and people say it is a lie that you are welcome to another video here on our YouTube channel and look, guys, a news here, that goes up xlp xlp collapses more than twenty percent in strong sales ok and strong sales is a site article invests in 17 most respected right and by the investors and investments in the world if not the most respected and the most accessed right And you can see that you felt a lot here in the graph right I’ve seen a little talk with you about LPG on the issue in the process and such we had a day where all the cryptocurrencies basically right you follow someone was in a fall and watch waiting valued how it was here for the twenty- second of February has already paralyzed thirty percent eliminate the collapsed right but 29 percent too, so it went up and faster it fell ok you’re sorry you know why this diary Pires love the land sold this Tuesday as soon as you were on the dollar at 10 pm and 10 pm at 2:30 pm and 24 at 2:24 pardon right according to the invest index on fan club Twenty percent of the last 24 hours this is the biggest daily tumble since February 1st the strong fast sunk the value of the LPG market capitalization to 23 million dollars What represents 1.58 m dentalli update of the cryptocurrency in the maximum historic chip capitalization reached 31 billion dollars in the last 24 hours and make IP was traded between 0.5 cents and zero, zero, 50 cents of 0.57 cents a digital business and all, it doesn't matter much others who took digital too, they sank a lot left here right on the Invest o website and because I managed to make this video basically on yesterday's Live with you, I talked a little bit about Bitcoin, I even said one little about LPG then I asked if anyone wanted me to do an analysis of the cgtp and the people said look at the analysis watch and that I am interested in having your right to know your opinion about LPG if I saw here on the daily chart that only if it comes, right here on the daily chart they can see the weekly chart here you can no longer see this fig here and it was basically complete it has already arrived unless you have it I arrived 68 it failed to reach that figure of 68 So what can happen now that what I have in mind looks like LPG is I don’t know if the trace a figure is this minimum for this maximum right now I’ll have to trace this minimum here for this maximum to take into account 61 and the price is still on this right, as I already said xrp to me is a disposable asset the hair the process that is in it is ok I've already said this several times over and over and over again but people always ask for an analysis of this GP so I always try to do the same price is 61 right basically the price I think right Mine I consider that the price he is trying to reach 108 okay guys I think the price wants to reach 78 before actually reversing this is if some bombshell news doesn’t come out about the process who wants this child to have this one that her executives have at Sec, right? If he sees you here he was a vampire but while Christ doesn’t break the last top here is the last tube that originated the last bottom ok this double here look only it originated this bottom so while this top was not Vampire I think you are going to fall it is still intact Okay I am there it was always out of juice it in Lajes which is basically this here if what is going to fall it does always smaller bottom he never or something from Pandeiro if he breaks this top here that I have the previous one with so the price is no longer a trend that he will move to an upward trend Possibly they will do it for Beck in Leão de FIMO and remain there for top is good so basically being here shows us what it suggests P At the moment it is still very possible for it to fall I think she can try to find that I already have figs because here too if you notice she has basically no double bottom and talking all that and the double sleep will be on the one-hour chart so I couldn’t see it better than just exactly it has this double background here I think it’s a Bootstrap Okay I think it’s a Bootstrap basically because at any moment I think the middle market brokers or the investment funds themselves that are sold they will make a more abrupt movement of a drop in the price around the people who bought here in these regions and put Stop below that last fund So who bought here because Vilson double and put only here below the last fund the same in this region here Possibly it will be stopped I see you know I already did a Bitcoin analysis if you haven’t seen it on the channel yet I’ll leave it up to the link below in the description I think you know it arrives here at 6 the committee when I get here is my Uni fig and the last one I break is because Reginaldo at the bottom I think the Xuxa clip can follow the upward movement of Bitcoin I am not I am not like all others that take eras so good this YouTube here is late should come until it already exists and ready I think I really had it right and then I said it like It has already been broken but the previous top has not yet been Wagner this one and not even if I I can even pull a little more down here guys Look if you do n’t have a binance account or don’t have a culture where you can buy crypto something like this there’s a link down here in the description I link to Bina if you create in the story is always percent free and you can also make deposits time with pics Okay you can deposit with clicks and you will get off right is some commissions if you create has the link that is down here in the description that course is my link godson Okay, we already made that clear Okay folks then start on that GB I believe it looks only if the dash is also a fig here from this point that I call insurance I use friction basically here in this Ready Look at this maxim I have u ma conference here in being interesting in 78 with 61 Ah well say it is a knife conference right being sincere because the price should be closer 127 and 78 saw is closer but still something interesting to take into account for example that Bitcoin they are 161 and 61 are very close to each other so I think I can say it will fall I have already made a group also to in fact at any point of view to the person who is bought and when it plays bass from the bottom bottom I believe that it still comes here to take in the 41 best and a little bit and after that I think the price goes there for 80 thousand dollars that a region is 60 cm dollars is the first target and 78 mini-dollar and makes I believe that the main stretch to reach even 80 thousand dollars is just the next games that I have in mind for me to get to know you and really if I can build a good buying position in this region I won't be closing it for a long time okay but the focus here like B series right guys so as I said I go trying to leave the link here also likes to sign up for this analysis and I honestly think that Bitcoin that the xrp that arrived playing in this price region here, which is an interest region in my opinion, I will even mark it here again Okay, I'll put it here the show here put it can go here of interesting just put t in capital letters and I'll leave the link of this analysis down here in the description of this video for those who want to get it later also right so if you are interested in getting this review you subscribe to the channel and subscribe, leave the like in the video And of course the link is just to get it now and I will leave it in the video description for those who are interested, guys, it's my money, all the best for you, leave your like on channel sign up create your bina account if you don’t have to give it a boost here also to the channel And then folks all the best for the investments until the next video I went to

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