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It's a beautiful day again, and you guys, XRP is cracking and roaring. This coin is literally in the About to explode! You know it's really crazy how XRP can be in just a few months all of its losses from the SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs late last year has made up for it. On Tuesday, XRP rose significantly for the first time in 3 years over the price level of 1 USD! That makes us wonder; How high can this coin go in 2021? Welcome to the money side !. The Money Side Gang is growing and guys, I'm really grateful for that all your support. If you haven't joined the team yet, don't be left behind, click Subscribe and let's raise this money! Back to today's topic: if you do Having kept up with the XRP updates here on the money side, you'll agree with me that XRP had a year’s roller coaster ride. In particular, when dealing with the SEC, XRP has a Recorded low of around $ 0.20. At the same time, we just saw it rise above the $ 1 price level.

XRP has had an admirable journey from its staggering 54% drop from $ 0.5140 to $ 0.2126 in the recovered between December 21st and 22nd last year. Analysts are now saying this is just the beginning; We could hit that $ 2 mark very soon. Do you think this is a realistic price prediction for the XRP market cycle? Well I guess there is only one way to find out! What is the future for XRP? Regardless of whether the majority agrees or not, is XRP has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide for several years. That means investors looking to invest in the altcoin market will likely find XRP will try. Hence, the future of the XRP award is of interest to many people.

The last time XRP hit the $ 0.75 level was in 2018. After the price level of $ 0.90, however, the price retreated in a prolonged bear cycle that lasted for years. The lowest point for XRP was $ 0.14, which is almost 26 times lower than its all-time high of $ 3.80 . XRP was on the right track and has continued to gain momentum lately. The asset has increased steadily since Monday. However, XRP appears to have corrected its price to $ 0.93. Now let's see what the XRP community thinks of that it reaches the coveted price level of $ 2. What does the community think via XRP to get down to $ 2? The XRP community will crazy on twitter. Some of the most influential community members have a hard pump predicted in the XRP price action. @HaraldoXRP tweeted, $ XRP – Congrats, after 3 years of base make way, short term goals for XRP are $ 0.79cx https://twitter.com/HaraldoXRP/status/1378892789048565761?s=20 Despite the fact that Ripple is is in the middle of a lawsuit with the SEC, the price of XRP has rallied sharply.

After the SEC filed the lawsuit, most crypto exchanges delisted XRP for trading. The may have held up profits from XRP, but it seems that it would all be short term. Market analysts are currently saying that this lawsuit has the most negligible impact the future of XRP will have. So much so most western stock exchanges trade With XRP banned or suspended as part of the SEC investigation, traders worldwide have become involved in the lawsuit gathered behind XRP. In fact, traders are buying more XRP than ever before, which is a clear reflection of the price.

Are XRP Investors Tired of the SEC lawsuit? When the XRP lawsuit hit in December , the price of XRP became strong and quite serious. About two days before the SEC lawsuit the price for XRP was exactly $ 0.60. Things quickly turned 360 as the price ended December 22nd had fallen to $ 0.20. At the time, the financial analyst and a well-known XRP critic named Frances Coppola the beginning of the end for Ripple and XRP tokens. It's funny, however, like weeks after the lawsuit XRP is on a steady rise. Why is that? Now, it seems like XRP investors are just as tired of this whole litigation saga. The attitude of XRP investors has changed all the time, and can we blame them? I think we all had it before us. However, this has not always been the case. Immediately after the SEC announced the lawsuit many people almost signed the death guarantee from XRP. Unfortunately, so many people could not enjoying the effects of the 2020-2021 XRP bull run.

Now that Ripple has the advantage in the court battle with the SEC slowly eradicated, investors reacted and flooded the market . And we can see that clearly from the current XRP price. Over time, the Investors now find that most people have undervalued XRP as a result of the lawsuit. What is the realistic prediction for this XRP market cycle? Given the current market trend, the conversation should now that the $ 1 mark has gone too fast is to talk more about when $ 2 is coming.

The way things are, we could talk about $ 2 in two weeks. While there is no guarantee that this will actually happen, it is possible. @highaltittudeinv, another influential crypto trader and XRP supporter, tweeted that it was for XRP isn't over yet. The price will only continue to rise from now on. https://twitter.com/HighAltitudeInv/status/1379516164641062912?s=20 All in all, much of the way will be the XRP from now on will also depend heavily on the trajectory of Bitcoin. The crypto king has been consolidating below the $ 60,000 level for more than a week. And as we all must know Altcoins like XRP to perform well, also be able to a lot seen sideways price movements of Bitcoin. What does this mean for the market? All significant moves by Bitcoin in either direction are taking XRP out of the spotlight.

This lies that most traders will benefit from the lower risk asset, in this case Bitcoin. . Let's take a look at the technical analysis for a clear picture of what is happening in XRP. We consider the local 30-minute time frame perspective. The expected retrograde collapses i I mentioned in the previous analysis showed up first and XRPUSD moved into the lower Support zones to jump up first. Now I have quite a few in this entire structure Discovered very important structural developments which XRPUSD forms and which are the forthcoming results determine decisively. Therefore, it is important to explain that XRPUSD has several ways ahead of it, and therefore it is necessary to keep the patient updated with Correct Acknowledgments, hence I have all the major levels and probable destinies we discovered in the established structure and consider the upcoming moves next time. Since XRPUSD of the remaining Supports ricocheted upwards, it has formed a triangular formation in the structure, which is also recently with a breakout to the upside with some bullish volatility has shown where it is now above the top of the triangle and above the 65-EMA in green what gave the edge for further sequels.

Hence, XRPUSD will likely continue to move higher tend until it reaches the distribution area from which a next distribution first is likely. When XRPUSD shows up with the distribution, it continues to move up to the lower levels at which the next accumulation can take place. Such a move also confirms the underlying major wavenumber in the structure. If XRPUSD continues with the price promotions, like Suggested in the next few times, it will eventually be important, as is the wave count completes and how it continues to ricochet in the lower accumulation zones.

When XRPUSD creates a sufficient jump, in this case this may be the origin of a large canal eruption, which occurs when XRPUSD finally moves over the top of the formation like it does marked on my chart, such price action will confirm the bullish breakout of the descending channel and activate further continuations upwards with approaching the upwards targets. For now it will be necessary to keep the patient and improve the development of XRPUSD in these circumstances. Please note that we are not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes only. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and let's have a chat. Thank you for watching. do not forget to like this video and click the subscription button below. Enable notifications to be informed when we post our amazing content. See you in the next video..

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