[Music] [Music] You [Music] Hey guys and welcome to the new encoder video of the most beautiful musical instrument out there Coded violin buddies I hope you have a great day today I'm back with some amazing bullish content I hope you're ready I'm going to talk about why I think xrp price can That explodes through a dollar and I see all-time highs. The beautiful bot mask gave some very bullish signals and why you should follow this course without financial advice but before we leave the juicy bullish content I wanted to remind you to subscribe to my beautiful crypto buy channel don't forget to like this video it really helps support my channel please Guys and also come to the comment section if you have questions with xrp army for 1 week without further ado let’s dive into the upside content i have for you today ok first of all let’s look at the xrp usd pair in bitstamp exchange we hacked 80 Cents and we found support at 80 cents , the first level to watch is 96 cents after that in the short term, I'm talking about the 1.20 mark 1.12 cents and then of course the beautiful 1.64 cents is one two three and boom uh the fourth time we're going to come out of it, that means the explosion The next big one is two dollars and 47 cents, or even three dollars.

Wait a long time and you know what after the bullish signals last time here by 2 x 4 the moon signal for the combined signals uh here the price of x has exploded to 260 uh 261 percent uh if we uh from the previous signals until now we have already gone through the rise of uh 24, so if I close Just your eyes, don't listen to anything, play dumb and don't read what's going on in the market, don't watch the news and don't do anything and just watch indicates that you will really make huge gains if we now see a 261 percent rally that would lead us to That's two and a half dollars, so we're going to go up even more because every time we go up more than that, three and a half dollars is imminent.

Last time after the signals, we were up 212 in the time before 261 and this time around 400 percent would be fine, so this is about 2 dollar xrp in the short term, let's look at the other cryptocurrencies the last time the CIA bought Four in two and the moon sign exploded about two thousand percent more than two thousand percent so here we just got all the signals and uh the already tested cia coin price at 36 or 35 arises but if we reverse what happened a couple of months ago we can try 26 cents Sia Well here at the price of Cardano the Cardano always explodes after giving a buy buy three, always buy two, you can always close your eyes and trade on it and bet on it that Cardano is going to make a 67 percent higher move after the previous signals uh now it's already up 15 if it's We can easily go for two or three dollars and in the short term I think five dollars is imminent let's go to the tron team last time tron gave buy two moon and buy four signals on my chart Well, we've seen 500 percent up, well if we're going to measure the 500 after those signals because history doesn't always repeat itself but it reverses itself and we'll see tron worth 36 cents in the short term, well, the fifth series is crazy series, I've tested the fifth almost 25 times From previous levels my bot has given bullish signals we can try here but we will see you guys chain over a dollar a lot more than these crazy guys this is crazy ah two dollars over two so hopefully you can see what I mean in the short term on Long term, but in the very long run, I think xrp is probably going to 10 15 20 because of sec lawui if that's it then if we see a compromise it would be great and you know what you know what I'm going to do guys because I want to warn you all I want to warn you because everyone He tells me yes encrypted violin you know what uh with your stupid thumbnails you always say uh you will go to 100 200 people you will eventually go to these levels but you will definitely go to those levels but I want you to earn money in this course and to earn money No in this cycle because I made the same mistakes I sold too late Well I sold it I didn’t even sell it in the previous cycle Yes I sold for 40 cents 50 cents Why because I bought exactly 13 cents then I saw it right to three and a half dollars and then I said no I'm holding I'm not going to sell definitely not going to sell and you know what happened uh and you know what happened back all the way back to nine cents ok so of course it will eventually go to ten dollars fifty hundred but that doesn't mean it's going down well so we'll see a huge price pump we'll see ten dollars and fifteen dollars and if you don't make some profits you 're going to burn yourself out and then you 'll feel uh very stupid ok that's why I'm going to put that description at that time now and that's why I'm going to put in the beginning of this video Here is the five hundred dollar xrp price bridge to lure all those new guys who are throwing their money into this crypto space and saying you know what's going to get to 500 then that's 10,000 yeah but if you buy here at 60 cents or 80 cents xrp and you can Selling for eight dollars, that's 10 times the money ok that's a really big return so if you can only make a small part of the profit you'll thank me later ok everyone will tell you a hundred thousand except ten thousand except your price prediction is 500600 ok be realistic and make some profit this is the most The importance of the thing I wanted to mention in this video here I will tell you what is the short term outlook for xrp sia coin cardano tron and v chain ok we can see some growth but whenever i see huge amount of money making wallet some profit every time i didn't I get profit in it I was sad you said you know why I didn't get profit even if you believe in xrp value of other coins in the long run if take profit you can buy again when the time comes when opportunity presents itself and always presents itself it always presents itself on ok so i will keep you posted when all these bullish flags turn red again please like please subscribe and don't forget to come to the comment section last but not least i want to congratulate the winner of my xrp gift hi man i am uh and i want to say thank you so much for this opportunity i never wanted to give up well i love all your video by the way keep up the good work you are doing great community service with your content thank you congrats my man enjoy With 100 xrp I am giving away the gift to support my beautiful wife’s YouTube channel so if you subscribe to her channel too if you like a video and if you comment on something nice I will auto in a week I will auto give 100 xrp and yes guys I give xp and it hurts Really give up except but I'm doing this for my crazy beautiful wife It's going to be a hundred xrp thousand dollars when it's ten bucks so it's serious money Thank you for watching my video I hope you have a great day [Music] Bye [Music] [Music] So 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