XRP, Rolex, interdire Bitcoin et les cryptos, MTO, fin du Bullrun & des licornes ECOMI en NFT #SC6

OKAY. Let's go. Let's go. Go! Saturday coffee. Saturday coffee. Saturday coffee. Saturday coffee. Saturday coffee. Saturday. Saturday. Hi, it's Same … Saturday … No, [ __ ], that's not me. Saturday coffee! Hi, Team Profitable. Here Yann Darwin. Welcome to Samedi coffee. I know, it's not Saturday, it's Wednesday. I know, today, it's not going to be coffee. It's going to be Perrier because I already drank 492 coffees today and you'll see I'm a little pissed off. We are in Samedi coffee, on the personal finance and investment chain. In Samedi coffee, we answer questions, we dig into the concepts, we take the time to discuss together. We are on a slightly more timeless format. And you can find them all in the Samedi coffee playlist. I remind you, for the mourners and the Jean-Kevin people … Hello, Jean-Kevin. How are you ? Take a seat. Things are organized in a playlist.

You have financial markets, stock market in the broad sense, trading. You have crypto. You have Samedi coffee. You have vlogs and even old shows. Have fun, take a walk. So Saturday coffee. Why Wednesday? Because on Saturday, I just didn't want to. And sometimes, you don't have to force yourself. Rather than make you a shitty Saturday coffee just because it's Saturday when I don't want to and that my head is in my ass, and have a Perrier Wednesday early and in a good mood, but I want to tell you, the question is quickly settled.

But shut up, you! So, I just made a call for questions this morning, on my Instagram. In this Wednesday Perrier, I will answer only Asked questions on Instagram because it's a good method forcing to have followers on Instagram. So sometimes I will do that. I'll take questions on Instagram. I'm the one who decides, anyway. At the same time, I'm all alone in front of the camera, like an [ __ ].

So let's go. Let's go! So today, quickly, what are we going to talk about? You know, we're gonna talk about crypto. This is the hot topic of the moment. There's a little uptick in volatility happening, that we were waiting, quite simply, because we want to see increased volatility at the end of the cycle, or in any case in transition, we already talked about it in a previous video, from the bull run, finally, to the alt season. So we expect volatility to return, to an exponential increase. Maybe we'll take a look at the graphs, if you have time, volatility. Because that's what we see on previous cycles. So theoretically that's what should happen, although there are always differences. We are going to talk about an ICO which is, at the moment, a bit trendy. I've received quite a few questions, so we'll talk about it. We'll talk quickly about the SEC. We might talk about XRP. We will talk about other investments and wealth management in the broad sense, because there are quite a few questions in that direction.

Anyway, Saturday coffee, what. Finally Wednesday Perrier. So let's go. Go! Drum rolls … So there are quite a few. I posted not long ago. There aren't many questions yet, but hey, there are all the same. You understand the messages I can receive. Here, let's start with @xelafrt. What's that name? "Hi, Yann. Can you analyze this interesting twist in XRP for us? " But yes, dear @xelafrt. I can analyze it. So already, I don't really want to talk about a jolt since I am loading the chart, during this time, if it wants to charge.

Here. I don't really want to talk about jerkiness since it just sent the vertasse of death followed by a double vertasse. And hey, luckily, after a while we must go and hesitate a little. And there, I want to see that. A bit of a contraction of course. There are volumes. The RSI has gone overbought. Everything is going well. We are happy. We broke this level. Key level that we have been talking about for a very long time, on this channel and elsewhere, for a while. So there. So there, we are going to reintegrate levels that we haven't seen since 2018. We are going to try to put it roughly … Roughly to scale, so you can see something. We're gonna take this stuff off. So what is it? Bah, that gives that, my captain. Well, we came for a walk there. We came to walk on this level which is one of the last, finally, who is going to resist, that we have hit, that we have passed. There, we came right back to reintegrate on this level, so it's pretty positive.

There, what we really didn't want to see, is that we come to reintegrate this old rotten tidy in which we stayed for several weeks, several months even now. The next step, the next stop, it is not very defined. He can be there, we are on a Fibo level which is significant, around 1.40. And then, frankly, there is much more. If we want, come on, we can put another one around 1.70-1.75. And then after, it's the highway of death until All Time High, possibly with a stop around 2.78-2.80. So here is what to see at the level of the courses, at the price level. Now, which is very positive, and I was told, especially on Twitter … Here, a little bit of a forceful too.

You can follow me on Twitter. It is a social network that I did not use until today. I got into it recently. It amuses me a bit. It is also a little bit the social network … It's a bit virulent, let's say, but it's funny. Well, in short, we asked the question on Twitter and I reacted to this thing which is to say: "There, what we have just seen happens, which is still significant, while we all know it, the SEC has yet to rule on the following, therefore the criminal prosecution against the two co-founders … Finally, two of the most important co-founders and executives of Ripple is still in progress.

And at the level of the company, also still ongoing. So there are two main solutions. Either we have a little insider trading, that is to say people who know that it is really very well engaged for XRP, which the SEC has very little chance of winning that maybe we will even come to an agreement before the end of the trial, etc. So these people, given that they have knowledge … It's insider trading, very clearly. Except that on crypto, it is not yet a crime. Insider trading is just an unregulated market. So do whatever you want. So these people, well, they buy. They come to trigger buy orders, buy orders, buy orders. If there is sufficient volume, what happens? Well, everyone who had triggered orders, a little clever people who had said to themselves: OK, hey, here we have a key level so I'm going to put an order at a trigger range somewhere over there.

Well, rather somewhere above the resistance. And then, until about there. So I can catch the movement if he's a bit violent. All these orders were triggered. It's a bit the reverse of a trigger of stops in cascade. When there are panic sells, there are cascading stop triggers. The first stop farts. It continues to go down, it makes farting stops, stops. And that's why we see big red candles. Well, it was the same thing, but with the purchase. We broke the key level, trigger range orders here. And then purchases, purchases, purchases, purchases, purchases. People who buy, a big green candle which comes into place automatically with increasing volatility. And finally an explosion that cannot be explained. And very often, I know that beginners ask me and ask themselves the question, what is generating this price increase? This is the number one question.

When I see movement on any asset, whether on the stock market or what, I am told: "Why did it move?" Sometimes just because … This is and crowd psychology, we talked about it on the video that I'm giving you over there, on crowd psychology and behavioral finance. And finally, market automations which are triggered in one direction or the other. More above, past the first levels, we have people who fomo, who say "ah, that's it, it's finally going up, it's gone ", and which chain purchases. And we have candles which come to be chained. This is what we see there.

If I go back to daily, that's what we saw there. Hop, it explodes. So is this insider trading or this is what is the second, I did not say my first solution. First solution: insider trading. Second solution: natural rise in prices, where so many people like you, like me, do the same analysis that this one, that well, after a while, it comes to test because everyone is saying to each other "I'm smarter". Reminder: the market is always trying to anticipate. So everyone is saying to each other: well, there we have a big range. So I am the smartest. I'll load up a bit here. If too many people say that to themselves, we have buying pressure. And then we come to touch it. And then there are people who say to themselves "we come to touch it" and so on.

Here we come to trigger the fomo and we just simply trigger people who want to come home for their piece of the pie. Is it one, the other, a mix of both? I dunno. Still, we have a very clean break, which is nice. We have candles that are clean, we have volumes that are there, we have an RSI which is there, we have increasing volatility and historical and instantaneous. So me, what I see, I like. I like what I see and I think it will continue. I don't see why it stops. Unless there is extreme bad news, but here, we see that the prices are not correlated with the SEC. Which is super interesting, by the way. My dream scenario would be that we continue quietly to do the tricks that go well.

That is to say, we are not too explosive. It's good that we're not too explosive. We break. I'm going to put it big because it's boring. We break, we come to break very frankly. We come to consolidate as it happens there. We are coming to reduce volatility a little. Everyone is asking the question. And then, suddenly, we have a new level. And we come to break it with volumes and so on.

There, if I see that, it makes me happy. If we do this several times, that's fine. And what it would really take to have a dream scenario, it's that somewhere, during all this here we have a news. Good news, if possible. For example, from the SEC that tells us, "There you go, it's over. You won. ”Or X or Y. So that would be good. It would be very cool. Then the retracement for the people who are wondering about having a big red like that, it's normal. We just farted a 93% increase. After a while, people take profits. People who take profits. And it's not crazy in terms of profit taking either since where we are at 15%. This is what I have to say about XRP. Very fast analysis. If you want, we'll do an entire video on the subject.

I have already spoken about it. You can tell me in the comments. Come on, I continue. Let's see what we could take together. "Are you taking interns?" @sammisback. We have all the job offers, internships, etc, on the greenbull.group website. In the footer, at the bottom, there is a career section with all our job offers. Otherwise, yanndarwin.com/jobs. Same, it's a short link that brings you back to the same place. The next question, François. "For the release of the new Rolex, a little advice on alternative investments. " So, to focus on Rolex watches … The question that always comes up: is a Rolex an asset or a liability? Already, let's start there. Well, we have both. A watch, already, basic, generally, we are rather on a liability. Except that certain luxury watches, and in particular Rolex, have acquired such notoriety, which become elements … And then, on top of that, they've been very good at marketing. Limit stocks, etc. That they ultimately become luxury items. One of the characteristics of a luxury item, is that the price elasticity does not work the same, that the demand does not work the same, and that ultimately, to put it simply, the more expensive a luxury item is, the more it is requested.

This is what differentiates luxury items from classic items. The more the price increases, the more it is demanded. So it comes to trigger. And besides, it's funny when you look. There is a good app called Chrono24. When you look at the watches on Chrono24 and we see the curves of each watch. And often, what we see is that at the time of the release, the price is high, drops a little, then starts to rise again or there are high demand watches going up etc.

On the contrary, there are some who drop and the curves really look like to the curves of another investment. So in that sense, I would say that well-chosen luxury watches are not liabilities, are rather store of value. A bit like gold, a bit like some crypto, where they can gain value, they can lose. But what is certain is that they have a real real, correct, tangible value. And when we look at the history of the Rolex brand, since we are talking about Rolex, and their strategy and the absolutely crazy buzz that people are making around it, etc. And the quality, it's true, I mean, when you got a Rolex, it is really a quality watch, that is, it is clean. So the whole watchmaking side, etc. All this means that it is still rather an asset. If it is well chosen, because within the Rolex range, there are big merguez like really good stuff that gain in value. The entrance ticket is important. And I remind you that the two characteristics of a good investment, basic, what is it? There are 2.

1 … I wrote 2. There are 2. I make myself laugh to myself, sorry. 1, let it go up in value, OK. So simply an appreciation of value. So there it is, if it is well chosen. This is the case, for example, on real estate, on an action, etc. This is the case with crypto. Yes, it can go the other way, but there is a potential increase in value if it is well chosen. This is the first characteristic of a good investment, that watches have and that Rolex has. Second characteristic of a good investment: positive cash flow. That is, your investment generates income for you, a positive cash flow, to be able to reinvest, etc. Reinvest this cash flow, snowball, the famous compound interest. That luxury watches don't have.

So that's why I don't see it as an investment. I rather see it as a smart way to store value and a smart way to invest your money when you reach a certain level. Always the same story. As usual, the 1% rule. The 2% rule. It goes in the miscellaneous line. If you've seen the savings workshop I'm giving you back there, which is extremely important to see if you haven't seen it yet. The line we call the miscellaneous line where we will put everything, cars, luxury watches, branded clothes, whatever you want, must not exceed 2% of your assets. I know it's very hard at first, but that's what you have to aim for as you develop heritage. And that's what you have to aim for then in the long term, once you're in where you want to be able to continue to gain weight and use your capital the right way, to live with your money and more to live thanks to your salary, your boss, etc.

This 2% limit is tough. And for sure if you start putting on luxury watches, Rolex, at the start of your career, it doesn't work. Today I see young people, very young people, who are 19-20-21 years old, who have Rolexes, real ones, because we've all grilled those with fake ones. We can see you 100 m away. I don't think this is the right place to put your money. And even if it's a gift, I don't think so that it is the good gift since the value blocked there, if you are at the start of your heritage journey, would be much better used elsewhere.

Precisely because you could use these two levers increase in value and cash flow. In addition, the increase in the value of watches, it is certain. On Rolexes, for example, the planets are aligned. You're lucky. And then there you go, the model is suspended. They stop producing it. I think of the Hulk, for example, who took … Who took a pretty crazy odds, but it's not crazy either in competition with another investment that would have been well done.

It's also not crazy in terms of value. Because yes, the watch, it goes from 11,000 to 19,000 dollars. But … It's not a building either. The numbers aren't that big either. OK, you did 2 times. In the worst case, you won 10,000 dollars or 10,000 euros. It's good, but it's not going to change your life either. So for all these reasons. And yet, you know very well that I appreciate them, the watches. But for all these reasons, I rather see them as a store of value and as something that happens later. It's like the guys who ride a big BM or a Porsche and who eat pasta. It's the same idea.

It must happen later. Come on, let's continue. @ olivier.nsr. "We want to know, where do you live now?" I don't think it's a secret, Olivier. Mainly on Instagram, there are 1,500 pictures of my home, around. I live in Dubai, in the Burj Khalifa. It was not the right accent at all. @ orely749: "I think you've changed course and I can't follow you anymore, why? " I dunno. I don't think I've changed course. Do you mean that right now do i talk a lot about crypto? It is totally true. It is the investment of the moment. On this channel, we talk about investment. Do you mean that at the beginning I was only talking about real estate and that today, I am talking about investment in the broad sense? So indeed, there are crypto, there is the Stock Exchange, there is private equity and there will be lots of things which will happen over time.

And that, if I have to confide a little, from you to me, many of you of mine, when i was just talking about real estate, i loved it. I still love it. We do a lot of real estate. We have big deals coming up, myclubdeal, etc. I'm not doing it again for you. Each time, anyway, you have all the links in the description. Everything I tell you is in description and in the pinned comment because I know that there are people who are not very helped with technology. So if you can't get through the description of the video, you go to my pinned comment. There are also the links I'm talking about.

So we still do real estate. We do a lot, bigger and bigger. I still love it that much. Except that at the start of my channel, I was frustrated. Not at the very beginning because you are in euphoria, etc. It's cool, you do YouTube, but at the same time as what you do. It takes time, etc. Who cares? But what I'm saying is that happened at a time, a few years ago, I was starting to get frustrated, because I am passionate about investing, I am not passionate about real estate. When I started real estate, it was to make money. Point bar, not because I like buildings, tenants or redoing roofs. Not because I like the works, back when I was doing the [ __ ] jobs. I started real estate to get rich, to earn money, i'm not going to serenade you. And then, in parallel with that, there are other questions, moreover, I think, on that, I started to be interested in everything.

To entrepreneurship, investment, etc. I put up a lot of boxes, several boxes anyway, and it all came like this. Except that on my chain, at the beginning, I had to choose an axis, real estate, but the more time goes by and the more I got this frustration that rose not to talk about the rest, not to speak of other investments, of the stock market. And besides, next to that, with Greenbull, we have developed more and more things in all we can do and you know the story. The ARYA application, ARYA Pro, the trading assistant. All we can do. Our social networks. Training programs. We do a lot of things. And so I just had this frustration. I think, and I hope, and that's what I think the majority of people who are there, that I'm not too disgusting to explain things, in popularization.

So all in all, why am I limiting myself to real estate? One day, in fact, I said stop, we stop, we will talk about everything. And then we will follow the market. That is, when there is a big it, like crypto right now, we're going to talk a lot about it. And then later, we will talk about it a lot less. It will be a subject behind and we will talk about real estate again when is the time, quite simply. Moreover, we are talking about real estate next week. For all the folks who are in myclubdeal.com, we have a very big deal coming up where more than 400 apartments are being built in Canada. So you see … There you go, quite simply. So I don't know, @ orely749, why can't you keep up. Still, playlists are there for that. Small comment too, a little tease to Jean-Kevin. One cannot, in fact, be a specialist in everything. However, I never said I was the best at crypto. I never said I was the best in the world on the stock market, in trading, even in real estate, never.

On the other hand, we can be, and that's what I say in my book, good enough to know more than 95%. Even 99%, even 99.9% of the general population. And for that, you don't have to be Einstein. You don't have to be the best to be the specialist, nor to be the expert. There is a need to train, to learn. And it's true that when you're a little pissed off when you do that really a lot, all the time. and me, it's my everyday life, well yes, you are becoming more and more professional, you are training yourself, you specialize more and more.

That's why I passed certifications, etc. And here it is, but never, at any time, I will say that I am the cador. It's just that my job, part of my job, beyond what can be done in Greenbull, on my side as a business owner, you call it what you want, it's being there, it's really a part of my job too. The community we are creating, she means something to me, to you, to us. There it was, the community moment.

There you go, quite simply So that won't change. On the contrary, we are going to go even deeper. This channel will evolve towards more and more content, etc. It's gonna be super cool. @ alv1_sch: "Have you always obeyed the laws in your real estate investments? " What the [ __ ] is going on? Wait, I have an alert on Veve! Hold on ! Guys, I have an alert! What is happening ? Quickly ! A unicorn. No, no. I already have it. I have two. This app is nonsense. We will talk about it again, there are questions. Well, it's bugging a bit so i have notifications to buy. We will speak again. I twisted completely. I got totally nuts about this stuff, but we'll talk about it. And go talk about it again right after. I come back to my question.

"Have you always respected the laws in your real estate investments? " Well yes, I think so. I believe. And then, even if it wasn't, I wouldn't tell you here. "From when to save for a contribution for a main residence? I am 22 years old and I want to put the maximum on the stock market. " Alexis. So me, if I were you and I went back to my 22nd birthday, I wouldn't save for a contribution, I would save to do more A. You can go back to see the savings workshop, that I put you at the beginning of the video and in the links. I would save to do more A to be able to have more capital and therefore to be able to reinvest and therefore put an X in front and have a Y and be able to make money.

Cash is king and your money can make you money. If you inject that into a primary residence, it's cool, you'll have a house, but I've done enough videos, I'll put one there, there may be 2 or 3, on whether to buy his primary residence. I will not go into this debate. All I want to say is that when you are 22 years old, you start. If you're lucky enough to be able to save some money and put more and more, invest it. You tell me you want to invest in the stock market, do it, get yourself an allowance and do rental real estate if you are interested in having real estate. And then make your snowball bigger. There are enough videos on this channel to understand this notion of being either a producer or a consumer. I like this notion, it also exists for entrepreneurship, for entrepreneurs or the wannabe entrepreneurs watching us. I see life in two main ways: either being a consumer, or be a producer at all levels.

That is, there is a way to shop. Either as a consumer, where really, I will consume stupidly, no 10% rule, etc, I'm happy, blah blah blah. Or like a producer, and there I do the same, except that I buy things that will allow me to produce, which are assets, which allow me to produce cash flow where I buy things who help me in my life, in my profession, in my investments. For example, books, training, all that, all that. So you see, the same thing. Consumer, producer. In the way of seeing the world, I can do it as a consumer or as a producer.

That is to say I consume content, I consume Netflix, I consume applications, I consume everything that can be consumed. Do i just suffer or do i talk to business leaders, I shell? There is a game that I really enjoy. It's yours game, come on, let's improve this box. For example, when I go to a restaurant with my wife or we'll have a drink, it can be anywhere, a gym, whatever you want, sometimes we play to come, we improve this box. We look at what is not working or what could work better. And then, we have ideas: if they did that, it would work better. Then at the marketing level. And then, how do they do on social networks? And we play come, we improve this box. This is super funny. Maybe I got some weird games but it trains your entrepreneurial eye. It trains your investor eye. It would also work to come, we play we invest in this thing. And that's a way of seeing the world as a producer and not a consumer.

Finally, if you apply this in all areas of your life, to see things more like a producer that as a consumer, I guarantee that you will rather pull you up. So the question of the main residence, it's a bit of a consumer issue saying to yourself "I'm going to do like everyone else", rather than a producer question to say "I'm the one who will build buildings or renting out goods, or investing, etc.

". And it absolutely works with everything. @nariynt, the one at the bottom right: "Would you advise an independent trader to come and settle in Dubai instead of staying in France? " So there is an independent trader and an independent trader. Is it the independent trader, your friend, he has 15,000 balls and he thinks he's a trader? Or are we really talking about someone where its main activity is to generate income in the financial markets in the broad sense, any, and therefore who has significant capital? I immediately make a parenthesis to all the people who would like to say "Hey, I would like to be an independent trader. I would like to do this for a living. From how much? "This question comes up often. "From how much we can live on the Stock Exchange, can we make a living from trading? " You know, there are plenty of videos. We talk about it all the time. Short term, medium term, long term, it's not the same horizons. But let's put pretty much everything in the same bag.

Make a living from trading, therefore short term, or live off the stock market, medium term-long term, with different strategies, whether dividend, trading positions, etc. To make a living from trading, you still need significant capital. That is, below … 4-500,000 euros, it will be difficult to make a living from trading. I'm talking about trading. I speak the guy as you hear him in your dreams is in front of his screen. In the morning, he gets up, he scratches his ass, he makes himself a coffee. He is going to trade. And the afternoon, he goes to the beach. Why ? Because it is very simple. Just do math. You're going to aim for 2% per month.

Stable over the year, approximately 24% per year. And that's what you're going to aim for. Sometimes you'll do a lot better. Sometimes you're going to do a lot less well. But you can't aim, I see on forums, sometimes guys who say "I'm going to make 1% a day". You smoked, you'll never do that. Because your brain sees the gains. Making 2% per month is not unattainable. It's not all fun. I know I'm gonna get knocked off by Jean-Kevin in the comments who will say yes to me, "I do more". Yes, you do more with a little capital. With a large capital, you will see that it will not be at all the same.

And to make a living from trading, you need a lot of capital. I'll give you an example. I take my 400,000 balls. So 2% per month. So I make you 24% per year. It's been 96,000 euros that I'm going to divide by 12 to pay monthly, that's 8,000. We didn't pay anything, we didn't pay the taxes. We didn't pay anything at all. France, we're going to do a very simple thing, we're going to divide them by two, so that's 4,000 euros per month. So you see, it's not with 20,000 bullets that you will live from trading.

So that was just the parenthesis for people who imagine they can make a living from trading. Sometimes you have to tell the truth. You can't tell people: "Don't worry, you are going to become a pro trader with 1000 balls." You can't tell people: "You are going to quit your job by putting 10,000 euros on the stock market." It's not true. On the other hand, by putting 10,000 euros on the stock market, you can trigger things absolutely … I want to say mandatory. Either way, you have to do it. If you don't, anyway, you're gonna be even worse. You're gonna be like Auntie Rachel, like the 99% of the population who do nothing.

You're not going to increase compound interest, etc. You are not going to train yourself for once your capital will grow fat be able to chain. And anyway, even if it takes 20 years, well it will take 20 years, but we will have done better than three quarters of the population. If in addition, in the middle, you have a little luck, there is some crypto, a little times 5 is walking around, it will increase your capital, etc. Let's see, always the same … We zoom out, we look at our long-term heritage, not his heritage overnight. Of course, if I tell you 2% per month, you're doing big 5 times in crypto, you must have a good laugh. Except my coco, if you're just starting out and that you just arrived by crypto, you will see that when it is over, it will be over.

When it will be a bear market, it will be a bear market. And there will be over 50,000 solutions. It will be the stock market, trading, and you will go and find … Afterwards, with a little smaller capital, you are going to look for a little more, but hey, you're not going to look … There are exceptional years. I said this last year. I make 63% on my long-term portfolio, which was in addition in RLT mode, as seen in the training. Good father, thing. I didn't take any risks. But it was an exceptional year. Well, this year also smells good and we know the economic context. Cash injections, etc. Here it is, it must be said. If I have to draw a parallel between I want to make a living from trading or I want to do something else, for example real estate, I want to tell you, it will be much easier if you want to live on something … In fact, if you're telling me "me, I'm fed up, my boss, [ __ ], he got me drunk" or "I want more time" or "I want to gain weight my capital "or" I am at the beginning of my heritage journey ", I'll tell you real estate will be much easier.

If the goal is to take your freedom, much simpler and much faster than trading or the stock market. You have to face it. If you have big capital, it's not the same story. On the other hand, having small capital, conversely, does not mean that it should not be done for all the reasons we talk about all the time. OKAY ? So I come back to my question. Is that, for an independent trader, do you have to come and settle in Dubai? So if the guy is indeed in the cases I just mentioned, i.e. large amounts of capital 200-300-400-500,000 euros, and that trading is its main activity, so in addition, the tax regime is more the same. There are more stories of flat tax, etc. It is certain that the French taxation, it does mega harm. In addition, if you want good coverage, etc. yes, it will hurt. So from the moment you're your own boss you just need a computer to work and be connected to a stock exchange, why stay in France? Afterwards, it's the debate.

Where do I want to live? Why ? How? 'Or' What ? Where is my family? It's everyone's decision. But in any case, if your question is fiscally speaking, it is sure that fiscally speaking, there is no photo. With just about every country in the world. It's not complicated, fiscally speaking, you go anywhere, it will always be better. Come on, let's continue. Friends, let's continue. "You can probably … Without others …" @fafasil. "You can without others …" OK. "You probably can", I imagine, or I don't know what you meant "do a little summary of the MTO ICO?" Same, I talked about it on Twitter. That's why I think I'm being told about it. Yes, let's talk about it. Very quickly. So, disclaimer, I'm not your big brother. This is not investment advice. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. THE MCO … Here we go. That's it. I'll put the link there. It's a DeFi project.

The ICO is … cleverly made because it takes place in phases. I find it a smart way to manage an ICO. That is to say that there, you see, all the phases, they raise $ 250,000. In each phase, the price of the token increases by 1 cent. There we are at phase 26. We are at 0.46. Once we are at 250,000 on phase 26 … We're in phase 27, sorry. Once we have finished 250,000, we will move on to phase 28. In phase 28, we will be at 0.47 and so on. There are 100 phases and at the end of the 100 phases, we will be at 1.20 or 1.40, I don't know how much. We will see it in the white paper, since we are going to see the white paper, since on each project, you must always see the white paper. Because there, I told you yes, it's good, it's smart to raise money. But already, what does this crypto do? So before going to the white paper, quickly, it is a DeFi project that will seek to solve the main problems crypto e-commerce payment.

Today, it starts very slowly. We are slowly starting to be able to pay in crypto. Except that the different platforms that allow it are not interconnected or not yet sufficiently and do not allow the same levels of guarantee that we can have, for example, with PayPal, with credit cards, delivery guarantees, where if you get cheated, we reimburse you. If you have your card stolen, you will be reimbursed, etc. So the whole project of this blockchain and this project, that is to say we will put the same levels of guarantee than traditional players, traditional banks, inside a blockchain ecosystem and a project that will allow the majority of tokens to connect to it and interoperability with the largest ERC20 tokens, and in particular all those who are there, that you know very well: BNB, USDT, ChiliZ, VeChain, etc.

So that is the principle. Behind, I'll let you go take a look at the white paper since when we invest in something, you have to ask yourself why. So there, basically, I'm doing it really fast. Because this is not a video on the project. Eventually, we could make one, but we can't make a one hour video as we have done on all the projects. And besides, wait before you jump on it and invest in it. I haven't finished my reasoning, anyway.

But basically, we explain very well how it will work. Escrow systems, validation systems, management systems when there are disputes, when there are concerns about delivery, trust, etc. To reimburse people, it's a bit of an insurance system. What is interesting for people who watch the market cap a lot, is that we only have 100 million tokens that are going to be issued. What's also interesting is that they weren't greedy at the level of the team, the team, advisors, etc.

And in particular, it's super important on this kind of project when you're in a bit of euphoria, the tokens are blocked for these people. That is to say that all the first seed investors, well, sure they bought at 0.20, but their tokens are blocked for two years. Well, they will be able to unlock just 10% after the ICO and then 90% will remain blocked for two years. The pri-sale is really the insiders, in quotes. Similarly, they were able to buy 5 million between 0.20 and 0.30. But also, they are blocked for 6 months. We come to avoid the dump right away. They therefore have 25% which will be unlocked immediately. The team, they are blocked 4 years. So as much to say that the team … I love to see that in the projects. When I don't see that, it scares me a little. 4 years, because they still have 11 million. So if they can avoid dumping a few million, it can help the course. The same strategic partners. They have 13 million and are blocked 48 months, 4 years. So we are also quiet.

And the strategic partners, same thing. And here we are, finally, there it is, the ICO, of course, we are not blocked. We will buy between 0.30 and a little more than 1 and the tokens will be unlocked right away. So I'll let you check out the tech on the site which is well popularized, which explains well. Now i'm gonna make a point why I invested in it and what the risks are. So why did I invest in it? Because I found the marketing well done.

I found the project interesting. I found the usecase interesting. I found the supply to be relatively low. I thought the team was cool. I found the timeline to be important and interesting. And especially… The ICO has just started, at the beginning of April, so it's going very fast. I think that there, they announce that it ends on June 30, but at the speed that things are going, since we are already … We are already at round 26 out of 100 and when you walk around the site, it increases minute by minute, but short. Where they have been very clever, is that they will announce two big partnerships during the ICO. So I think that will make her speed up. Already it is accelerating a lot, it's a project that buzzes a bit. It will be over long before June, in my opinion. And immediately after, they will list on Uniswap. They still announce a partnership. They will be listed on big Asian and European exchanges, and then a major global exchange.

So I imagine it will be Binance. In my opinion, when you write Major Global Exchange, we are still on the big one. And then they launch their Gateway payment, etc. The risk now. I will not dig into this project too much because I want you to do your research. The risk, on the other hand, is that, as we can see, we increase by 1 cent, which is not much, during all rounds. But here we have 74 left. So we're going to increase another 74 cents. Wait, I'll tell you the correct thing. We will increase by 74 cents. We are at 47. So we will be at 1.20 at the end of the ICO. So, inevitably, there will be people who will have bought at 0.20, O, 30, 0.40, 0.50, etc. It is in the interest of investing earlier, of being an early investor. It's the same in all projects, when you come home earlier, you have more chances. On the other hand, the risk, is that the day it becomes available on Uniswap, well … the price will go up to 1.20. And what will happen? Is it going to dump? Because everyone at the start is going to want to take a profit.

Is it going panic sell because the people at the end will see the profit taking guys from the beginning and going to blow a lead? Is it going to stay pretty stable? Or is that why I showed you the timeline, they must be very good on the announcements that there will be along the way and the announcements will be enough to go upstairs? So me, I'm going very, very clearly give you what I'm gonna do We will say that the ICO will end there, the listing will be done there.

I think… I'm gonna play Madame Irma, I know you like it. I think there will be a slight dump. I don't think there is going to be panic sell. I think there will be a slight dump of the order of 10-20%. Come on, let's say 30 max. OKAY ? And that then, it will start again thanks to the announcements. Anyway, me, that's what I'm gonna bet on since it is necessary to make a decision when it is listed. Do I sell or not? Me, personally, I'm not going to sell. But, again, why am I not going to sell? Importance of allocation. The video is there. Importance of being comfortable with your investments. Not put too much money, be able to eat a minus 30 calmly, without panicking. OK, now there's a second scenario that's also likely. Is that the day, the listing window, before, there were the two famous big announcements and when you put them on a timeline for me, major announces, thing, etc, I say to myself: good, you may be a little heavy, already, in your purse.

These ads will be big enough to drive up the prices upwards from the listing, without the small dump I bet on in my scenario 1. And that's cool because we'll find out beforehand. When there are going to be these announcements, finally, we will find out. So there, we might be able to say to ourselves: OK, it's more likely that this is scenario 1, whether it is scenario 2, Mega panic scenario 3, I can't believe it. Except in a market context: well, the context where everything is freaking out, because the bull run is over, that's it.

But will the bull run be over anytime soon? I do not think so. I don't think we're going to have fun to make a technical analysis video, but me, I monitor volatility every day, bitcoin, the main ones, etc. I don't have the impression that tomorrow, it will stop, but indeed, there, given that we still have between, come on, let's say big lad … They say on their timeline, the end, whatever happens, of the ICO, although it is not completed … Here, we are going to walk on it. It will be June 30. But I'm thinking very clearly, how fast it's going, than at the end of April-beginning of May, in the worst case, we will see more clearly. So announce partnerships. So, at that point, will we be more in a bull run? I don't think so. On June 30, will we be no longer in a bull run? It might be a bit riskier.

Is it in July, August, September? Afterwards, it is also everyone's conviction. Hence the importance, always the same, of the allowance. After that, what I like about this project, to offset the risk a little bit, is that it is DeFi, that DeFi behaves quite well, generally, at the moment, very fashionable, etc. I like interoperability, I like white paper in its depth. That is, it's smart. It is well thought out. There are lots of different usecases. Indeed, I think it fills a need and that perhaps also fills the need of people who say … I don't particularly agree with that. In any case, in terms of price level, we talk about it right after, but there are lots of people who say: “This bull run will be different. It will change a lot of things. Big actors are coming.

"That, I agree. I don't think that will prevent the prices from correcting strongly after the bull run and see a bitcoin which will, for example, go to type 100, 120, 200 at the top and which goes down to 20-30,000. I don't think that's gonna stop it, but I agree about the fact that a lot of big players are coming in. As we have seen, the Tesla MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, etc. Indeed, the technology, even if the prices fall, will continue, once it's implemented … I mean when you have a business you got Tesla, the Tesla share, it goes up to 2,000, then it goes down to 500. The company doesn't matter to her, she continues to work. It's just a buzz story. It's just for investors, after all, how sad it is. But hey, for the company, for the technology, it continues. So there is that which fits in the balance, to say to yourself: all these projects, not necessarily this one, it can continue. This is what I have to say, very quickly, about MTO.

The link, you have it there, you have it in the contraptions, everywhere. You can take a look, but watch out, it stays … Me, I put it in the speculative level. So no after-sales service for investments, Jean-Kevin, etc. It's still a speculative trade. And I see it … Well here it is, I used the word, I see it as a trade Then we'll see what happens and we've all seen ICOs that are times 10, times 5, times 100, once they have listed. So why not this one? Isn't it worth it to put a coin? I put a coin. Come on, I continue! Well here it is! Benoit: "Any news from the Veve project and the Ecomi crypto?" So, I don't know how much I piss you off with this. Tell me in the comments, it's important, because we are already talking a lot about crypto, we talk a lot about Veve. So tell me in the comments. I don't know how much I piss you off with this. It is possible, and you can tell me too, that I make a video, but I want to know how much I [ __ ] you or you like, on the business plan of Veve and Ecomi.

Because we talked about crypto quickly, we talked about the project, we talked about whether you believe it or not. But I haven't peeled yet … Finally, I did not share with you what I shelled. What makes me convinced, what makes that there are numbers, there are things that don't lie. And I am an entrepreneur. They are entrepreneurs. They make apps. We make apps. I see, I don't know why, I study them a lot, and look what they're doing, I see where they're at. I see, I don't know how to explain this to you. I can see the state their box is in now, where are the emergencies, why they make the decisions they make. I dunno, I can smell it. The maturity of their box. I smell the stuff. So always is it that there is this and there's the research, there's the numbers. There is the business plan. This dissection of the business plan that we could do on video.

There, what I can quickly say for you, Benoit. "Any news from the project?" Yes, there were drops that were made. I call back very quickly for people who have completely not followed. Veve is a collectibles app. That is to say, you are going to collect stuff. And they're in the universe, for now, anyway, films, video games, manga slowly, etc.

So basically you're going to collect. It's NFTs, tokens. You have the video on the NFTs. If you haven't seen it, I'll give it to you in the description. You're gonna collect the stuff. There was Batman, etc. Each time, it's limited editions. Each time, it is very quickly sold out. And to be honest, there is a secondary market where it sells for a high price. There, you have Batman who were rare, who were paid 50 bucks, see, 100 bullets, 90 bullets, limited edition, which are now reselling on the secondary market 1,000.

So we are and in the NFT buzz and in the movement, which is much more powerful, all that is comics, comics, all that is collection, all that is figurines, etc. And on top of that, there is an app and augmented reality. You can play with them, put them down, thing, exchange them, resell them on a secondary market. You will be able to make them interact with each other. For example, there is a partnership with Back to the Future. Got a DeLorean, once you buy it you can drive it, open the doors, etc. Later, when you read their white paper, they explain that you will be able to fight. Anyway, me, I think it's gonna be an it because the market is huge. Now, the downside is that it's still in beta. You see it here, top left, there is a lot of buggy stuff. If I want to go to the market, for example, it's under maintenance.

They were extremely overwhelmed since in their roadmap, they were planning … On the other hand, they communicate on the networks, they make videos, cofounders and everything. So that's good, we know what's going on. They predicted 5,000 users of the app. Today, the app is two months old. The thing was launched two months ago. No marketing. They are in beta, in test mode. They expected to be 5,000 in April. We are 170,000 today in the app and it's increasing at breakneck speed. Yesterday, they dropped unicorns. I had unicorns, I'm super happy. I'll show them to you. Too beautiful, my unicorns! Hold on. Profile. Collectibles. I feel like I'm 8 years old. So I caught some unicorns. Anyway, what's cool is that it went in, I don't know, 15 minutes. And the beauty of the thing, when I look at him on the entrepreneur side, is that there, they did a little more $ 800,000 in revenue in 15 minutes, by selling their limited edition NFTs, etc. So yes, we'll talk about it in the video on the figures, if we do it, there are costs, there is a little IT.

Yeah. There are the costs of the licenses. What do they pay back to license owners? I think 30%. Between 30 and 50%, I think. So there is still room. They raised a lot of money during their ICO, so they don't need the money at all. Behind, there is a blockchain, so the famous crypto OMI. Attention, I answer. I take this opportunity to answer. Be careful, on Uniswap, crypto is Wrapped OMI, So WOMI, and not OMI. OMI crypto is another crypto which has nothing to do with Uniswap. If you don't know how to use Uniswap, if you don't know how wrapped tokens work, etc, don't have fun doing it. Go to classic exchanges. You have all the links, the same, in description, that I give you everywhere. So don't be fooled. For people who want to use Uniswap, this is the WOMI, Wrapped OMI. Otherwise, it is the OMI token.

This token is super well thought out, there is burn, etc. Well, in short, I believe in the project. To answer the question "What do I think?". What about the news? Well the drop from yesterday, sold out in 15 minutes. 800,000 balls of turnover. There's another one tomorrow. I think it will be the same. I have fun calculating the number of tokens burned each time, turnover, etc. For me, it goes without any … Basically, for me, there, now, they are victims of their success. They're a hundred leagues from … Finally, they are 100 km from where they thought they were two months ago.

It's going much faster than expected. So I pretty much see, eh. We also do apps, IT, etc. I see what's going on there, roughly in their office, now, right away. They are in dire straits. They put their whole dev team who have to work day and night. They must have added freelancers to help on some parts of the code. They must be in the intensive hiring phase and then not stop bringing people in, etc. Because here, we are talking about communities that are important, databases that are growing, that need to be optimized, etc. Need specialists. It's not just any dev, where they come from, who will be able to optimize all that. So you have to find those profiles. It's not easy either. You have to unboard them, you have to explain the project to them. So there they are in a phase, and i think it's gonna last two weeks, a month, where they put out the fire. There, we're not even starting to do marketing, talking, etc., we are putting out the fire. Make sure that the app works, that the market comes back online, that we get out of beta, that everything works well, that when customers pay or sell to each other, it works, that everything works basic.

And behind, I think they will drop their ads and they will start to set up their marketing. They did it in partnership. They raised a lot of money. It's not for nothing with a big marketing box which has not yet started. And they tease us a lot on big announcements that will happen with potentially big franchises. And if I have to give my call, I don't think it's gonna be Pokémon, I think it's gonna be Star Wars. If Star Wars gets in there, what do you think will happen? We're like phews with unicorns. There is only speculation. The [ __ ] unicorns, you buy them 30 balls, you sell them for 100. So you believe it or not, at the NFT, you find it silly or not, but still it is a market which is real.

Here, this morning, I received an email from Sotheby's. Sotheby's is a big auction house. It may be the leader. Let's take a quick look at Wikipedia. The size of this thing! Like, Sotheby's is not about children. So founded in 1744. Multinational company. Good, of course. 90 sites. 350 sales per year. 350 sales events, eh, per year. 90 subsidiaries. 1,600 employees. I am looking for the turnover. 6.4 billion in 2018. There you go, so it's not the little box. And so Sotheby's, I sometimes buy from them, to participate in the auction. This morning he emailed his base about an auction. So Sotheby's, you know, it's like the big auction house. It's not the little trick. There is a certain standard. On a sale of NFT. And if even Sotheby's does it … So you can tell me "yes they are late, it's the classic world, etc ", me, everything I say, is that something is really going on.

And beware, my purpose is not to say "NFTs are great, everything will work", no. My point is to say that there is a paradigm shift. The world is changing, like full of technologies. When the Internet arrived, there was a before and an after. Before that, when the cell phone arrived, there was a before and an after. When printing was invented, there was a before and an after. When electricity became available, there was a before and an after. Oil has been discovered, etc. Blockchain has a before and an after. And we are living it. And the NFTs, which are an element, ultimately, a particular use of the blockchain, are a phenomenon with which we must accept to live. This is going to be the future, this is it, this is it. Maybe it's not like tomorrow. No, it's there, finished, finished. On the other hand, to say that all NFTs are great, etc, and that there is no bubble, no, it is not true.

There is clearly a bubble. Everyone is like crazy. There are things that sell. Fries, like you spat on your screen, you put 3 pixels, you wiped your ass with it, you sell that 30 ETH. So no, we agree that there is a bubble and that I think the majority of the market may be overvalued. Or at any rate, there are things that are selling way too expensive. It's not normal. So that, we agree. But let's keep that 10-20% of that market. They are not doomed to leave, they will stay there. I think people will relax on the rest. Will understand that, well, calm down, it's like a painting. Either buy the 1st crust at the market from a guy who drew this for you or either buy yourself at Sotheby's, I don't know me, a Van Gogh. Indeed, it is not the same crust.

There is one, it's worth 10 bucks and the other, it's worth 10 million. And today everyone buys this because speculation, very young, etc. Tomorrow, the market will refocus on this. That's all that's going to happen, in my opinion. But on the other hand, the NFTs will not leave at all. And this way NFTs create digital scarcity and put a new paradigm in art. And not even only in art, in collections in the broad sense which are a monstrous market. It's here to stay.

And to redo the parallel and to finish on Veve, OMI, etc., this whole ecosystem, there are plenty of reasons, there are plenty of possibilities that it does not work. A young company like this can very well make a mistake. Explode in the air. To close. Do some [ __ ]. It could also work very well and become the major player tomorrow in the NFT collectibles with the biggest licenses that nobody does, with exclusive contracts, with a crazy community, with young people who are starting to get started, with Tik Tok, etc. Today, there is nothing. There is not yet the Tik Tok. Marketing has not yet come into play. There, we are in the process of extinguishing the fire. So there is simply a bet to be made. Me, the bet I made is to invest in it for the long term, so as not to take my head with a good allowance.

If it goes to the hole, it goes to the hole. If it's not going, it's not going. My personal conviction, which only engages [ __ ] me, Jean Kevin, it's just going to be an it. And I could be wrong, but I think it's gonna be an it. I think we are at the start of the Pogs. I think we're here. We are the first. We bought some Pogs. And we are 5 years before the Pogs. How long will it take ? Are they going to crash? I dunno. And this is important because, often, I am told, and I had the question, there: "How long do I keep my crypto?" There was the question, there, in the Insta. "Yann, what do you think about keeping your crypto for 5 years?" And often, I explain that I, on crypto, I invest intercycle.

You have cycles, bull runs, etc. And either you invest, in fact, for 5 years and you keep for several cycles, 10 years if you want. Or either you invest intracycle, then you profit from the rise, you get your money back, you invest elsewhere. For me, mainly a financial market. And then afterwards, you get your money back, etc. You make your money move, clearly. So I invest intracycle for all of my crypto. Except some projects in which I strongly believe, like for example XRP in which I have been invested for a long time, or for example, in my opinion, IMO. Well, I don't know what's going to happen on Ecomi. I don't know if it's going to fart hard enough intracycle for me to go out. If it farts hard enough, I'll go out. Maybe not get all of what I've got in it, but I will release a large part. Whatever happens, I'll take a profit That's for sure. On the other hand, if it doesn't fart and that everything continues to go well, it is one of the few that I am able to keep intercycle. Because what's going to happen with NFTs? The stuff is well thought out.

So what is it that prevents there being a market decorrelation during a bear market? So it won't go up to heaven while the others are at zero but there may be a slight decorrelation. It can also allow you to really recharge like pigs, etc. Here, I'll tell you a little more about XRP. I'll tell you an anecdote about XRP. In 2016, I discovered XRP. In 2016, so there, I know what you're saying to yourself: Why are you still here? Why aren't you a billionaire? Because, quite simply, in 2016, already, crypto, it's not what it is today, so to invest in crypto, you still have to have more balls than today.

And 2, I have a lot less money than today, that my means are much more limited, so I invest a lot less. But I'm still really early stage. But that's not enough because I made two big mistakes. So already, first anecdote, I was on a forum I'm still on, THE forum, at the time anyway, I know more today with Reddit, etc. In short, a forum, one of the biggest forums on XRP, where we find information, etc.

So it's 2016. I'm finding out. I don't invest right away because I'm scared. I don't have too much money. In any case, it is well blocked from everywhere, especially in real estate. I don't have any cash, anyway. So hey, I'm starting to find some info etc. At the time, I remember it very well, at 0.006 cents. Well, 0.006, what. No cents, by the way. 0.006 dollars. OKAY ? A few months go by. I invest at 0.09. Not 0.006. No, 0.09. So the trick has already been done more than 10 times. I invest the first time at 0.09. And on the other hand, in the meantime, like maybe you, that interval between 0.006 and 0.09 … Throughout this interval, I read the forum and I stuff myself with information about this crypto. Why ? How? 'Or' What ? What is she doing ? And in addition, it is much less developed. There were 100,000 twists and turns. You can't even imagine. And there, I see discussions of guys who say to themselves how much is enough? It's a discussion that we still see today "I have 15 million XRP. Do you think that's enough?" "Ah, well me, I only have 2 million." "I dunno.

I think all the same, I would like to go up to 50 million. " And I see guys who have, and that's normal at 0.006. I mean, you're already laying 5,000 balls. You have some! And I see these discussions coming up all the time. "How many XRP is enough?" And then when it goes up to 0.09 is some of these people who sell, who run and make money. Normal, when you've done 10 times. More than 10. Times 15, times 20. And then there are other people who hold on. I stay on the forum. And then I had invested a little at the time.

I don't know how many. Not much. And then it starts to increase a little more. I remember we went for a walk at 0.12. That's when I made a podcast on Business en Bagnole, or for the first time, I'm talking about XRP. We must have been in 2017, I think, by memory. And some of these people are still saying to each other "damn, we did well, etc".

Well, there are people who have made money. And there are new threads adjusted to the new price who say "how much is enough?" And then, we are no longer in the same delirium. We're in 100,000, 200,000. I have 500,000. I only have 10,000. And we are on the discussions. And then after, we did 0.18. We went for a walk at 0.30. We went back down to 0.18.

We went to give a kiss at 0.12. We stabilized at 0.30 for a very long time. And then you know the story. It farted, 3 and a few. I am convinced that there are more people from the beginning, as always, and that's normal. To hold out once I don't know how long times 30,000%, it's hard psychologically. Hence the importance of exit plans.

Hence the importance of taking profits, to let some run, etc. I did a survey there, in the community tab. We'll see if this video will be released, but it's extremely important to prepare their exit plans. Still, why am I telling you this? It's very pretty, this story. I am telling it for two reasons. The first is that on XRP, I made a little money, but not a lot, because I did like everyone else at the time. I knew… What if today I can afford to guide you and sometimes banging your fist on the table a little, is that all the [ __ ] I did. Another question, we'll talk about it later: How did you start investing in the stock market? I did them all. So don't take profits. It goes up to 3 and a few. And there, I was loaded, for once. At 3.20, I don't know, I must have had 250,000 units, something like that. What am I doing here ? What do I do ? Well, like any self-respecting crypto noob, I say, "Well, this will go up to the stars, guys. XRP goes to 100. it goes to 10 it goes to 15,000.

Don't worry, it's not enough. " And I don't sell. It's starting to go down. I don't sell. It's starting to go down. I don't sell. It's starting to go down. Then I don't sell. It drops too much. And then, after a while, the market, you don't realize, but he's in a bear, it's over. Sometimes it gives you suspense. You say to yourself: ah, I knew it, it goes back. You know this story. "I knew it goes back. I'm not selling." Even limit I recharge. And then no, in real life … And it will die. It's not going to die all at once. It takes a year to die. So you believe in it. Then sometimes, it puts you back a little bit to 1. "I knew it, I am a genius." And then it keeps dying. And then you end up lightening up, by redoing your allowances, by redeeming later. In short, not do a lot of [ __ ]. And then by recovering much less surplus value than what you could have recovered at that time.

Hence the importance of taking [ __ ] profits. My little story allows me to explain two things to you. 1, take profit. This is where we cut. It's not there, it's not there, it's not there, it's not there. It's too late. This is where we cut, on the climb, on heavy days. Big days at 10, 20, 30%. Those days. Plus the market backdrop that is starting to really feel. Everyone is euphoric. It's finish. We're gonna cut too soon, but that's where we cut because we are going to cut with a lot more money than later.

And then, second thing. These discussions in listing is 15 million enough, etc, I see them today on OMI, I see them on lots of projects. And that works and that doesn't. That is to say, to say to yourself "I have 10 million, I have 15 million, is that enough? ", it depends how long are you going to hold them? How long do you believe in the project? Do you really think this project can go far? That he can go high? That it can become a global it? I return to the example of XRP. Today, XRP, yes there are customers, yes, there are a lot of partnerships, things are happening, but it didn't revolutionize the industry either. That is, between the XRP white paper and what is supposed to happen once everything is in place, a real revolution for all that is transfers, all that is use of money, Internet of Things … We talked about all the possible uses of XRP. It's not there yet, you see. It happens, it's good. But did you see what the course does? He's going crazy, downright. So there is speculation and usecase. So the question is to say to yourself, already: do i believe in the project enough to wait for the usecase? First thing.

And once he's there, well, once everyone uses it, it's over. I mean, if I stick to my Ecomi example, if tomorrow there are 10 million users in the app, It's finish. What do you want to happen? Stay calm. You never sell, outright. Yes, you take profits. Always keep a little, you will cut out your position. If you had 15 million, you're gonna cut it. You're going to sell 5, you're happy, you're going to make some money.

And then afterwards, you're going to cut in peace. You will sell one from time to time, for several months, several years. Want to do the Lambo with your starting bet, and tomorrow the stuff is 100 times, I sell. It's not how I see it, at least on this project, and besides on many other projects. But that is also understandable. But doing the Lambo 100 times is very hard. Do a little times 2, do a little 30%, 40%, 100%, yes, that is possible, we see it every day, because we are in a market context that lends itself to it. We'll be able to see him in a year or two. On the other hand, to do the Lambo, must stop. It is much easier to do the Lambo, Jean-Kevin, holding on for the long term. For both reasons. The first, the usecase. There are lots of people in the app. Everyone uses it. Or all the banks, etc. There really is a real thing in real life.

Or speculation. But still, you have more chances that it happens by holding a long time. Here, me, all this set, all this beam of reflection, makes me want to be long term on OMI. On the other hand, I will not reproduce the XRP error to say "it will rise to the stars, I am not selling anything or not enough". Result: my profits which had to be cool anyway, well, they become nondescript. And it's still a shame. So yeah, well, I ended up taking a few and by redeeming lower. And then to be on the train again, it goes up. Great, but hey, we saw the same thing on VeChain. When you cross the desert at least 80% for 3 years, well, my money is better spent elsewhere. That's why I invest intercycle. Intracycle, sorry. Because, precisely, during the intercycle, my money is better elsewhere. And then, when it starts again, boom, it farts. Hop, it's repatriated. And then it goes into crypto. It's just financial flows. On the other hand, there are certain projects, it's up to you to determine them, in which you can believe in the long term because you think that they deeply disrupt the market, or do you think there is a …

Without speaking of deep disruption, that there is a real usecase, that a lot of people are going to use. Even, without even talking about that, that it will make the buzz and that the price will go up because it will become a bubble. It can be heard. So you have to be in agreement with your vision. And we always talk about having exit plans, but you also need to have investment plans. And you also have to have a vision.

Simply. A map. When I invest in OMI, XRP, or any crypto, the unloved, everything you've seen, every time, I have a plan. There are some … Look, Quantum, for example, which is … crazy, downright. My plan was pure graphic analysis. And a state of the market which means that it is one of the alt that has not farted. She's not kidding at what she does. Graphical analysis tells us that there is a period of super significant accumulation. It is enough for me. This is my plan. Behind, allowance, of course. Not all of my eggs in one basket. And for that one, that may be enough.

On the contrary, for OMI, my plan is quite the opposite. Graphical analysis, nothing to type. there is nothing to analyze. My plan is the opposite, it's adoption, it's virality. It's because the market is huge. It's because he's one of the actors, for me, who can stand out from the crowd thanks to the quality of the team, through partnerships, licenses, etc. And that's another plan, whether it's good or not. We talked about MTO at the beginning of the video. Instead, my plan on MTO is to say: "Okay, well, there's a buzz around DeFi. Their white paper is pretty cool, their way of raising money is smart. But hey, it's still really speculative. I put a piece, but much less than on the other projects. I'll go there quiet and we'll see. Come what may. The market context does that. " For every investment, I have a plan. And it's the same on the stock market or with real estate.

When you do a building: Why? Where ? Why are you buying it? The area ? How do you praise him? How do you optimize taxation? What type of tenant? What decoration? Etc. You have a plan. And I don't understand that people have lots of plans, on everything, in fact, in their life, and not on their investments, especially crypto. Here. Shall we take a last one? I'm sorry, as usual, I didn't answer 1 in 20 questions.

But hey, it's the law. "How much do you bench?" @ jay-bee-bes. I don't bench much more. I am sorry. I was rocking at the time, a little bit. But now that I'm old, I lift very heavy. I'll show them to you anyway. It's funny. "XRP to ze moon?" "To ze moune", MOUNE. Still… "Do you know BLINK?" No. "Take a look." Oh ! "Do you know BLINK? Take a look." You made a joke on purpose, Louis. "Do you have CRO change in your wallet?" I understand that you ask me all your questions every time. "What do you think of this project?", this is the sentence that I receive the most at the moment, all platforms combined, all my activities combined, all investments combined. "What do you think of X?" It's a crazy thing. I don't even have time to analyze a tenth of what you send me. So I'm sorry, but I'm doing my analyzes for myself, for stuff I believe in etc.

Sometimes I watch what you send me, but I am unable to know the whole market. How many ICOs are there per month? How much crypto is in circulation? It's impossible. So that's also why I like to stay on fundamentals and market psychology and the fundamentals of investing. Take some examples, sometimes, in which I invest because I know them well, to present a kind of methodology, a way of thinking about your investments. But I can't look at all of your investments. It's impossible. "Is the end of the cycle near?" I think it is rather closer than at the beginning. I think we are strongly entering the alt season. And besides, from the video on the alt season, we saw that the alts really went crazy. I think we are strongly there. I think the end of the cycle can come very suddenly in a few weeks, as we have seen, but I don't think we're there yet.

On the other hand, saying … Don't take it from reassurance confirmation bias who will make you happy to say "if Yann thinks that it's not the end of the cycle, we are quiet, I love it, I am comfortable with my investments ”. I think at the end of the cycle she's gonna be … hardcore. I know everyone says "it's not the same this time around, there is so much more capital coming in, etc ". Yes, there is more capital. There is a macro context which is not the same. There is a lot of free, magic money. There are a lot of people who have not invested in the previous one, who are there now. So there is also more steam. There is also more pressure in the bottle. And I think the end of the cycle is going to be violent.

I think it's gonna be a bloodbath, downright. On the other hand, currently, there, now, right away, I see no increase in volatility, which will still be a real first warning. I don't see a clue yet. I'm afraid, like everyone else, because when I see the wallets today … When you start to make variations 100,000 balls per day on the various portfolios, you do "what's going on?" But I don't see any … I do not see yet, there, immediately … I will say it on the channel. It turns out, I would be wrong. Most likely, even. I'll say, "I think it's over, I'm going out. Or I take more and more profits. " And it turns out, there will be 6 months left, guys. I am not the oracle. "Are you staying in Dubai during the hot season? Dubai, city of the future, the place to be? " So, I'm staying in Dubai, yes, since France, at the moment, you are cute, I adore you, but complicated, what.

I can't wait to get back because it's been over a year that I didn't come home with that corona [ __ ] [ __ ]. I want to go home to manage a lot of stuff. Already, at the level of the box, at the level of my life, at the level of my family. I want to be in France, of course, but I don't want to go back to France, Well Named.

And the summer in Dubai, to be honest, I've already done two. I attack my third. It's not that bad. For sure when you come a week or it's your first summer, you die outright. You don't even understand how hot it can be. When at midnight, you go out, it's 42 outside, with humidity, etc., your brain doesn't connect. The first time I had a bug. You go out, it's night, in the evening, thing, but you're inside, you have air conditioning. It's nice, it's dark outside. You go out, you expect there to be a little cool wind. You go out, it's 40-42. Your brain is bugging. It's midnight, eh. You feel like you're on August 15th, Marseille, Prado beach, sun. It's a crazy thing. It's impressive, but you get used to it. In real life, you get used to it.

Now I am cautious. When I go back to France, I will curdle. And, come on, I said that was the last question. There were at least four questions. I take one last. Ah, hey! It will have been a crypto theme. "An American governor who wants to ban bitcoin, possible or too late? " So, Robin, that's one of the exogenous factors who can happen and which can trigger an end of cycle. Not because it is possible to ban bitcoin. It's impossible. But because an X or Y regulator. And if a government, a country, a group of countries, Europe, whoever you want, can decide to piss off. Super [ __ ], even. To be stupid, you see. And while he won't stop bitcoin, it can trigger fear. And then, we saw it just before. You have stops, which trigger stops, which trigger stops, stops, stops … And that, we zoom out.

Big sell off, red candle, red candle. "It's finish." Behind, the media, "it's over". Twitter, Magic YouTubers, blah blah. End of the bull run. And then there you go, it's over. So that is the exo factor. We talked about the history of pollution, among other things. So there may be a Black Swan. There may be an outside factor who arrives and who comes to surprise us all. And it is completely possible. I remind you of the corona, it is completely possible. So this is also why it is important to take profit. And when on your wallets, you see written 200%, 300%, 400% and that it continues to rise every day, and you're not taking any profits, there's a problem. Frankly, you got a 400% portfolio, Get me at least your initial investment. So yes, if you put 500 balls and you're trying to make a Lambo, okay. But if you put 5,000, 20,000, 50,000, 200,000 and more, at least get your initial investment back.

Then you are there, you are quiet. And then, you cut a little, quietly, over time. There you go, buddies. Well, we're good here. Frankly, for a Perrier Wednesday, I haven't drunk too much because it's rototo. After, I'm here, I make videos, I belch in your face … Well, I hope you enjoyed this Samedi Coffee. Wednesday Perrier, who cares. We burst our thumb. Bam! Little nudge in the gums, small bleeding from the jaw.

I tell you very soon. Commentary, what do you want to see the videos we talked about, etc. You got all the links we talked about in the description and in the pinned comment. Ciao! No. The future is us. Ciao!.

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