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the sec outrageous lawsuit against ripple has sparked fury in the cryptocurrency world as well as a countersuit that will put the sec on trial will ripple win the lawsuit why is the case taking so long to be resolved is ripple capable of winning in court against the sec let's find out and also make sure to keep on watching because today is the day we will reveal the lucky winner of our giveaway and maybe it is you welcome xrp army let's grow the xrp lab community by pressing the like button and subscribe according to several experts seven months into its legal confrontation with the securities and exchange commission ripple labs has an uphill struggle against the government's claims that it issued unregistered securities since the sec decided to launch a case against ripple labs for an alleged unregistered sale of securities implying that xrp is a security a few attorneys have risen to popularity online jeremy hogan is one of those lawyers his youtube videos covering and commenting on the litigation have garnered him much attention mr hogan volunteered to answer any question in a standard ask me anything format in his most recent while he responded to a variety of queries and jokes a couple stood out including is there a difference between ripple selling xrp to companies and jed selling xrp from this taco stand wallet into open exchanges jed refers to jed mccaleb a co-founder of ripple and the company's original cto who departed to start stellar despite the current sec versus ripple case mccaleb continues to sell millions of xrp the sec argued that all xrp including xrp sold on the secondary market were always unregistered securities when it sued ripple xrp holders attorney john deedon reacted on the topic in a recent tweet even while the sec alleges that all xrp are unregistered securities and that brad garlinghouse and chris larson have been unfairly enriched it enables ripple co-founder jed mccaleb to sell his xrp for hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase moneygram potentially in response to the inquiry attorney jeremy hogan claimed that jed mccaleb essentially sold xrp like brad garlinghouse and chris larson he was simply not employed by ripple at the time he wasn't even sued could he however be therefore the legal question becomes according to jeremy hogan is jed mccaleb an associate of ripple and the simple answer is that he is unlikely to benefit from section 4 safeguards because he obtained the rights to receive the tokens after his breakup with ripple as an executive as a result mr mccaleb is presumably keeping a close eye on the ripple litigation and hoping that ripple wins mr hogan continued as the co-founder and cto of the open coin firm which has subsequently been renamed to ripple labs jed michaela burned 8 billion xrp tokens michaelab and ripple agreed that he might sell 1.5 of xrp's daily volume daily mccaleb sold 400 million dollars worth of xrp in 2020 and has sold over 2.4 billion prices of xrp this year potentially worth 1.95 billion dollars despite the current sec versus ripple battle which resulted in xrp being delisted by crypto exchanges in the united states damaging the market the sec has made no public remark regarding jed mccaleb's xrp activities ripple's native token xrp is trading between 0.662133 and 0.676781 at the time of making this video which is monday july 26 2021.

The currency is now ranked number six on coin market cap with a total market capitalization of thirty billion six hundred sixty eight million eight hundred ninety two thousand seven hundred twelve dollars and a dominance of one point nine two percent recently ripple won a significant victory when the court ordered the deposition of former sec director william hinman the uniqueness of the case and the enormous public interest are the unusual circumstances that allow for the testimony of a high-ranking official ms stewart a new attorney on the agency side led the plaintiff's arguments ms stewart had to explain to the judge why the sec claims privilege will be violated if the scheduled deposition is about a public speech based on william hinman's personal opinions rather than on behalf of the sec on monday 26th of july when judge sarah byrne granted permission for the deposition the sec stated that it would need time to examine that that can only imply one thing the sec plans to challenge the order allowing the deposition to proceed unless the parties reach an agreement and it's nearly never done attorney jeremy hogan said in a video after the hearing is ripple going to be able to find it mr hogan stated i don't know the answer to that but what i do know is that this struggle is far from done adding we'll be seeing this subject in front of the judge shortly xrp holder's lawyer john deaton responded to the judge's decision with 10 fundamental issues that do not fall under the privilege argument however a special master may still be necessary to rule on the possible stream of objections and now it is time to reveal who is the lucky winner of our giveaway and it is gilbert farkas xrp army let's all congratulate gilbert in the comment section below now let's get back to the video the sec case against ripple is expected to conclude in a pre-trial agreement pre-trial agreements account for 96 of all sec cases with 60 happening before litigation and 90 arising before discovery the whole industry follows every new episode of the court struggle between the sec and ripple because it is likely to set a significant example for the crypto ecosystem attorney jeremy hogan recently shared his views on the far-reaching suggestions of a ripple victory on the fair notice defense now let us look at mr hogan's thoughts on what a settlement should look like based on his analysis of the kick in telegram cases as well as his own experience resolving hundreds of cases firstly he believes the sec would seek wording in joining ripple from further unlawful transactions as well as a civil punishment disgorgement should be challenging thousands of times xrp has changed hands to put it another way there's no way to fairly disgorge earnings to investors since there's no way to know who to disgorge to mr hogan then later discussed ripple's anticipated goals which included maintaining its business and providing clarity moving forward meanwhile the sec has requested that the court extend the timelines for both fact and expert discovery by 60 days according to the financial watchdog defendants do not agree to the sec request because they argue that the sec had ample time to examine this problem before bringing suit and because ripple intends to move for summary judgment as soon as possible in addition to the sec request the parties have filed a joint petition to extend the deadline for meeting and conferring on document redactions and the ceiling of specific exhibits until june 9 2021 to avoid burdening the court with needless arguments ripple for its turn has filed a request to force the sec to give over internal information related to the cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum and xrp despite the judge's urging the sec refused to release the records prompting this move it's worth noting that the judge can impose monetary penalties or even dismiss the case for discovery breaches the sec petitioned to compel ripple to provide memoranda discussing xrp sales with the firm's attorneys was refused a few days ago by the court which ripple labs said violated attorney-client privilege this was a significant victory for ripple ripple has achieved a series of victories in recent weeks tomorrow is william hinman's long-awaited deposition as former sec director of corporation finance the current change of events suggests that ripple now has the upper hand in the case the securities and exchange commission on the other hand is unwilling to acknowledge this the court is reminded by a recent letter from the sec about the individuals filing that the above-mentioned public declaration is neither a statement of the sec nor any binding authority on this court the sec also stated that all courts that have considered this issue have ruled under howie and that the abundance of case law interpreting and applying howie at all levels of the judiciary and all related guidance issued by the sec provides all of the notice constitutionally required individual defendants brad garlinghouse and chris larson responded with a letter claiming that the sec arguments regarding the two sec commissioner's statements only served to highlight the agency's legal untenability and that the agency went to publicly rebuke these two commissioners considered views the sec's unprecedented public airing of its internal dispute only serves to emphasize why the court must reject the sec allegations against the individual defendants for allegedly aiding and abetting ripple's violation of section 5 of the securities act the two sec commissioners have dropped a bombshell on the ripple case it comes at an opportune time for ripple's lawyers who will question xsec director william hinman on july 27th to bolster its fair notice defense both parties recently agreed on how to proceed with mr hinman's testimony the sec decided on most of ripple's questions what will happen at the deposition remains to be seen the deadline for sec chair gary gensler's required answer to senator elizabeth warren is the following day july 28th she wants to know about the sec power to properly regulate cryptocurrency exchanges and to assess if congress needs to act to guarantee that the sec has the appropriate jurisdiction to fix current regulatory loopholes according to her request that letter also sparked a flurry of conjecture about what could be construed as a well-coordinated power attempt to circumvent the cftc do you invest in xrp and if you want to continue to know about xrp we've got two more videos waiting for you on the end screen to check out make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up thank you so much for watching see you in the following video my friend kindly note that the prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value the information provided in this video does not constitute investment advice financial advice trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the content as such the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice do conduct your due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions [Music]

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