XRP Ripple: XRP Price WILL Be $50 After Relisting! | Why Ripple Will WIN The SEC Lawsuit[Here’s Why]

So, what next for XRP when it’s relisted? Will this coin reach the moon, or will the
price value drop? Over the past few months, XRP has been trying
to get relisted after its battle with SEC. Thankfully, we might be witnessing a turn
of events. What’s up, guys! Welcome back to Money Side. If you haven’t already, smash that subscribe
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Last year, XRP went below the dollar mark,
and it was delisted from some of the big exchanges in the crypto world. That made most XRP holders scared, and most
of them dumped the coin, which led the crypto to lower lows. But this coin isn’t going down easy. What’s more, SEC seems to be losing its
fight against this token. So, will XRP hit $50, or does the coin have
one foot in the grave? Well, stick around and let’s find out. XRP is not just your ordinary coin. In fact, before the delisting, this coin was
ranked third after Ethereum and Bitcoin. Imagine that? Without a doubt, this token was headed straight
to the moon with partnerships that could have very well changed the fabric of cryptocurrency

So, what is so special about XRP? Well, aside from being a cryptocurrency that
can be used as a digital currency to purchase and sell items, XRP only takes a few seconds
for the transfers to be confirmed. That makes XRP a much better alternative than
other altcoins in the market that have slower transaction speeds. Ripple Labs has close to 60% of all the XRPs
ever created.

More importantly, this coin only has a finite
number of tokens ever produced. Therefore, the token will continue to rise
in value. The transaction fee in this blockchain is
incredibly low, and it’s safe to assume that the transactions are ‘free.’ Currently, Ripple Labs is under a lawsuit
that led to the coin being delisted. To most of my followers, you already know
this story. XRP was delisted in major exchanges because
of the lawsuit that this coin with the SEC. The SEC claims that Ripple Labs has been illegally
selling non-exempt securities in the form of XRP tokens. The SEC is going after Ripple Labs for allegedly
selling securities instead of cryptocurrencies. The lawsuit targets Ripple and the two CEOs,
Garlinghouse and Chris Larson. However, Ripple argues against this claim
by showing that XRP was referred to as a cryptocurrency in the past. Above all, the SEC’s lawsuit has been a
rollercoaster of events with the company chasing their own tail, literally, during the proceedings.

For anyone who’s followed this case, you
will agree with me that Ripple has a solid defence that could lead to them winning. I’m positive that Ripple is likely to win
this case. Why? For starters, the head of SEC, Gary Gensler,
has been quoted referring to Ripple as a cryptocurrency and not a security. And that’s not all! The SEC seems to be siding with the crypto-giants,
Ethereum and Bitcoin, which led the Ripple defence team to question their judgement on
XRP. As such, the SEC was asked to disclose the
information on how they concluded that Ethereum and Bitcoin are cryptos and not securities. That led to a heated debate in court, but
finally, they conceded and revealed some of the documents. As you already know, there’s bound to be
false information and foul play in those documents, which is why the SEC is now feeling the heat
and overreaching. Recently, the SEC went above and beyond to
contact Ripple partners worldwide to try and come up with crucial information they can
use against Ripple.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds
like someone scared of what Ripple is about to do with the current information they’ve
found. Additionally, it wasn’t right for the SEC
to overstep like that, and I hope Ripple will get justice for that. All in all, click on the notification bell,
and I’ll keep you updated with the current events of this lawsuit. The most crucial part about this lawsuit is
that the court case is against Ripple Labs and not the XRP token.

That said, even though Ripple Labs is the
company that founded XRP, it might have to relinquish its control over XRP if the ruling
isn’t in its favour. Therefore, you can still trade XRP no matter
the proceedings of the lawsuit. All you need to know is that currently, the
case still affects the price movements of this token. Another factor that’s worth mentioning is,
the court decided that this lawsuit will only affect Ripple Labs directly. Only Ripple Labs and its associates are liable
under section 4 of the regulation’s requirement. Any exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase or
Kraken, among others, will not violate any securities law if they decide to relist the
coin. That was made clear by the lawyers of SEC
when they said that only Ripple and affiliates of Ripple could have sold the coin illegally. That gives crypto-exchanges the greenlight
to relist the token whenever they deem necessary. When all crypto-exchanges relist this coin,
there’s bound to be a solid bullish trend that could hit that $50 mark.

Currently, platforms such as Binance still
trade XRPs, and you can stock up the coin before the engine starts and sets its sails
for the moon. Without a doubt, this token has proven to
us time and again that it’s not backing down lightly. And with its price movements, this token shows
sign of holding the dollar mark and moving to even higher highs. With that in mind, let’s take a look at
the technical analysis. XRP is sitting around strong round number
1.0 so we will be looking for buy setups. Before we buy, we want the buyers to prove
that they are taking over again. You don't want to buy a bearish market right? On this hourly chart, XRP is forming a channel
in red but our upper trendline is not valid yet, so we are waiting for a new swing high
to form around it to consider it our trigger swing. (projection in purple)
Trigger => Waiting for that swing to form and then buy after a momentum candle close
above it (gray zone) Meanwhile, until the buy is activated, XRP
would be overall bearish can still trade lower.

XRP has been within this descending channel
for a while now. The next couple of days will be crucial. Do we head lower to test the 0.77-0.84 region
before challenging All time high? Or has the previous backtest of the low 0.90’s
been enough and we break out of this channel and continue higher? Let me know in the comment section below. If we look at daily perspective;
Now that we have shaken off the weak holdings, doubters and bandwagoners from XRP, we can
confirm the Elliot Wave Theory with BTC rebounding above $50K. The Wave Theory dictates that we see a sharp
rise in price action with a deep Wave 2 Retracement of usually 50%.

Wave 2 is always deep and that why we saw
a hard bounce on .95cents yesterday. We have conquered the downward sloping resistance
line from the $1.95 high. Wave 3 is even bigger than Wave 2 but in the
right direction…UP. I suspect resistance at $2- $2.25 USD ,however,
I suspect FIERCE Resistance at $3.80 USD…XRP's ALL TIME HIGHs. We could sit around $3.50-$4 USD for awhile
or see a significant pullback to $2.50-$3…however, $5 Target should be attained for those HODLERS
and $4 for day traders. Its finally good to see XRP rallying like
it should considered the bogus SEC lawsuit and with most volume coming outside the USA. Wave 3 should coincide with Coinbase and other
USA based exchanges Re-listing XRP. XRP to the MARS! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
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