XRP Ripple: 🚨We All Need To WAKE UP And Realize This! (Emergency ALERT!)🚨

We’ve all seen the change to digital currency 
happen in front of our very eyes. I mean,   do you remember when the Pandemic hit? 
Almost all businesses preferred digital   cash over the hard paper option. That’s 
because, aside from the fact that hard cash   increased the spread of COVID-19, it was also 
less convenient. Most, if not all, businesses   used other options and that increased the 
importance of CBDCs more than ever. Even Ripple   pointed that out in a tweet. The company stated,
‘With Pandemic-related declines in cash usage,   #CBDCs are more important than ever. 
@Business Times breakd down why   establishing interoperable payment systems is 
crucial for the future of money. Learn more’  I don’t know who needs to hear this but CBDCs 
are happening sooner than we think and the   Pandemic only made this happen a lot faster than 

And guess which crypto is at the center   of all of this? XRP. That’s not all! There’s 
so much happening around XRP and today,   I’m going to highlight the best of the 
best supported with tweets. So, before   we get down to business, let’s roll that intro.
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section below if you find this video informative.  I’ll start of by pointing out this tweet 
by Eleanor Terrett that shows an exclusive   interview with Brad Garlinghouse.

Brad talks a 
lot about what is currently happening with the   lawsuit against Ripple. He says, the SEC chairs 
have been occasionally spotted saying that XRP   isn’t a security. And that happened 
long before the current lawsuit.  And Garlinghouse also goes on to say that Ripple 
hasn’t been able to operate effectively in the US.   But outside the US, Ripple has had a successful 
year. However, there’s no clarity in terms of the   regulations with the SEC and the regulatory 
body was in a hurry to file the lawsuit.   And it seems that they were not prepared. 
Now the SEC is asking for an extension to   January and it’s rather odd that the plaintiff 
asks for extensions like the SEC is doing.  Mackattack XRP also shared a tweet 
that raises the same concerns.  Mackattack XRP says, ‘XRP Lawsuit: Ripple says 
discover deadline extension would be ‘severely   prejudicial’.

And that’s completely true. It beats 
logic that the regulatory body has been extending   the proceedings of the court and that Ripple are 
trying to close the case as soon as possible.   From my little knowledge of court proceedings, I 
think it should be the other way around. I mean,   the SEC should be the ones trying to finish 
this court case as soon as possible. But that’s   not exactly what is happening in this situation
MackAttack also tweeted another statement saying,   ‘Ripple CEO: It’s ‘a joke’ that some Execs believe 
SEC isn’t harming crypto. And I tend to think the   same way. Have you seen the losses that Ripple has 
encountered ever since this lawsuit was issued.  And the funny thing, I don’t know why they 
keep extending the case yet they already   know that it’s harming XRP holders and Ripple. 
Are they intentionally trying to hurt Ripple?   Is this case really about sale of 
securities or there’s something a   little deeper than what exactly meets the eye?
From where I stand, there’s so much the SEC is   hiding from the public and I think everything will 
soon come to light.

Unfortunately, Brad and his   company have tried to sort this case outside the 
court but it just so happens that it didn’t yield   any fruits. More importantly, it seems the SEC 
is hell bound on delaying this court case as long   as they can and I think the issue is that they 
don’t have any evidence to hold Ripple account.  And the regulatory body doesn’t want to look 
like a joke to the public, which frankly,   they already seem like jokers.

But don’t get me 
wrong! I’m not hating on this regulatory body or   neither I’m I challenging their authority.
My problem is, I feel like the SEC didn’t   prepare enough to even file this lawsuit. And 
if they were not ready, they shouldn’t have   gone for it in the first place. I mean, Ripple 
isn’t going anywhere. Brad is a US citizen and   Ripple’s main HQ is in San Francisco.
And then it just so happens Ethereum   is crazy expensive. Take a look at this 
tweet by Rian Taylor, where he says,  ‘Wow. #Ethereum is crazzzzzyy. I just looked at 
sending 6500 Pound over EC20 network. They system   said the cost would be 9823 Pound. WTF???Hmm. 
Conclusion: Swapped to XRP and cost me 0.001 XRP   instead. Why does anyone use #ETH again?’
Imagine that? RippleNet is a framework that   encourages cross border payment that’s actually 
crazy affordable.

The fees that you will incur   transferring your assets from one country to 
the next is so negligible that you will barely   even notice it. Then why is the SEC painting 
Ripple as the worst cryptocurrency of our age?  While in real sense, it’s the crypto that favors 
the crypto traders and also the government.   I mean, we all need to wake up and realize that 
things are not as they seem. We might be fooled   into thinking that XRP isn’t the one true coin but 
in reality, it is. This coin could finally ensure   that the government and financial institutions 
start to embrace cryptos as an alternative payment   option. Even though we now have to deal with 
the fact that cryptos have an anonymity feature,   at least with it’s mass adoption, we can all 
finally reap the fruits of cryptos. XRP is the   coin to lead the way to this new future. And we 
need to realize that. Anyway, let’s take a look at   the technical analysis to know what is currently 
happening with the price of XRP and Bitcoin.  Today I paste, convert on logarithmic chart 
& edited 2017 waves on XRP weekly chart.  According to this analysis, the 
first top would be around 5-7 USD.  It was always hard to draw Fibonacci 
for Ripple.

Not yet hit targets.  But I think this is one of a few 
undervalued HQ coins now. Also seems   interesting against the BTC chart.
There is always a big risk. so be   careful with investing/trading. SP500 
and Bitcoin are actually pretty high   and could dramatically change direction.
Bitcoin is approaching an all-time's high.  An important decision is ahead:
Either bulls break that structure   and go higher or we see a pullback.
To catch the next bullish wave,   let the price violate the underlined 
yellow supply cluster on a weekly.  Wait for a weekly candle close above.
Then wait for the retest of the broken   area and buy there only after you 
get a solid intraday confirmation.  Alternatively, monitor a rising 
wedge pattern on 12H time frame.  Bearish breakout of its support 
may lead to a formation of a   retracement leg at least to 58.000 level.
In such kind of decisive moment, it is preferable   to passively wait not opening any position.
Stay calm and patient.  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor.

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