foreign Hello everyone, and welcome to watch the new encrypted video of the most beautiful music There is an encrypted violin guy in the instrument, I hope you had a great day today Return some wonderful content I want to share It’s you today, so I hope you’re ready, we will look at some juicy chart discussions Regarding some price predictions and where I think the market can go We will read some very optimistic articles, so before we start Dive into juicing bullish content, I want to remind you to subscribe to mine Beautiful encrypted violin channel, for example, if you like the content provided but If you have any questions, don’t forget to comment in the comments section, but Beware of ruthless liars, they are outside and they are trying to take your The money is gone, they try to lie to you, but be careful and see if you see There is something suspicious, please report it, but don’t At least I want to ask you something very important Ask if you want to because before me Video, I tried to add subtitles to the video, so This is Turkish with Chinese subtitles In German, so I don’t know if anyone else wants me Translate my video in my language, so please Post a comment in the comment section, in what language do you want to see subtitles I will try my best to do it, I can’t promise anything, and I don’t I know the quality of these translations may be poor, I know a fact I say juicy place Turkish is very bad And bullish, if I tell you those things, it will become chaotic, but It’s better than nothing, so maybe it can help you understand what I’m talking about So if you think I should add subtitles to your subtitles, please comment in the comments section Language, please leave a comment in your language I hope they become like that, let us understand The juicy and bullish content I prepared for you today First let's take a look at the xrp usd pair On the daily bit poke, we saw a beautiful Breakthrough guy, I’m so happy why, because for the first time in a while Seeing a bull signal and a buy signal, it means some crazy prices The action is the previous few times, we have to buy two, A long signal, we are up 213 The last time we get buy 2 and bullish signals, and buy 4 signals Price correction ap increased by 165%, so we are in XRP price chart, we immediately retested 50 The 51-point mark is being retested and it is Hold perfectly, so from here we can see A dollar soon, if we see a dollar guy If we clear this magical $1 area, we will see new all-time highs I'm happy i'm happy i'm trembling i'm juicy and bullish on me Hope of course I won’t get a translation It’s weird, but you know I don’t care because We will be rich in this bull market, of course I can guarantee Financial advice, so I have some interesting Chart, I have some very interesting articles, I want to introduce in this video The first one is from the daily hodo, and it will be released in March On 21st 2021, the article stated that top traders said he was bullish xrp and tron ​​this is why the alias Businessman who continues to develop his followers He made a shrewd call and said he was paying close attention to xrp and tron In a new tweet, traders in the industry said the kilogram Said that the positioning of XRP is to re-examine its historical high Probability of 3.84 points The highest point in history that led to the return to the past is also Tried not to go long, then he showed us this xrp chart Traders are also looking at daily dollars xrp btc yes, he believes in xrp’s native assets Have been rid of him for a few months, I will say for many years The downward trend in the lower time frame is clearly I’m a trader, I really like the coin scam I'm very long with this setting, look at this guy This is a long-term downward trend, and we finally broke this downward trend, You know the interesting ones are those called xrp a Scam coins and [ __ ] coins, even if they are buying now, do you realize You see this, even if you are talking about bad people XRP is buying because they can’t deny It’s already an amazing setting, let’s Further reading tron ​​trx btc kalo highlights its chart reminders His dog coins before the influx of joking crypto assets 983% increased from 24 sets to 260 sets, the range is This chart of trx btc for a week gave me a dog Vibrate when pumping, it will be completely vertical I have a school bag, ok, do you know the reason for letting us look at tron? Let’s take a look at the tron ​​chart, because for a long time Tell you I am very optimistic about tree trunks Why it is in a stable state because it has been rising since March 11, 2020 Uptrend, it’s amazing, it’s amazing And you know that whenever we receive a purchase signal, we will draw We have a sell signal, we discarded we have a buy signal, we Pumping, we have a sell signal to sell, do you know In August 2020, we received a super buy signal We smoked 91 almost 100% and are here now We have received a super buy signal again, you know that I think tron ​​can be easily achieved Managed to rise to 10 cents, this is my realistic goal of tron ​​10 juicy Feel, please comment your opinion in the comment section Trump can do it, but this is my humble opinion, so guys If we look at the xrp btc chart every three hours, I have never been Since February 12, 2021, my life is more optimistic Extreme downtrend, we broke this downtrend Now we have retested this by the retester, because this is your last Chances are so, I tell you again, because We have been in a downward trend for several months, The xrp btc pair is in a downward trend, this is your Last chance because we are going to take off Take off, I’m pretty sure about that, so you guys in front of you will see Cardano btc chart for three hours per hour, if we look at In three hours, the similarity between the xrp btc pair and Three hours of cardano btc pair every hour, we see Has always come from a major downtrend Here you will see breakthroughs and retests, that was your last January 8th generation xrp in 2021, you will also see Downtrend breakout retest, then we go, what do you mean Leave us, I mean seriously, let's go see this Looking at this, we see that the price has risen by 350 Against Bitcoin pair, if we see the same For XRP, we can actually be between 350 and 400 The price increase of the Bitcoin pair will bring us By the high point of November 2020, this is very likely guy, so Believe it or not, if we look at every day, we also see Extremely bullish let me show you two signals to buy After receiving two buy signals, we experienced 200% The price increase is not bad, the time before we rose 170% I hope these guys are the same as me because we are in I'm very happy for the strange season guy, can't describe the bull market and bull market.

I’m very happy, so this is not financial advice, but I Hope you wake up and see this The person who slammed xrp and called it a [ __ ] coin Call it a scam coin and say they really like this setting, They want to buy XRP, so let us enjoy this great fun together Guy pumping to the moon, i hope you have a nice day Profitable, I hope you have an amazing pump May the pump be with you and have a good day Goodbye you.

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