studio   where am i going to get all this information yeah 
i have journalists across the countries and stuff   but again like to keep pumping out content here 
and there it's just it's ridiculous some of these   things are made up i'm not going to get too 
deep into that let me go get into my uh point   that i'm trying to cover on this video so if we 
look at uh a tweet back from march 5th 2021 one   of my subscribers commented this down below and 
i checked on his twitter no he only had one like   and i i've personally never seen this so i want to 
share this with you guys i believe the subscriber   name was david so shout out to you comment down 
below um so if we elon musk tweeted this back in   february 5th so if we just take the word much wow 
we're going to leave the exclamation mark in there   and just put it into geometry calculator calculate 
we're going to go simple by xrp so if you look at   it from you know this perspective now just 
says buy xrp with an exclamation mark okay   and then a tweet back on uh february 11 2021 uh 
this was i believe jordan pointed this out so   jordan if you're watching this shout out to you uh 
frodo go take a look at the jamaa trio calculator and it clearly states first at the top xrp 
okay it's pictures xrp at first the ring and i   jordan says something about how uh the ring got 
shorter or whatnot one coin to rule them all   like guys you can't make this stuff up let me 
know what you guys think in the comments down   below because i really want to know what you guys 
think about this um because it just makes sense if   you guys want to do more research on gematria 
go ahead i recommend you do it because don't   just live in the world you live in like it's an 
ordinary world you wake up you drink your coffee   and you go to work right we're basically slaves 
that are getting paid nothing has changed like   the elites are still ahead of everybody every it's 
if you don't work for yourself and if i'm sorry   to put it in this perspective but it's true we are 
in modern day slavery and we are just getting paid   nothing has changed nothing has changed we're 
just inflation the higher the inflation goes we're   getting paid more minimum wage goes up minimum 
wage going up it's not a good thing because   cost of living is going to go up right so at the 
end of the day it sounds good but it's actually   not good in the long run that being said guys 
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