[Music] [music] foreign [Music] Hey guys and welcome to a new cipher Video of the most beautiful musical instrument out there You guys encoder violin, hope you have a great day today, come back with some Amazingly up-and-coming content I hope you're ready xrp price is going up as mentioned earlier because I am very bullish Over the past few days I will talk about it Where I think the market can go and I'll cover some Very bullish news guys, hope you are ready today Interesting video before diving into the exciting version I wanted to kindly remind you to subscribe to the beautiful crypto Biden Unforgettable channel if you like the content Apply and don't forget to comment if you have questions, we are a big one Family example This is said let's dive In using my British content for you today Well, first of all, let's look at the xrp usd pair On bitstamp on the daily players we trade in this way Triangle for a very long time since the beginning, uh, end of April March the beginning of April and we are about to collapse To get out of this maybe we can get a small retest for a dollar 40 cents and then we're out of here so I'm very optimistic looking at it The body of this symmetrical triangle we see is a 235 percent of the body that means we are after penetration We expect that a penetration of 230 percent will bring us about five and a Almost half a six bucks guys that's next Price target we can also then take profit Twice the body level The length of a symmetrical triangle and this would bring us About nearly ten dollars worth of amazing players, these are the two prices The levels I'm watching I'm very optimistic not only me but Also the robo tip I use to buy and buy Signal with ichimoku cloud and breakout out of Symmetric The triangle will lead us to all-time highs I hope you are ready, and I hope you invest accordingly on all these levels while we were retesting the bottom of the Symmetrical triangle because people buy opportunities And here's also a buying opportunity, so if you ask me what's the best time To buy after a good small dip guys here is the time to buy and This is the time to buy and maybe expect To retest the upper side of the symmetrical triangle and we can come Down and maybe here will be your last chance About 1.37 If you are lucky if you are lucky So, uh, I don't want to do any short-term work Return of xfp price predictions because that is not the case My attitude I think we'll get out of here and go to all-time highs If we look at the xrp btc pair, we are very surprised to buy two on four There was a signal, then the high 200 happened, and now We just had buy two and buy four signals again guys and that's it First time ever after a break after the cloud goes green we get those signals so something happens here at xrp dtc price that never happened Unique and almost weekly Ichimoku cloud Green Well the last two times we almost went into the green It was here in 2017 and suddenly the price of xp is 640 And here and then the price went up by 540 percent, so if we can do that The same then we will go to 23,000 combinations The level I think is very possible guys Are you ready that's my question are you ready for those price levels Because it takes courage, it takes faith to buy it here It is very easy to buy xrp with ten dollars Or fifteen dollars we expect it to reach a hundred dollars But it is very difficult to buy at such low prices When everyone is afraid if we look at Cardano for example Cardano's performance was amazing and hit Two and a half dollars, so what I wanted to show you here is that cardano price is cardano chart and xrp chart They look very similar and I don't mean that They are exactly the same but I mean there is a correlation I remember here November here both cryptocurrencies started to rise Symmetrical dipping rose and then lowered Something unique happened and Cardano exploded very high and xrp crashes and what's interesting about it هذا I transferred some money from xfp to cardano and I've made crazy gains from this very interesting thing that Cardano has shown us where xrp price will go Before that happens on February 27 Cardano was priced at 1.50 cents, so it took several months to get xrp But in the end I did the same up to one dollar 50 cents, then Karnano fell a little to 89 cents, uh xrp is down to 89 cents altogether and now Cardano Hitting two and a half dollars, that's our next goal Our very short term goal for xrp guys The relationship is there, the link is there I hope you can see this is not a single link but it is Something so because of the xrp suit is a Lager but Cardano shows us the way and Cardano moves first and then xrp continues until the suit is filed Then we'll blow the price fixer r Immediately explode to all-time highs and this is the next topic for you guys because David Schwartz Chief Technology Officer On his Twitter repo, the next day was a good day and he tweeted this May 15, well we all know Gary Jenster is talking about The sun's rays work and talk about settling the prospects for stability With a ripple that even David Schwartz for tweeting this That today was a good day, this was a great day Too optimistic I have no words for this I don't really have any words for this and last time Brett Garlinghouse tweeted That some very bullish news about The sec ripple lawsuit has been filed so we can expect the same here He knows something we don't, so xrp is a currency to tweet on Next Reply to david schwartz with .

Drawcats David Next is not replying to this tweet if it is It's settled today because I'm about to swap Tweet everything for xrp hashtag ape and David Schwartz Tweet life gotcha and xrp come on man So something is going on guys, that makes me smile He knows when Brett said the same thing and kicked Wing 39 is so true because Brett Garner said the same Thing and very bullish news came out If we go to this video, we listen to attorney Jeremy Hogan giving us Prediction and his thoughts on the possible Adjustments in the case of sec vs. ripple which is a Respected lawyer and this video has more than 128 000 views It's amazing guys I love this guy because he's following the lawsuit closely and knows where to pay attention and He knows where to pay attention and he knows too How are lawsuits settled and how easy is it Let's watch a ripple case yes lawyers argue Over all it seems this case will never end تنتهي But you will be amazed at how smoothly and quickly these cases are resolved When it looks like it never will and will never happen in reality To prove the point, here's a video of me on an opposing attorney During yesterday's mediation negotiations [music] [applause] You guys know that's amazingly accurate, so funny Ah, and if we look at the end of the video He gives us all his price predictions but you have to watch this link video In my description, he is a highly respected lawyer who honestly shares and Professional opinion is not a button press but really fast Litigation Review Settlement Predictions The meeting was held yesterday on the 13th of my expectations That if Gary Gensler were to retract this lawsuit and act instead For more regulatory clarity it will happen in the next two weeks if We go to June without a settlement, this suit has been adopted and Backed by President Gensler for better or worse now if that is Situation I expect no settlement until September in Closer because we have to pass the discovery If there is no settlement and we go to the summary judgment or the trial I expect Well, I don't know if I sound like a mind reader Thanks for watching good, he says it is It's very likely that if Gensler wanted to work On a better ecosystem and on regulatory clarity It'll settle down in the next couple of weeks, okay Until the next two weeks even if you don't believe The possibility of Ripple winning in this lawsuit Maybe you should still invest your money in the next couple of weeks because all The market is crashing except for xrp which is going up You should invest in xrp and wait 2 weeks to see what happens I think You will have a change in life fortune after news broke that scc is settling down with the wavy guys i Very optimistic and I hope you have also turned into optimistic men I'm so glad we made it, we came close to tasting it Guys if you like the right content please subscribe like Don't forget to comment in the comments section if you have questions too I wanted to show you that you can join the elite coded violin club You can meet and greet with me, ask me anything and I will support you And you will be able to access my telegram group so that I can Your help where you need it also for diehard fans you can join My free Telegram group is in the link in the description in this video You can open and join this group, we are more than 300 members Join now and if you are very optimistic you can get the goods that I am Made for you guys an example of our menswear here CEO Monaco shirt, the juice shirt and the rookie uh xrp Army I actually love this XRP Army myself I bought myself two shirts, you know i bought this i like this a lot in xrp army And also the trendy and up-and-coming shirt that I got for myself too أيض And in the summer, maybe get your gear before we go to the moon to buy a real heart Thank you guys for watching my wish video You like the content you provide please don't trade with emotion Be profitable and I hope to see you next time using this amazing video you have day [music] You are

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