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We are raising a red flag high up for everyone to see it
really don't know what they're missing and what they still have to lose if they don't open their eyes. Now, what could be the problem? Is it negligence? Or maybe you're waiting for one big sign. Maybe you're waiting for someone to come back from the
future and whisper about opportunities that your future self missed. While that only happens in movies, probably some
back to the future scenario. Fact is, no son of yours is coming back in time to warn you
about the future. You can't get any more signs than you already have. There is an inherent need to sensitize people about the
reason they should buy a Krypto and Zippy's position.

You really can't afford to get it wrong. Could be missing the opportunity of a lifetime. What's more to say, if you're curious, you can ask
questions. Things that will come out great tend to go through
extremely rough and damn near discouraging conditions. People's inability to take adequate risk is a major factor
for why they never seem to get over the hurdles. Fear at every step may mean that we never get to take any
step at all. While XRP has been in an awkward position since last year,
there's been a lot of skepticism about how the coin will face through.

Many prospective investors have taken the cue
to wait it out and weather the storm. This may include those that once had a holding of XRP but
were part of the massive sell out that led to a drastic dip in the coins price. Many actually did that with a mind that when the coast is
clear, they would buy back into the crypto. With the events of this year, you can potentially say that
there seems to be more than enough reasons to hop back on the train. XRP will not be winning around much longer.

Welcome back to your favorite channel, Make Money Online. Today we'll be looking at the possibility that there might
not be enough XRP for everyone. We'll discuss why it's important to buy XRP now and the
repercussions of missing out. We'll also look at the latest news about experience of its
latest price predictions. If you're watching a video on the shelf for the first time,
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The total amount of pre mined XRP is just about one hundred
billion and the total amount of XRP that you and I can actually have access to now on the crypto circulation is
about forty five billion. This means that we have approximately fifty five billion
waiting to be released into the crypto market. The statistically acknowledged census value of the world's
population is about a billion people and yet more and more keep getting added every day. Literally more people are being born than they're dying. I'm not implying that we need to fill out the world's
population or anything. This is more about how you could actually miss out on XRP
if just half the world's population decided to buy XRP today, where will you be then? Certain, quote, warns that we should never be critical of
things with small beginnings, especially survivors. Indeed, XRP is one such survivor. One thing that's necessary for survivors is that they come
out bigger and better than they actually did when they were yet to learn what it takes. It's the same for XRP.

It's like a piece of war that would ultimately be refined
into gold and yield great value for all and anyone who takes advantage of it. Forty five billion ZAPU that are available
is already in the hands of holders, including as many as the exchanges that still trade XRP over time, more XRP will be
injected into the market at a slower rate and a lesser quantity so as to maintain scarcity as well as the
commodities value. That's the principle that the world's economy runs by the
value of a material is only as good as the demand for it.

The demand, however, is dependent on whether it's scarce or
maybe totally unavailable. Have you ever been in a situation where people have had to
hoard products, a commodity that's valued at ten dollars can rise to 20 just because it becomes scarce and demand for it
is quite high in the market, especially if the product is actually very good. Such a commodity can be hoarded and in
turn its price rises.

And when it's released, it's released only in small
quantities as the demand outweighs the supply. Do we already have a picture of how this relates to XRP,
Bitcoin was once in a peculiar position, too, and people fail to see just what it could be for the coming years, and
thus they missed out on what could have been the opportunity of a lifetime. You probably missed out on it, too, didn't
you? Well, history doesn't have to repeat itself, but it's
really up to you. Think about it, people on large proportions of XRP already. And the only reason that we're still able to buy little
amounts of XRP here and there is because there are a few short sellers going on about dumping the coin and every
slight opportunity.

Hotaling is the cryptos way of describing the act of
hoarding commodities, even though the SEC is out to prove that XRP is a security and not a commodity or better put a
currency. XRP is a currency for real, as real as Bitcoin and Ethereum
that have been counted not as securities. And it has the necessary features of a digital currency even
proving to be much more useful than other cryptos. Hoarding commodities like products and goods might be an
illegal thing to do, but Hotaling is definitely not a crime. You can choose to handle a crypto in order to benefit from
it. However, you'd have to buy it at just the right time.

So when is the best time to buy XRP? Well, the answer to this question is not tied to a specific
date or maybe a horoscope prediction. It all depends on the market trend. Can anyone truly predict the market trend, though? No, of course not. If people can predicted, it means they can manipulate it. And then decentralization of the crypto becomes meaningless
knowing that you need to just learn to take a cue from the minimum that you see. Before the time frame runs out on the
minimum, like XRP in circulation, you should decide quickly what you'll do. The remaining fifty five billion XRP will
probably be injected into the market when the price of the coin hits higher levels. And at that level it becomes more expensive. For you and I, the coin is sustaining a level at about
forty five cents and it's testing the resistance at 50, a level that used to be its support for sometime in February.

Twenty twenty one. The signs of Hotaling is that you buy it
at a lower price and wait. It's price transition to a higher price. So you break out over the resistance. If at this price someone buys a thousand XRP, he'd have
spent four hundred and fifty dollars. If the price of one XRP reaches one dollar, that person will
have a thousand dollars statis. You might think it's a good idea to wait for the coin to
actually rise before ever thinking of buying it, but it's not a financially wise decision when you look at it

On this channel, our focus is to open you up to how you can
best maximize the little opportunities that may otherwise seem obscurity you. This is one of our most encouraged
recommendations, learn to handle XRP. Why do we hammer specifically on. Imagine holding a real live version of Zippy's coin and you
know that you're holding a fortune, but you'd have to have been holding on to the crypto for quite some time. And this chart, you can see Zippy's price rise and fall
over the years due to volatility and peculiar cases such as the one example entangled in. Now, while it might seem like it would be a tough break,
XRP will come out fine eventually, irrespective of how the situation turns out, and it will definitely gather
momentum. We expect that it would regain its place among the top
three and top five cryptocurrency in the world.

So many predictions are abound in the world, with the coin
being particularly absurd for its potential to be the next viable coin to go on amazing surges, no one really tells
the blind that it's raining. They're bound to feel it. And no one has to tell you just
what happens when you miss out on another bright krypto rise of expe, just like a theory and bitcoin. So let's ensure that there's zero room for regrets and
wallowing. We can all maintain interest and buy as much as we can and
just keep it in our respective wallets. Don't doubt this. The coins next price target is really all
about his previous high of about three dollars and eighty cents. We believe that more XRP will be injected into the
market and maintain circulation as people will be less willing to sell their holdings. The first price target for the new all time highs between
four and five dollars.

While it could probably hit price target to also at ten
dollars, however, it might not make the second price target in a single move. It could first reach the first price
target and consolidate on it before sitting on a voyage towards the second target. After this, the initial or the first price target now
becomes the support for the all time high. All this could happen within the blink of an eye. Once the coin reaches one dollar. What you need to know is that would be much more difficult
to buy XRP then not necessarily due to scarcity alone, but because very few would deem it wise to short sell.

Also, it will be much more expensive at five dollars, a
thousand XRP that would simply cost for 50 now becomes five thousand. It could take days, weeks, maybe months or maybe
the next few seconds. But do you want to take that chance without having secure
the future? Well, there you have it, folks, that's it for today. You enjoyed this video, please leave it a thumbs up and hit
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future of XRP? Let us know in the comments below. See you next time. Hollywood..

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