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Hello and welcome back to Make Money Online. Today, we'll be looking at what was behind the XRP pump
like and subscribe to this channel to watch more videos like this one. Market experts emphasize the recent charges
brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as their impact on the digital tokens price, the SEC
filed these charges against Ripple Labs, along with CEO Bradley Garlinghouse and co-founder Kristian Larson. The situation affected the digital tokens market movements,
except he had substantial pressure on its price from short sellers and community members selling in light of the news. At the same time, since the news was filed, RIPPLE
announced that they would suspend any additional sales of XRP until the suit was resolved, which did relieve some of
the pressure used to sell as much as one billion XRP each month. The big shift came Friday when RIPPLE file its
answers to the SEC complaint and provided very strong arguments against the SEC claims.

The community, of course, saw this as very positive news
and many XRP loyalists bought on the news. This caused short sellers to cover their short positions
and created a short squeeze similar to GameStop. Volume on many exchanges went up over 10 times normal
volume and was similar to the November 20 20 pump we've seen before. XRP lost more than half of its value in a matter of
hours, falling sharply after experiencing significant gains over the weekend, the digital asset plummeted to as little
as thirty seven cents this afternoon, according to Coin Desk data.

At this point, the token a decline roughly fifty one
percent from the intraday high of seventy six cents. It reached close to 6am. XRP suffered this pullback after rising more than one
hundred percent over the weekend, climbing from an opening price of twenty nine cents on Saturday to an intraday high
of sixty cents on Sunday. When explaining these recent developments, analysts pointed
out to paper thin liquidity, as well as how the situation made it easier for traders to manipulate the markets. The cryptocurrency almost doubled in value over the weekend
and clocked a two month high. The price action suggests some traders bought XRP in
anticipation of a price bump, inadvertently pushing it higher. Some of them may now be trapped on the wrong side
of the market. At the time of recording, the exact reason for the price
jump is not known. It's quite possible that Awale took advantage of the price
rise and dumped their holdings.

Pump and dump strategies are not new to crypto markets,
particularly for XRP. Given XRP de-listing or halting of trade for the majority
of USD banked exchanges, liquidity on XRP has become incredibly thin. This lack of liquidity creates
opportunities for global communities to co-ordinate pump and dumps, which is exactly what the price action appears to
indicate is happening. The price run was in part due to the thin liquidity
conditions of the token, which is a direct result of Masti listing. It looked like XRP fell to a coordinated pump and
dump attack. However, the situation changed recently as the pressure on
buyback and liquidations of short sellers has abated, prices came back to normal princesse levels.

The Reddit crowd is moving their money from one asset to
the next to triggers such aggressive price movements. But you need to remember that on Wall Street, such moves are
followed by large institutions like BlackRock piling into GME. Behind the Reddit crowd, EXPE ultimately faces an
uncertain legal future. We don't really know the exact outcome of the SEC battle,
but of course you can expect many swings to happen in the next few months as each side opens up more and more fronts
to try and win their case. This case may go all the way to the Supreme Court as there
is a clear need to update the howay test, which are laws from all the way back in nineteen thirty three.

Many see the XRP pump as a short squeeze, it seems so, but
not anymore. The price leaped about 170 percent on account of investors
buying into the coin between January 30th and the early hours of February 1st. Except Price pumped one hundred and forty seven percent,
reaching seventy six cents, which is its highest level in two months. The move seems to have been fueled by an
offshoot of Wall Street bets. It seems that speculative social media group based
investing is becoming a trend. It's established already that there were only a few steps
remaining to fully realize the potential of USDS bull market, namely it was the breakout above the channel, the
breakout above the one hundred DMA and very importantly, the weekly close, which now finally happened to indicate a bull
market confirmation.

Looking at this chart, we can see how exposed managed to
stabilize within the upper boundary of the bear market channel, also matching with the support from the major
uptrend ascending channel formation and blew exposed, moved on to stabilize within these zones and show up with great
bullishness from. They're also holding the Thunderclouds Weekly in the green,
which is an important confirmation for the bull market. What normally comes after such strong, volatile movements
is a continuation more likely than a pullback. Nevertheless, Exposed has strong support slowing lower,
which will stabilize the pullback. Exposed has established a strong bullish base within the
schedule, which is likely to continue as long as there aren't any major events that would reverse this dynamic
again. Therefore, it's important that exposed exceeds the high of
the previous bullish price action and stays above it. When this happens, it'll lead to potential testing's of the
established all time high.

For now, Exposed has a firm foundation for a strong bullish
continuation. It may fully validate its movements into an expansion. One of the questions posed during the surge, if there was a
short interest behind this move, knowing exactly what triggered the investors to crowd into XRP could reveal the
criteria behind the pumps. Hedge funds with sizable short positions are what drew
investors to GameStop and EMC stock. By coordinating a pump on any company or crypto buyers knew
that they would force short sellers to be liquidated and trigger the start of a strong rally. That was what ultimately happened. According to Bit Finances Long, the short ratio exposed
drop to a strong daily four hour structure support level. On that, the market is consolidating for two consecutive
trading days. Analyzing the price action on hourly, we see a double
bottom formation with a higher low. Thirty nine and a half cents is its local minor resistance. Bullish violation of that can be a perfect trigger to buy
XRP. Remember that in case of the price drops below, current
lows set up will be invalid and will wait until the market reaches the next level.

There's currently one hundred and twenty four million
dollars total margin trades combining its USD and BTC based markets. Although that figure is up from ninety five
million dollars a month ago, it's more important to focus on the percentage favoring shorts. The ratio seen on January twenty nine favor longs on XRP by
one hundred eighty percent and this is as opposed to what's necessary for short squeeze. Moreover, those twenty five million dollar margin shorts
were not significant except one point fifty five billion average daily volume. Despite the liquidations caused by the recent hundred and
forty seven percent rally, XRP open interest surged due to its increase in price. We need to understand whether those traders had been using
excess leverage on either side. When sellers are shorts are the ones demanding more
leverage, the funding rate goes negative.

Therefore, those traders will be the ones paying up the
fees. As shown, buyers had been using more leverage, albeit
relatively steady, over the past thirty days. The last time negative funding rates occurred was December
24th and December. Twenty ninth, twenty, twenty. Both dates mark local lows after substantial price
corrections caused by the SEC lawsuit against RIPPLE. Apart from being a below ten dollar coin, XRP was one of
the most distant from its all time high. It's also important to consider that before its recent
twelve percent pump, Dogecoin was also trading ninety percent below its seven point eight cents all time high. At the moment, XRP has crashed hard from a two month high,
reached early Monday with the planned community buying effort failing to yield desired results.

The crypto is trading near forty two cents at the time of
recording, down 40 percent from the high of seventy five cents. The weekly fib used to call the move up to 75 cents
on Monday is still valid and we're now consolidating the sixty one point eight Fibonacci. A break out of this triangle lower could see one more step
of the seventy eight point six at twenty five cents. The upside potential is less likely, but a solid break
upwards would take us back to forty five to 50 cents. The end goal for most people is to make money from XRP,
that's for sure. Some expect to be rich or financially independent, some
just to make a good profit.

We must not forget that XRP is bigger than all of that. It's bigger than speculation and money. We will all benefit from our investment, of course, but the
technology as a whole in many ways will change our financial status forever. We hope you enjoyed this video you did. Please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe and head that
notification bell. What other XRP topics would you like us to talk about? Let us know in the comments while you're here. Go ahead and check out one of our other videos. See you next time. Hollywood..

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