XRP Ripple: Why You Should NEVER Sell Your XRP In The Coming 5 Years?

If you have never sold XRP at the beginning of the SEC lawsuit, why should you consider Sell ​​them now? Especially considering that XRP just tested the $1.9 mark. To be honest, I think it is definitely a bad idea to sell your XRP now. But since I prefer to use facts to support my claim, in this video, we will explore The reason why you will never sell XRP in the next five years. What's wrong, guys! Welcome to Money Side. If you haven't, please click the subscribe button and let us make money together.

Now that this has become a reality, let us return to today’s topic: why XRP should not be sold in the next five years. After the SEC filed a lawsuit, most investors abandoned this cryptocurrency. In fact, the general idea is that XRP won't even reach 2021. But watch it now! I am a strong supporter of this coin, guys, even if everyone doubts this coin , I still insist on using my XRP. Now, I am very happy that I have never traded coins and have not fallen into a loss trap. Last year, XRP fell to a low of $0.21. But that was after the lawsuit. If you never noticed this, then XRP has landed on the moon. Since then, this token has been in a stable bullish trend. This begs the question; where do you think XRP will be in the next five years? I am optimistic that this coin is too expensive for ordinary traders. Therefore, now is the best time to stock up this coin before it becomes scarce and cost too high . Since the beginning of the SEC lawsuit, we have received good news about the future of the token . However, if you have not watched my previous video, please allow me to give you a summary of the program.

According to the SEC, the lawsuit will only affect Ripple Labs and its affiliates. Technically, this means that all exchanges that previously delisted the coin now have Opportunity to relist it. Therefore, #RelistXRP is very popular on Twitter. If this happens, the token will continue to maintain its bullish trend. The other good news is that regardless of whether Ripple Labs wins the case, the court will Will not interfere with the operation of the token outside the United States.

In my previous video, I mentioned that Garlinghouse said in an interview that they only need Register Ripple Labs as a broker, just in case you lose the case Obtain the correct license. This may harm their business in the United States, but it will not harm the rest of the world. In other words, Ripple Labs may have to concentrate its business outside the United States. Finally, Garlinghouse also stated that nearly 90% of XRP traders are not from the United States. Therefore, even if court litigation is affecting the price of XRP, it may continue Get value in the market. Essentially, this means that if you hold coins for a long time, you can become the next XRP millionaire. All it takes is a little patience. An article written on the Ripple website shows that the company has started A pilot private ledger for the central bank was launched. These private ledgers are designed to integrate the world's central bank with the world of cryptocurrencies . That is the perfect future of blockchain technology. Ripple Labs and XRP are trying to fight the world together instead of letting them Annihilate each other.

Cryptocurrencies such as the notorious crypto king Bitcoin are designed to convert fiat currencies And the central bank is completely removed from the economy . This makes it difficult for the government and some private organizations to accept the bit Currency such as coins, no matter how successful the crypto giant will be. Swift is just a bank-to-bank messaging system. If you plan to transfer your assets outside the legal realm, It will appear insufficient. This is where XRP comes in. In addition to being a simple transmission system, the XRP ecosystem is fast and reliable.

The transaction is completed within one minute and the funds are transferred almost immediately. In addition, transaction verification in the private ledger is equally fast. That is, most people come to the conclusion that because With fast transaction speed, low fees and zero limits on the funds you can transfer from one account to the next, XRP will one day replace Swift . All in all, we are currently waiting to witness the end of the SEC lawsuit, the token ecosystem will be It will become fair in the near future. If or when XRP replaces Swift, the price of the token will skyrocket and holders of XRP A considerable profit will be obtained from this market trend. I don’t know if you noticed this, but today every mature cryptocurrency trader Talking about Ripple Labs. We live in an age of social media, and any publicity will be for marketing specific products create a miracle. In this case, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) court case is supporting XRP. Everyone who ignores XRP is curious to listen in court proceedings to verify Whether the token is worth investing in. In other words, the adoption of Ripple's XRP has become a trend.

Most traders now own at least a part of XRP in their portfolio. Why not you? This shows that your hype about this coin is real, not fake. So if this is not enough to store XRP, I don’t know what else can Persuasive. But I still have some tips. For example, let’s take a quick look at technical analysis, which should help support My claim is that you should not sell XRP.

At least, now is not the right time to exit this market. If we look at an 8-hour time frame, we have back-tested the support level of $1.47, which is I tell you the result. It is time to break the BIG resistance near $1.73. Yesterday we closed the weekly highest candle since January 2018, which is a good sign. Once we break the resistance of $1.73, the next resistance will be around $2. I expect big candles to appear in the next few days, so please be prepared, don’t rush;) Now we are looking at the weekly XRP/BTC chart, as you can see, XRP has reached the trend line, And now it is facing a resistance zone! Volatility is in the oversold zone limit and is now trying to get rid of that limit.

. If XRP successfully breaks through these two indicators (bearish trend line and resistance zone), then the volatility Will return to the bullish phase. After accumulating 735 days in the oversold zone; it may take some time To exceed the buy limit . They are so close! Therefore, any of them can lead the currency pair to break through resistance. Based on volatility; after the breakthrough, XRP will have enough room to retest it The last ATH on the BTC pair. Don't sell anything until you reach the $10 mark. Safe transactions my friends. Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor.

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