I found LP and whoever followed Live last and I said I was going to ask him would prefer to look for this price region I told anyone who accompanied Alegre they went over the ripple clearly saw that I talked about this price region I said that an interesting point purchase would be that in 1272 and 66 does not account here is the graphic watch He pdrl good pretending trust the Brazilian I clearly talked about it if you go there on my channel telegram and roll up a bit you will see the day that I talked about this analysis clearly ok there’s nothing here I don’t know hyago nephew of him here for you I did analysis and said that this is an interesting entry region with the stop below what would be more or less two 150 that I said the graph guide oven is that you can notice it will pay for this rain here and in the daily graph you can see that it does so people she started to catch a high First she already bought the rain with a sharp drop oal Sorry there technical problems as always never never ends never and work in live right and the internet just fell out of nowhere the internet just fell out of nowhere the internet went down and just came back there and just came out of nowhere but there was also a bad time here in Portugal far and it was a little bit and if there is any interference even if it can happen sometimes more okay guys anyway I was talking about the drop waist here and it was classically broken if I go there in a second here it is even clearer ok so it started and mount this one he had here I'm going to disable the magnetic mode and it is a lie a lot and when it was this analysis what the price when it started to fall ok this he and tb was the ROM stack there is no way to draw a Leader, this point comes more, there is no way to trace it, it was simply broken AND the structure of which it was also broke there the price now started to get high then I can buy I suggest and now it's still in Bompreço a good price but your Stop will be much more expensive And if I bought LPG what I will not make this asset this Crypton currency is while it has not solved the process that it has in the sec there it is boring to invest my it is very boring to invest in this active what at some point if i know there is some bad news this about this this process the tip for the price can end up there in there mom understood why when we play too fast this one can explain to me very quickly if any bad news leave at any time so i want to protect myself i'm out i'm not understood got it can be very inviting to me fact had arrived is 61 at the right purchase price and went up again and went up again quickly but i won't put on my money on this team understand will not put as this process is not resolved who want to put the money put is that it was a Everyone does whatever they want and understand with him has nothing not my account my not and how this this process at the bottom of the glass I'm out

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