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The judge said in the SEC court that we will study how Visa carries out cryptocurrency purchases ? And XRP technical analysis. Subscribe and turn on notifications (if you don’t already have one) , Let us delve into it. Welcome to the "money party". Visa CEO Alfred F Kelly Jr. talked about cryptocurrency and its Change the potential of the payment industry. Last year, Kelly suggested that financial Service companies "can see digital currencies running on the Visa network more often . "Later, he delivered a speech on Visa's first quarter 2021 fiscal revenue conference call in January. Kelly emphasized that the company “is in a unique position to help make cryptocurrency more Safe, useful and suitable for payment. "Kelly also talked about More specific details of the company’s strategic vision for cryptocurrency. He believes that people should compare Bitcoin with other variants of "digital gold" and stablecoins It is distinguished from the central bank digital currency (CBDC) backed by legal tender. He also pointed out that Visa believes that Bitcoin is used in partnerships and to provide users with The best cryptocurrency to convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

When Visa enters cryptocurrency , Its competitor MasterCard (MasterCard) is also studying to support The possibility of "choose cryptocurrency" payment. However, due to the The company believes that the largest cryptocurrency is "too unstable" to be a suitable payment tool, so it is unlikely that Bitcoin will be included in this list . They may be considering coins like Etheruem and Ripple XRP. The widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies continues. Today, Hong Kong-based Crypto.com announced a partnership with Visa, This includes Visa's main membership in the Australian network. As a major member of Visa, Crypto.com can now issue cards directly and bring world-class products to the market.

Currently, Crypto.com is in Asia ( (Mainly Japan and South Korea) as well as Africa, South America and the Middle East to deliver crypto.com Visa cards. For XRP, this is a difficult time. Since the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple, Several exchanges and platforms have removed XRP from their services, including Coinbase, OKCoin And Wirex. In addition, Grayscale Investments terminated its XRP trust. No one wants to conflict with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In Japan, the clarity of regulation is completely different. The Financial Services Agency (Financial Services Agency), a Japanese regulator, stated that XRP is not a security. It creates a more favorable environment for XRP. As a supporter interested in Ripple, SBI Holdings will include it in its subsidiary SBI VC Trade Digital currency lending services to establish a market and reintroduce XRP into the game. In the Ripple case, this difference in regulatory opinions (US vs. Japan) It is precisely why blockchain innovation is equally exciting and frustrating.

In this case, it only It depends on which side of the ocean you are on. Another important development in Asia is , Through RippleNet Cloud, BKK Forex, which established contact with SCB and financial solution provider DeeMoney, logged in. Through this partnership, more than 45,000 Thai nationals can send money from Singapore. Perhaps the most important development comes from RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution, The solution uses XRP as a transition currency to facilitate cross-border payments. such, You can avoid the need to hold funds in a NostroVostro account. iRemit is the largest non-bank remittance service provider in the Philippines and has joined BKK Forex.

It’s worth noting that iRemit is an early adopter of ODL, and It may play a key role in triggering a substantial increase in the price of XRP. Lawsuit against Ripple alleges co-founders Assist and teach a Ripple's unregistered securities sales, Dating back to 2013 and 2015. Attorney Jeremy Hogan, partner of Hogan & Hogan Made a comment in the last hearing of the SEC and Ripple lawsuit, And mentioned the judge’s "bombshell", where she interrupted Brad Garlinghouse (Brad Garlinghouse) Garlinghouse's lawyer Matthew Solomon said: My understanding of XRP is, It not only has monetary value, but also has utility, and the utility Distinguish it from Bitcoin and Ethereum. Solomon’s lawyer disagreed that XRP Similar to Ethereum, but the judge's statement recognizes the utility and monetary value of XRP. Since currency and securities are two different things, the SEC believes that Ripple is a security. It may lose its credibility among judges. Regarding practicality, this is Ripple has always been the focus. The judge also challenged the SEC lawyers. According to his theory, "Everyone who sells XRP-including you and me-is selling Illegal securities.” The SEC lawyer said: “No, under Section 4, there are only Ripple and Ripple branches.

XRP can be sold illegally.” This statement by the SEC lawyers is for the United States Of cryptocurrency exchanges cleared the way to make They can relist on XRP without worrying about retaliation. The lawsuit against Ripple alleges that the co-founders Assist and teach R Ripple's unregistered securities sales, dating back to 2013 and 2015. In its response, Ripple stated that “XRP has never been offered or sold as an investment” and that “XRP holders have not Obtain any claims on Ripple’s assets, without holding any ownership interest in Ripple or any The right to share Ripple's future profits.

In addition, the cryptocurrency company believes that "The utility depends on the near-instant and seamless settlement of XRP in low-cost transactions. In contrast, treating XRP as a security will make the huge virtual currency market Thousands of exchanges, market makers and other participants are subject to lengthy, Complex and expensive regulatory requirements. "Among the 23 major financial market jurisdictions, 9 have not taken any form of enforcement action against crypto-related companies, Compared with the SEC, other jurisdictions are The prudent strategy to attract US financial technology start-ups is less lenient than the SEC. Research paper by Yuliya Guseva, a professor at Rutgers University School of Law Acknowledging that the size of the U.S.

Cryptocurrency market is a contributing factor to the high rate of SEC intervention, He believes that the Howey test is a key element of the SEC's actions and is no longer suitable for judging 21st century innovation. A two-month long-term misery triangle has been formed in the XRP market It may end its existence. The fact is that today’s buyers successfully break through The upper limit of the trend line of the triangle, this is the XRP-USDT price continues A good signal to rise, the first target is 0.64 USD, breaking the triangle The uptrend line has increased. However, if you look at the 12-hour time frame, Then the trading volume on the triangle breakout is very small.

This is probably a triangle If the error is broken, the price may return to its limit. therefore, Now we have to wait for the correction after the real local growth impulse is completed. If the buyer maintains $0.53, it will be a good signal of buying strength and price increase to $0.78. Buyer losses at the $0.48 mark will soon help sellers lower the price to $0.42. therefore, In this case, we are not going to be anxious. However, you need to pay close attention to XRP. At the Ripple-SEC hearing After Judge Sarah Netburn issued a statement, the positive news for XRP came out , I now see that it is very likely that Ripple will hit an all-time high at a price of US$34-40 for Megabull in 2021. This is at least 30,000% of the price in my blue. 0.14c to the bottom as seen in the projection. Of course, you can also increase the price to 80 US dollars and get a 60,000% profit, but let We keep abreast of the most meaningful things by the end of 2021, because we are approaching November to December 2021 .

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