XRP Ripple: XRP Army Will Make LIFE-CHANGING Wealth! | 1000X On The Way! (You DIDN’T Know!)

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most popular altcoins, XRP. So far, crypto has made so many millionaires,
and it will continue to do so. The most recent in this run is XRP which is
about to make XRP holders overnight millionaires. But how? Watch this video to the end to find out! As always, welcome back to Money Side- your
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and how XRP will make life-changing wealth for its holders. Without a doubt, there are many reasons why
XRP will make overnight millionaires. In today’s video, we will discuss the most
recent and essential ones. To start with, the total crypto market value
reached $2 trillion for the first time in many weeks and XRP has been a significant
player in this new development.

Last year December, when the SEC filed a lawsuit
against Ripple, the XRP price drastically dropped. Ironically, this same lawsuit is the exact
reason why XRP has been gaining crazy momentum over the past few months. Right now, we are convinced XRP is going to
the moon and making mad wealth for all holders. XRP is definitely offering life-changing opportunities,
and it would be unfortunate if we don’t see it. That said, let’s cover some of the reasons
why XRP will make overnight millionaires. Let’s dive right in! The most significant decline in XRP’s price
came right after the SEC lawsuit against Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen for selling
unregistered securities. This quickly set the investors and companies
that had banked on XRP into a selling frenzy. When the year kicked off, most people were
a little concerned that XRP would miss out on the bull run amid the lawsuit.

However, things turned out completely different
as XRP surprised the chart analysts by rising to some pretty high levels in three years. While everyone was concerned about what would
happen to XRP, a trial held in March concluded that if Ripple is deemed a security, only
Ripple and Ripple net can be held accountable for selling it as unregistered securities. This was a crucial development in the case
as it allowed cryptocurrency exchanges in the US and other parts of the world to start
allowing XRP transactions again. While the delisting on Coinbase was one of
the most significant blows to this coin as it limited access to the currency, when the
judge denied the SEC access to Ripple’s years of personal information, that was a
rather resounding victory in the case. This trail of positive outcomes in the case
has boosted significant investors and charities to rally for relisting of XRP. In the past weeks, XRP has been showing strategic
and historical price movements, and we may not be surprised if this crypto hist $10 in
a few months.

And if XRP gets relisted by more exchanges,
we will have crazy price movements, easily surpassing that $1,000 mark. Evidently, XRP can make a millionaire if this
lawsuit is thrown out of the way. As we mentioned in the previous video, Ripple
is considering listing the shares of this blockchain payment company publicly. After the ongoing dispute with the SEC is
settled, Ripple might make a move, according to Yoshitaka Kitao, SBI group Chief. SBI is one of the largest outside investors
in Ripple, and when Kitao went live earlier, he said that there could be a possibility
of Ripple going public. Also, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple,
had mentioned about such plans before. If that happens, the added revenue from the
IPO will pump the much-needed money into the development and research. That means we will witness an exponential
expansion of Ripple labs so much so that this coin will go to the moon, literally.

Ripple has, over the years, acquired partnerships
that make XRP hard to pass. Ripple has fostered partnerships with some
of the most important institutions such as the World Bank, IMF the EU commission. Ripple has not only managed to bring these
intuitions on board but is also actively working with them. That means XRP is becoming unstoppable as
Ripple is laying all the groundwork for the cryptocurrency industry. Ripple is taking down boundaries between the
traditional world and blockchain technology. That means Ripple is slowly establishing itself
as a leader in the industry. And this has made some of the high net investors
allocate more funds to invest in the digital asset XRP which has become a high priority
asset among institutional investors. That means that soon the XRP use cases are
about to explode. It’s incredible to see how everything is
slowly coming together to impact the adoption of XRP massively. One of the best things about Ripple is that
it has an actual application.

That is why banks have even started using
Ripple’s technology as the ideal payment and money transfer method. Although banks love to utilize XRP, it could
be a threat to the same banks. That’s because Ripple has many unique features
that banks love, but at the same time, Ripple XRP could potentially replace the whole traditional
banking system. Such bullish market trends will definitely
push the price of XRP further up. Many institutions in the US have already approved
the adoption of Ripple ODL in banks. Also, the fact that XRP is getting a positive
sentiment from global regulators means that XRP will get a positive long-term outlook
and push the price of this digital asset through the roof. The fact that institutions love all the fast
transactions, low transaction fees, and fewer international al transfers obstacles mean
that XRP will become more valuable. I guess this is how we are making the next
millionaires with XRP! Let's look at the technical analysis of XRP

My outlook on this hourly chart, good things
going on with ripple!! and XRP long for life!! don't sell any…!! Buy or sell the breaks high or low.. set the
pending order a tiny bit above or below potential break areas. pending orders are key to my success..! Now we are looking 4 hour chart,
XRP is going to reach $3, Fibo never lies. SEC might not lose at the end of the day….
who knows? I'm just speculating because I don't have
a crystal ball to see the future aligned with legal issues, emotions and policy. What I know is I want you to be in the promised
land, you will make a lot of money. Probably XRP is the source of unlimited money
wether they lose or win the case.

If they win we can see $5, $10 $14 if they
lose we can go down to $0.10. But even going down to $10 I will teach you
how to make thou$ands howl we fall. Just stay tune with my ideas. I promise will explain more and more in the
next ideas I will be posting. For now I see we have 3 stops in the uptrend
starting on Monday. My recommendation for now is to be patient
even if the storm is strong. Making money is a very emotional and mental
GAME. “Hold on for dear life guys!” Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
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