XRP Ripple: SEC Is Accusing RIPPLE Of Harassment! | What Happens Now? | Attention For XRP Army!

Hello everyone? Welcome back to another XRP update. I hope you had a great week. Now, today we got some interesting news about SEC Vs. Ripples litigation. Having said that, let's go straight back to some headlines. But before that, the hashtag #relist XRP can work normally, thank you, thanks to the powerful XRP community! What did i say? The XRP gang is unstoppable. We are doing the most. Obviously, it pays off. A few days ago, "Fox Business News" really caught my attention. As you can see, the SEC accused Ripple of harassment. I don’t know, but it seems that this litigation drama is about to escalate, or how do you Look? As always, welcome back to Money Side. If you are new here, welcome to join the gang. Smash that "subscribe button" and turn on your notifications so that you can We are notified when we release daily encryption updates. Back to today’s topic, we can see the SEC’s allegations Ripple Labs was harassed. Furthermore, the SEC has asked the court to restrict Ripple's access to the SEC's internal file.

Well, the SEC is back, this time they claim that its internal documents It has nothing to do with whether the SEC is used as a security. The SEC seems to have expressed its position and Ripple Labs did not seek relevant evidence. Rather, it harassed the SEC and undermined the main concern of the case. It seems that things have become less bad in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, and now we are talking about the SEC Claim that Ripple is harassing them. This shocked many people, even myself. In fact, Brad Garlinghouse said in an interview with Fox Business that he could not Consider how small companies like Ripple Labs harass things like Large institutions like the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Brad Garlinghouse said on Twitter: "Ten years later, the United States still lacks A clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. Assets like XRP are essentially open source + global, and hundreds of projects are using XRPL Build. Innovation cannot be stopped; it may flourish from the United States. " Judge Netburn granted Ripple access to SEC documents on April 6. This is about the correspondence and conversations between the SEC and BTC, ETH and XRP, BTC, ETH and XRP It is an asset currently in the position of digital currency. But things quickly escalated, because now the SEC has filed another motion with Judge Netburn, To restrict Ripple's access to these files. The SEC seems to believe that Ripple's agenda is to divert the attention of the entire lawsuit To the actions related to digital assets and unrelated comments from the SEC. An earlier court order required the SEC to search in external emails of 19 custodians Documents related to XRP, BTC and ETH, but refused to request the defendant to provide documents unrelated to the case SEC internal documents.

Earlier, the SEC has confirmed that it is complying with the court Order dated April 6, 2021, and has begun to review the trustees from the determined custodians under the court order Thousands of external e-mails for production. The SEC and Ripple litigation is in the discovery stage, here, we can see All kinds of things are happening. At this point, we are not surprised from Start of this case I found something that didn't exist. Now, the court has asked both parties "Meet and agree" whether the SEC should really discuss XRP, Bitcoin and Ether Produce certain official documents to "express the agency’s interpretation or Views.” However, the US Securities and Exchange Commission now declares: “through the meeting procedure , It is clear that the defendant is seeking to ignore the restrictions of this court order and In the uncertain process of discovering disputes and successfully reviewing documents, the US Securities and Exchange Commission was in a quagmire.

" The committee stated that it did not meet with the defendant to discuss whether it should Review and prepare or record certain internal documents to reflect their interest in XRP, ETH and BTC's views, while the defendant wrote what they believed was a "record" List of documents. 'order. ' Looking at an article published on News.Bitcoin.com, we can see that the list contains "The court does not have to review and submit the same internal email to the SEC, Not only Bitcoin, Ether or XRP are involved, but also included in the general "cryptocurrency" clause.

The defendant also demanded “the 20th custodian’s tolerance, which is not Subject to the order or prior discussion between the parties. " Under their defense, the SEC claims that Ripple’s defensive focus is unnecessary Not entirely related to the sale of unregistered XRPs Find. The defendant’s model is to look for the scope of the court, and then The performance of the derailed court to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Relevant evidence. First, the defendant requested the US Securities and Exchange Commission and passed the employee’s personal Device search, this model uses a broader model, that is, trying to pass the SEC internal Irrelevant and random communication to defend, instead of focusing on XRP and Ripple. According to the SEC, there is no reason why they should provide a personal email account To express how the agency interprets Bitcoin or Ether in the market. With this in mind, the SEC is trying to block Ripple’s defense Browse privileges when the court has determined that nothing can be found information. More specifically, the committee plans to prevent defense teams from SEC officials received internal communication records, and the court has banned Access to these files.

You can view these court procedures in two ways. Either the SEC is telling the truth, or the Ripple lawyer is actually speeding and "harassing" The SEC, or the Securities Regulatory Commission, hid something, and then they used it as a defense. I prefer the second option because, personally, I don’t think Ripple will Harassing the SEC. We all know that these documents may reveal some hidden truths, and now it’s The time has come for the committee to be formed. But what do you think, guys? Will the judge make a ruling in favor of Ripple or the SEC? Please let us know in the comments section below. Let us now look at the technical analysis. Ripple catches fire, these days, when SEC can’t take down this ALT, now it recovers Its power to go as it is worth our entry point is that the farm is below the current price , But the entry point should be with our analysis and contact, after being touched, the rally should begin (not The first step of the assembly is not the last step of the assembly) Due to the US allegations, the risk of this alternative is higher than other risks, but it shows that they It is easier to fall off than these things, so please be patient! XRP has come to life, but I am always looking for multiple results and best price action.

Here, you will find what I think is the final confirmation. What I am looking for in giant volatile assets. It is best to have a breakthrough wedge. Although it may bypass the wedge (many people believe), I still hope that before the next pump Properly stack with proper volume. Time is money, and there are still many opportunities. No matter what happens in the next few days, XRP seems to have a good upward path. Although the price trend in the next few days will determine its in the near future How much volatility will remain.

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