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While Ripple seems to be close to its final
win, the situation looks horrible for the SEC. Will this court case permanently damage
the SEC’s reputation? And how big is the XRP Army’s part in this win? Stay tuned till the end of the video to find
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Let's grow the XRP LAB COMMUNITY by pressing the like button and subscribe. As the newest news proof demonstrates, the
European Commission is losing its case against Ripple by the day! This, on the other hand,
will have disastrous implications for the whole SEC! When the SEC of the United States launched
a bombshell lawsuit against cryptocurrency inventor Ripple Labs in December 2020, it
did not anticipate the backlash that would follow.

However, during the pre-trial phase,
Ripple's legal team has placed the SEC itself on trial, citing years of inconsistent and
unclear instructions on cryptocurrency regulations. The tsunami of legal, political, and social
media activity from retail cryptocurrency investors, incensed by the betrayal from an
organization purporting to be protecting their interests, was completely unexpected and unprepared
for. The collapse of the SEC's credibility in the eyes of this $2 trillion worldwide
investment community reveals a costly mistake on the part of the SEC. Indeed, the size, scope, and diversity of
the crypto investment class, as well as the business they support, has caught official
Washington off guard. For years, the cryptocurrency community has been ridiculed by the mainstream
media and the United States government. However, the crypto community has developed a media
ecosystem that links millions of investors, consumers, developers, and entrepreneurs across
the world.

In a way, it's only natural that the forefathers of the blockchain economy
would use consensus protocols to communicate with one another. This decentralized social
media machinery has proved to be quite effective — just ask members of Congress following
the reaction against the infrastructure bill due to a poorly drafted crypto tax provision
in the bill. When the Ripple case was filed, that environment sparked a new independent
battlefront that the SEC had not previously anticipated.

Instead of being pro-Ripple, the revolt against
the SEC is a pushback against regulation through enforcement and purposeful market uncertainty,
which has frustrated investors and drove innovators offshore. The SEC's lawsuit's most important
arguments clearly illustrate why the case was the final straw for crypto enthusiasts
everywhere. Ripple's distribution of the cryptocurrency XRP has been described as "one long unregistered
securities trade" since 2013, according to the SEC. Additionally, the digital asset itself, which
is a token that operates on a fully decentralized ledger, is described as a security with no
utility other than serving as an investment contract in a single company. The government
also claims that every market participant on the planet should have been aware that
XRP is a security for the last eight years, despite the fact that the agency acknowledges
it was unclear about the cryptocurrency's classification until the day it filed its
complaint. Btw, do you believe this court loss will damage
the SEC’s reputation forever? Let us know in the comment section down below! Angry investors and developers from across
the spectrum of tokens and projects were outraged by these assertions, and they could only image
what may happen to them if they were subjected to such unrealistic requirements of fair notice
and due process.

Anyone might be the next to be targeted without notice. Many refer
to a 2018 lecture by William Hinman, then-Director of Corporation Finance at the Securities and
Exchange Commission, in which he explained why the Ethereum currency, ether, is not a
security and used criteria that might be applied even more effectively to XRP. It's worth noting that Ethereum conducted
an unregistered initial coin offering (ICO) in 2014 with no negative consequences, but
Ripple did not do an ICO and was sued. When Ripple brought this issue to court, the SEC
responded in an appallingly dishonest manner, claiming that Hinman's statement was only
his personal view and did not represent any official thinking by the organization. Clearly, the Securities and Exchange Commission's
case against Ripple is nearing to a close, as should be clear at this point. The most
recent step in the proceedings has resulted in the removal of approximately 13 papers
from public view. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
has filed a move to keep papers requested by Ripple from being made public.

The XRP Army, a group of XRP proponents and
supporters, has discovered one of the 13 entries in the case that counts as an internal SEC
document in the case. Due to a current investigation into Coinbase,
the world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, and XRP, the world's sixth-largest
cryptocurrency, the XRP Army questions why the SEC is selecting winners and losers in
the cryptocurrency sector. The argument may be traced back to Hinman's
2018 speech as well as the SEC's actions against Ripple, which have been ongoing since December
2019. During a segment on Fox Business Network on
September 15, Charles Gasparino discussed the SEC's reaction to the question of "choosing
winners and losers" John Deaton, the founder of Crypto-Law.us,
a lawyer, and a supporter of the XRP cryptocurrency, believes that Ripple would prevail based on
its present defense. Because XRP's largest public shareholder is
under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, institutional investors
have refrained from making significant bets on the cryptocurrency since December 2020.

However, it is worth noting that the number
of active XRP wallet addresses has risen by more than 200 percent in the last three months,
which is a significant increase. Retail traders are embracing XRP despite the fact that it
has been delisted from numerous spot exchanges, which is positive for the long-term performance
of the XRP price. A long-term chart of the XRP/USD pair, provided
by the famous trader and analyst Peter Brandt, appears to have the potential to be encouraging. Brandt, a seasoned trader, believes that the
altcoin's price chart resembles a head-and-shoulders pattern. According to FXStreet experts, the cryptocurrency
must hold support around $1.06 in order to avoid a 30 percent fall; XRP is expected to
strike resistance at $1.27 before surging even more in the future.

This demonstrates that the entire SEC investigation
isn't actually having a negative impact on Ripple that much more and, as a result, greatly
lowers the SEC's position in the world of finance, therefore increasing the prospects
for all cryptocurrencies! Also, make sure to write your thoughts on
the gains XRP will make soon in the comment section! The "XRP Army," which includes you and us,
has marched into war, headed by hundreds of influencers who hold Ripple along with other
cryptocurrencies and have no special commitment to Ripple, and who combined have over 1 million
followers on social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.
Immediately upon the receipt of each new file on the docket, they publish and comment on
it, while also keeping track of the activities and comments of the United States Congress,
the Biden Administration, and discussing what it all means.

They are dispersed throughout
the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, supplying and consuming information on a 24-hour
news cycle. A few are similar to wire services, providing legal and market information in
great detail, while others infuse vibrant commentary, provide legal analysis of the
case, examine new XRP ledger initiatives, or offer one-on-one interviews with significant
players in the sector and the United States government. As the discovery process comes to a close
and the public outcry grows louder, one has to ask why SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is continuing
to put his legacy on the line by pushing the Ripple case to trial. It has only increased
the trust gap between the agency and the public, and it has damaged his reputation as a crypto-advocate
who, among other things, taught a course on the issue at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology before taking on the job of SEC Chair. Aside from the significant limits on
the SEC's authority that a losing verdict will impose, can Gensler properly manage an
agency that is inciting such strong opposition from the very people it purports to be protecting?
A razor-thin Democratic majority in Congress heading into the November elections means
that the Biden Administration cannot afford to alienate the cryptocurrency industry in
any way.

What do you think about the future of the
SEC after its loss against Ripple? And do you believe the XRP Army was the main winner
in this case? Let us know in the comment section! If you want to continue to know about XRP,
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hence should not be considered financial advice. Do conduct your due diligence and consult
your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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