XRP Ripple: ūüö®You Need Just 500 XRP to Become a MILLIONAIRE!ūüö®

What's up, guys? I hope you are all having a 
fantastic week so far. Now, if you saw today's   title, I'm sure you want to know how XRP can make 
you a millionaire. How many XRP do you need to   make that happen? And more importantly, I'm pretty 
sure you want to know how Ripple is planning to   change the future.

It is frustrating to know that 
the opportunity was so close, but you missed it.¬† You hear this a lot ‚Äď "if you would have invested¬†
just $3000 into XRP back in 2017 and sell it at   peak level in 2018, then you could've made a 
million dollars". The same examples are with   Bitcoin and many other coins. But you shouldn't 
think like that. Don't concentrate on what was   missed, but think about new opportunities. 
But before we get into all the juicy details   of today's video, let's roll that intro.
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here, welcome to the XRP fam. Hit that 'Subscribe'   button and turn on your notifications so that you 
don't miss out on our daily crypto news updates.  In today's video, we will talk about how many XRPs 
you need today to become a millionaire tomorrow.   How XRP can skyrocket and become the most used 
currency on the planet, and what is the most   believable evolution scenario for XRP. XRP just 
might be the missing piece of your investment   portfolio. Firstly, you need to understand 
that XRP isn't your average cryptocurrency.   Instead, it offers something entirely different 
from every other type of digital currency.  Unlike Bitcoin or Litecoin, Ripple is an 
entirely new kind of payment protocol intended   to streamline international and cross-border 
payments around the world. And while Ripple   XRP presents a solid investment opportunity, 
you must know what Ripple is, what it does,   and any potential red flags to look out for as a 
speculator. After all, no investment is perfect.  If you have been wondering if XRP is 
really a suitable investment for you,   then don't go anywhere as this coming 
section is for you.

To start with,   XRP is one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies 
in the market. In fact, XRP is currently trading   at $0.9286 per coin. In other words, it's cheap 
compared to its previous high level in 2018!   You can pick up a serious amount of Ripple for 
less than a few hundred dollars. In fact, with 500   XRP, you can quickly become the next millionaire 
in just a few years. Ripple hit an all-time high   of above $3.10 in 2018, but some market analysts 
believe it will push beyond the $1,000 barrier   within the next ten years.

Other predictions are 
far more optimistic. So, given its low price and   increasingly mainstream appeal, snapping up some 
Ripple is a relatively low-risk option with the   potential for a significant return on investment.
What's more, Ripple and XRP solve lots of problems   for the world and creates opportunities. Ripple 
is currently solving issues for large financial   institutions. It also speeds up the flow of 
capital, which is excellent for the economy.   But Ripple could work for small business owners, 
too. If it becomes widely adopted, the Ripple   platform will provide millions of sole traders and 
entrepreneurs with access to the global economy.  XRP also comes with such an impressive market cap. 
With a market cap of approximately $60 billion,   Ripple is the world's fourth-biggest 
cryptocurrency. A large market cap is   vital for investor confidence and makes the asset 
more resistant to volatile market cycles or dips.   And must we say? Ripple XRP isn't your regular 
cryptocurrency. Ripple is a fully-fledged company   with over 500 full-time employees, including 
public relations and marketing specialists   who promote the technology to banks, 
investors, new users, and the public.  On top of that, as we have seen over the last 
couple of months, Ripple has some of the best   partnerships and investors.

Ripple has perhaps 
the best backing by financial institutions   out of the entire cryptocurrency market. In some 
circles, XRP is liked even more than Bitcoin.   Their First major banking partner to use the 
Ripple Payment Protocol was German bank Fidor,   in May 2014, according to Pete Rizzo of CoinDesk. 
As mentioned earlier, some of their biggest   partners include American Express, Santander, and 
MoneyGram. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Besides that, Ripple has been making a significant 
move into CBDCs. CBDCs are 'Central Bank Digital   Currencies', and in March 2021, Ripple announced 
that they are piloting the creation of private   ledgers based on the public XRP ledger. Well, this 
is something we have definitely talked about a lot   on this channel. Ripple claims that XRP can 
handle tens of thousands of transactions per   second and has the potential to reach hundreds 
of thousands of transactions per second.  It is pretty likely that in the future, there 
will be more private endeavors like this.   It is also quite possible that many future 
banks and financial institutions could use a   private version of the XRP ledger.
And now it's time to address the elephant   in the room.

For months on end, Ripple 
has been struggling with the SEC lawsuit.   However, things seem to be brightening up. 
In fact, as we can see from this tweet by   @XRP_productions, there have been 
speculations that the SEC could drop the   lawsuit. He tweeted saying, "Can anyone confirm 
the rumor I just started that the SEC is about   to drop the Ripple lawsuit and #XRP is about to 
have regulatory clarity and shoot to the moon,   and we are all going to be rich 
and happy and then have a big party   with @bgarlinghouse and @elonmusk on a yacht?"
Ripple is currently recovering from this lawsuit,   all thanks to its incredible team of lawyers. In 
December 2020, the SEC sued Ripple for illegally   selling $1.3 billion worth of XRP tokens, 
claiming that they were actually 'securities,'   not cryptocurrency. The XRP lawsuit resulted 
in Ripple's price crashing to new lows, right   at the moment most other cryptos were surging 
(e.g., BTC reaching $60k!).

However, it started   to become apparent that the SEC's case is weak and 
there is growing optimism that Ripple can win the   case. This has put the price of XRP on an upward 
trajectory which it seems to still be riding.  This tweet that was shared by @AaronDayAtlas talks 
about the SEC being corrupt from the word jump.   And if that's the case, why would we expect this 
regulatory body to be any different right now?   It's been using 'illegal' approaches towards 
its case against Ripple, and it's as if this   regulatory body will continue to find other means 
to get to Ripple. Thankfully, Ripple is a massive   company that can't be taken down lightly or at 
least without a fight. That's because central   banks around the world believe in this crypto 
and are already working to arrange a partnership   with this crypto company. Over the past few years, 
Ripple has been working on forging strong bonds   with influential companies in the field of both 
crypto and fiat. That is why, as hard as SEC   might try, they will never take down this company.
More importantly, as the company is right now,   it's beyond SEC's jurisdiction.

don't get me wrong! If found guilty,   there will obviously be subtle but impactful 
effect on the reputation of the company   as well as the price of XRP. Undoubtedly, 
this coin's price will drop significantly,   causing serious dents in most cryptocurrency 
traders. But that will not be the end of this   coin, no siree! The fact that RippleNet 
is already accepted in several countries,   this coin will bounce back up from the ashes like 
nothing ever happened.

And that's how XRP will end   up taking over the whole cryptocurrency 
world and ruling as the one-true coin.  In the event that this crypto company wins, 
there's no way it's going down no matter what.   The cryptocurrency will keep soaring to the top, 
overtaking the infamous Bitcoin and Ethereum.   That will potentially change the whole fabric of 
the crypto community, and everyone will rush for   this golden goose. However, by then, it would be 
too late since this coin would be high up. So it's   best to invest right now while the coin's price is 
still within a specific range that you can easily   invest in it with the extra coin in your pocket.
This tweet actually highlights all the use cases   of XRP, and the list goes on and on. XRP 
can work as the perfect medium of exchange,   global liquidity, B2B payment system, securities 
settlement, instant cross-border payment option,   store of value, and so much more.

This coin is the 
perfect crypto to bridge the gap between cryptos   and fiat and ideally bring the two worlds. If it 
was not for the SEC, this coin could have been   on its way to the top. But it's never too late, 
and this coin still has a lot of fight in it.   Now guys, let’s take a look at the charts.
As you all are aware, we are still in a downtrend.   We have the potential to gain a lot here, 
despite of Elliott waves pattern forming,   we should all be aware that it can also go 
down even to $0.60 cents. Don't be sad, the   bulls will come, there are too many banks using 
it what will only lead to XRP repeating 2017-18.   The time is our only enemy here alongside the SEC.
There are only two paths that XRP can take from   here.

As we stand now, it "appears" that 
XRP is right inside the fractal that it   is following. It also appears that XRP 
is respecting the fibonacci trend lines   that we created, idea linked below. But it can no 
longer do both. The two scenarios are as follows:  1. XRP will break the trendline and head 
lower, following the fractal . First zone   of major support will be at $0.86. We will look 
to make a V shaped low at around $0.78-$0.82   before we can climb higher, with a majority 
of side ways trading in the $0.86-$0.91 range.  2.

XRP does not break the trendline but 
instead skips along creeping higher.   This means we are not in this exact spot in 
the fractal pattern that we appear to be.   We have seen that, while the moves 
are the same, the timing has not been.  I believe scenario 2 will play out to be correct, 
but it remains to be seen. Again, wish we had   something more definitive by now, but it appears 
that answer is coming in the next 2 to 3 days.   There is no in between. It 
must do one or the other.  We will re-assess accordingly if 
necessary as this situation unfolds.¬†¬† 48-72 hours is an estimate ‚Äď the decision¬†
may come sooner. As always trade safely!  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor.

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