and let's start with what we're going to start with xrp guys ingesting it has been a lot of requests ok it's been a lot of requests guys looking for me over there on Instagram the way it is going down he doesn't even want to sell guys I think it’s just one by Beck light Okay I think they’re everything is light but we’ll talk more about it right then I’m here with the document I told you I did on Google Docs explaining one little face clip Okay then we will see the xrp ripple What is the ripple right And how to laugh good works before going to the chart Okay then how did the ripple ripple the ritual look only every day find out the water the rich does not ripple the ritual differentiates itself into other Crypton currencies as it is controlled by a private company with a slight shiver and and the ripple cryptocurrency ripple apps company understands the company works with global money transactions and decided to use the technology of blocks in to transfer money the between one country and another Okay so I’m already familiarizing myself a little with the rich man I can tell you that the rich man is basically a World peak he’s seeing pics and he’s in Brazil he’s a clean world pics basically one World take is good and as we stayed here, right, because I took this article on a website Including I will leave all sources in the video description It's good even to have no problem there, so as not to belittle the work of others, right, sending money internationally is fine complicated and not always right right normally it takes too long and goes through several different institutions this one of the crucial points is a lot of cars and goes through several institutions this is boring ok if you know those international transfer rates most of the time absurd fees because for the money to arrive at the final destination he has to pay, he went there in three four banks and in this ticket from each bank each white person gets a slice each bank is finding it on your part understood and with blockchain and the king promises the transfer is instant can be verified has low operational costs n settlement ie basically the world money transaction system the current world money transaction banking system would have it as it will be useless and the Rip Curl system implemented by all these institutions, no one else would use a system that exists today, which is ineffective, okay, ineffective, too many cars, okay, too expensive, to make transfers.

Because it charges more absurd fees, you know what I want transfer money from Portugal to Angola I already made this transfer once I have to pay 36.1 of fee 30 and we made the fee to transfer from Portugal to Angola be boring understood ok What is the ripple for? rich is to facilitate the transfer of money between countries the currency technically called tukey xrp serves to finance the fees of transactions between institutions financial transactions so you can buy and sell clean In addition, igrp works as a bridge currency if the bank does not work with brle swiss francs for example it can convert reais to suggest and after suggesting to swiss franc ok then the bank will not works with br L right does not work with reais and with swiss franc it can be used if series B and this conversion can be operated by replicated the Block challenge promises it is very scalable it can handle up to 50 thousand transactions per second Look only 50 brings me these Porto Seguro per second and fast transfers are confirmed in four seconds This is Bitcoin's heel This is the Achilles' heel of the beak and even the ethereal at the moment biscuit makes little transactions and it takes ten minutes even to validate each transaction while laugh For example Renato's 50,000 transactions per second quickly and this is absurd even the absurd 50,000 transactions per second and fast transfers are confirmed in just 4 seconds or four seconds it is capable of doing 5 x 4, right 20 or 200 thousand transactions understood And this will all be validated today very quickly confirm banks as well as America that a big bank Including its essence bank here has shares right Merlin snack I don’t know what it is this is the name of a bank Most likely it is also that going down and Santander are part of the executive board of rico because of these partnerships and Rumos that the xlp3 added based on this here it’s been a while since we’ve been restrained, it’s even gone to Mc, it’s already been removed from with English the biggest currency exchange bureau that the tumor reaches the United States the value of the virtual currency has increased a lot ok now we have to talking about other things also ripple is in the process is it okay here I was sued by the drought and for issuing unregulated bonds eludes more than a billion and unregulated bonds this accusation from SIC right be sure that commission melzinha basically cvm and the united states is also the commission for real estate the council is good here and look only when we talk about lpg technical analysis certain daily chart this chart the one provided by Minas the size it already on the chart provided by Minas and even because of the platform that I use at the moment, I’m just using it to buy cryptocurrency, I’m just going to use the same cryptocurrency to analyze this same type of asset and this one I’m here at last, let’s get started with it.

Just look at the ripple if I pull for example here the serious cure with English you will see that she laughs because she asks for a huge explosion at a certain moment I will try to pull here just to show xrp What is BRL and Chaves yacon instead of providing shares does not provide So let's get it suggests USB that Colombia must already supply or will it be that when mine continued to crypto handy when he is Boeing's took this Crypton out of circulation the graph lets it be available vel in was that the see if the kraken have it and look on the stick here you come here ó I'll put in the arm that you most if they see here that I thought he has come to be worth more than a three – dollar dollars basically right more from 3 to 3:34 it was already worth it all but here in the bina and the chart doesn’t have all this information first because it’s real ok it’s an xrp BRL chart with Brazilian reais and second, because xrp BRL was added a little bit on the platform I believe that it is that sure there is no good at last, finally without a belt we will start here and the first one here in the garlic chart we can see that the price Look at this one, it connects with what this Pump that Crypton suffered last week I believe it is this movement that changes the price, an interesting movement Look, it only got to be 190 Six percent capital appreciation right Oi and this appreciation this Pump he had as main reason right the group of equal Suit Betty and some groups even though they were there were created on the telegram and did it here it took it to go up but when imbonati traces Mainly in that asset on the daily chart I can see that when you went there to zero percent for Márcia she came back and became a follower in 108 this is very good Okay, it may seem like I don’t know, but it’s good to reconcile there are 78 because this region here is usually a region where the Funds or the brokers Market makers they operate in this region of seven eight and the region of 6 to 1 for this but comprehensive that these two versions here are the regions where the investment funds and the marketing-mix brokers' yours is very good said so we can see that at that moment the asset itself this active principle this cryptocurrency he started right he took this uptrend here and went up there It was an interesting climb day eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen okay A two three four five six consecutive days of high was what regretted it for us and these days it's really different ita people went there and bought these highs right and now they are selling because the revenue for failure in any market is falling buy high sell low you will only lose simple money so it is but after consulting this here with you this trend is high he is beautiful ok this down trend here you can see that it has been broken you shoot it has already been broken there is not much to say it has already been broken right whoever bought before did well and is doing well so far who hasn't bought there is still a chance to buy I'll be honest with you I don't see much appeal at Record right now this process that has been born which is boring and more ok but anyway this region here is an interesting region ok it will be healthy very strong and price resistance and I think there is a tendency to have a strong view of support, it’s good here in the Daily and there in the weekly which is usually the graph I have the most but in consideration when I analyze it I can see it here ui Rita is good Monday My strategy is not in me very close to the perfect point The right ones are already in the perfect point You will be here I say in the perfect point to invest the first ideal point was here in 78 it was a perfect point for buying crypto is good and the second one is who 61 is the point at which Crypton is practically there now Read and if I buy here which people are good which people do I have to keep in mind if I buy that Nei Just look at this first and if this Live is not a recommendation to buy or sell this I’m showing you how I do my investments okay Hello cvm you must be taking too much of the YouTube guys on top just understood then I have to leave these assets in a simple way and you can even include them in the description of everyone in the videos here on YouTube, it's kind of a disclaimer, because of the Real Estate Commission, if it comes to comply with the law, it's also important good so i can see here where what i am at the moment i and an interesting point to invest in understood is an interesting point to Ednei there in his Manoel is confusing and here in the Diary we will see now here in the daily chart This was the last one to close my negative before this hike and this one was the first to close the tax and the break among others active at that point maximum rush and there is also an incredible confluence that looks like daily chart weekly chart the two charts are giving to me Buying positions at that time are good so my price and purchase would be more or less here in Real.

74 This is my purchase price if it is my purchase price if I had been interested in this one I am not like I already said the process follows for me invalid this crypto here is ok it will not call me it no longer while this process is not resolved i'm out of it right for you if you buy it then you will bro who's the show position i bought here in this region and price is right this is the firm of the daily chart so i could buy a little further down for that reason I understand 62 and 63 to comply with the diary plus two 6274 is also a good price So, but it’s good, I’m going to mount it in two and from 66 my Stop, that is to say if this one has taken so many drops to hit This price of the operation It would be where it would be in vain to pull here the stop level the 12812 legal eighty-one cents I am out or I would go in 66 You see that 66/12 81/2008 you can also be that way for service that way I am out of that operation right with stop and your target price mine target price would be here in this price region would be at 4 and 77 ok this analysis here it will be left to you Remembering that I said I can have two points of delivering one here on the daily chart in 1266 and another in 1274 the good this person strategy is going to give me the entry point , the stop point and when he leaves I really like these even when I when I do my investments even for actions for everything I use it because she gave me a point to enter the point and exit right and this is very good nyu Of course she gives me the entry point friend that the operation the like is also good this is very good right this is my TP a good would be the first level of having the second one would be at 5 and 75 r $ seventy cents ok well guys basically this was this was the first analysis we did today what I'm going to do with the link of all these analyzes I'm going to sand it is gradually chat while we will do an analysis here gradually I'm going to put the link in the chat for people who want to get it and when Live is over I will put in the description of Live also all the links there cute for everyone ok then let this drink a little more water here I'm thirsty I'm talking to [__] So

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