XRP Ripple: 🚨SEC Is Intended To Make XRP Holders Miss The BULLRUN!🚨 (2nd Extension Request!)

What's up, guys? I hope you have all had a great week so far. It might be hard to keep up with everything
that has been happening to XRP in the XRP community. So, in today's video, I'll bring you up to
speed on all the newest Ripple and XRP news. But before we get into all the juicy details,
let's head over to Coinmarketcap.com. As we all can see, the price of XRP today
is $1.13. We are still in that red zone, and the market
has been down by 1.51% over the last 24 hours. With that said, let's roll that intro and
get into today's video.

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engines with this tweet from @Ripple that says;
"Early blockchain adopters reported nearly twice the growth compared to other financial
institutions. Chart with upwards trend. Find out why 44% of adopters view this tech
as the fuel to business growth in our 2020 Blockchain in Payments Report." According to an article posted on Ripple.com,
the third annual Blockchain in Payments Report reveals that blockchain adoption is key to
a successful growth strategy for financial institutions.

In the past 12 months, early blockchain adopters
reported nearly twice as much business growth over other respondents. You can download your free copy of this report
on Ripple’s website and discover why adopters view blockchain as the fuel to business growth
and how global policymakers are shining a new light on digital asset technology. The report reveals key findings and offers
new industry insight into the state of global payments today.

Moving on to the next tweet, we have this
interesting one from @JohnEDeaton that says; "CGasparino and EleanorTerrett is proof the
lawsuit against Ripple & XRP was used as a weapon. The SEC investigated for 30 months. This is its 2nd extension request. Why? Is it b/c they rushed to file the case walking
out the alert to give an advantage to the 2 Crypto's they blessed?" What we can tell from whatever is happening
here, this is the SEC taking revenge on XRP holders due to the devastating impact we have
had on their case so far. It's been nearly a year of damning research
and exposing corruption for the entire world to see. There needs to be an investigation into the
SEC NOW! For months I heard the complaint the lawsuit
was intended to drive retail investors out of XRP. Now the complaint is delay is intended to
make XRP holders miss the bull run. But that would leave XRP at a low price during
the bear market and allow retail investors to accumulate? It's because they are trying to hurt $XRP
and force it to miss this bull run.

After all, they know it'll be more challenging
for people to want to invest in it in the future. They are just trying to buy time and ice out
XRP and destroy its future that way. We have another tweet from @XRPCryptowolf
that says, "RippleNet customers can use XRP to bridge two currencies in as little as three
seconds, ensuring payments are quickly sent and received in local currency on either side
of a transaction." As we can see on Ripple.com, Ripple's ODL
solution has significantly reduced the cost and delivery time for cross-border transfers,
and our customers are seeing the benefits. Through the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service,
RippleNet leverages the digital asset XRP as a bridge between two currencies, allowing
you to eliminate pre-funding of destination accounts, reduce operational costs and unlock

RippleNet customers can use XRP to bridge
two currencies in as little as three seconds, ensuring payments are quickly sent and received
in local currency on either side of a transaction. XRP is ideal for global payments because it
is quicker, less costly, more scalable, and sustainable than any other digital asset. Moving on, we have this tweet from @ethermasterant1
that says, "Ripple Looks Attractive Now that Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Rebounding. What do you think will happen to #Ripple in
this bull run?" The one major thing holding back XRP crypto
is the SEC's fight with Ripple Labs, the promoting company for XRP. Some articles seem to indicate that Ripple
is behind in the lawsuit, while others indicate that Ripple is ahead. The issue, according to FX Street, is the
company's sale of XRP crypto tokens: "The SEC alleged that Ripple sold $1.38 billion
worth of XRP, an unregistered security, and the payments giant is defending by stating
that the sales did not constitute securities." And here is why they think that way.

Ripple will win: Since the SEC has repeatedly
failed to identify contractual provisions that support the claim that the sales were
"investment contracts" under the Howey Test, there is a higher likelihood of Ripple's win. In fact, some of the XRP holders have been
allowed by the Manhattan judge in the case to give their opinion. According to Reuters, six owners of XRP crypto
can offer their "meaningful perspective" opinions on specific legal questions in the lawsuit. This effectively gives them amicus status
in the case. Here is what Reuters said why they wanted
to have their say: "The XRP tokenholders sought to intervene in March, saying they were de
facto defendants in the case and wanted to protect their interests." As a result, there is now a certain level
of hope with these XRP crypto holders.

Despite its troubles with the SEC, the XRP
token has tracked Bitcoin and Ethereum. This could easily continue in the future. Since BTC and ETH tokens started to rebound,
the turnaround in XRP crypto is likely to continue as well. So investors in XRP can figure that it may
have reached a trough. Investors who believe that XRP will be left
as one of the winners in the crypto world, especially if Ripple Labs wins its lawsuit,
might want to get in now. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at
the technical analysis, shall we? It seems that we are about to breakout of
the second triangle pattern which XRP formed during the current bull market. The breakout would confirm an eventual wave
5 of the current structure being formed since the beginning of November 2020. How to trade this? Wait for a breakout of the triangle towards
the upside, then buy the re-test at approximately 1.17$.

The targets if the breakout is confirmed should
be: 1.37$, 2$, 4.10$ expected new ATH. If we breakdown, stop-loss will be set at
approx. 1$. At the moment, IF price takes out 62,500 that
would be an aggressive buy signal for a swing trade. Why is this a bad idea for swing trades and
investments? The RISK is too high. At the moment, 54K is the appropriate risk
level based on the strategy that I employ. That means you have to realistically risk
8K points in hopes of a breakout, while going into a "buy the rumor" scenario. Can Bitcoin move 8K points from 62,500 in
order to justify the risk? Structure favors bullish continuation, but
these are low probability levels in my opinion. In other words, you are not buying a support. Instead you are buying into a location that
makes more sense to lock in some profits.

Why is this better for day traders? IF you know how to manage risk on such a time
frame, it is within reason to capture smaller bites and participate in the momentum without
being exposed to the larger magnitude of risk. While this may sound like a good idea, if
you are relatively new, you should NOT day trade. The reason is you will most likely get caught
in the broader pullback because of a lack of agility and discipline when it comes to
keeping risk under strict control. So the easier thing to do (which no one wants
to hear) is WAIT this out. Do NOT chase it. If you were not willing to take the risk at
40K or 50K, then 60K should be even LESS attractive. When a move is obvious, that means you MISSED
it. Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only.

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