XRP Ripple: ⚠️Why Are They NOT Skeptical About BTC? (The RISE Of The Phoenix!)⚠️

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and also a beautiful evening to earn millions XRPs   price action. I'm sure that things are about to 
get a little interesting today so we need to be   on the lookout for what will happen with XRP.
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Now let's get down to business, shall we?  Everyone thought that the XRP rise to the top 
will happen in a matter of weeks or possibly   before the SEC lawsuit. But truth be told, this 
coin was about to get to the moon before the SEC   slapped them with a lawsuit and restricted their 
trade in the US.

That was a bummer but this coin   hasn’t stopped fighting. I mean, this coin is 
the true definition of rising from the ashes.   I believe that even two digits dwindles in 
comparison to the potential that this coin   carries. I don’t know why but I believe XRP is 
about to go straight to the moon with a straight   vertical. This coin hasn’t disappointed us. Over 
a short time this coin is set to make most of   it’s holders to millionaires. No one will stop 
this coin and no one is about to slow it down.  Try they might, but this coin will always continue 
to proof everyone otherwise and that is what is   currently happening with this coin.

XRP has 
been shooting its way to the top for months   and even before what happened last year, 
this coin’s price was going to contend   with some of the big dogs in the market.
Here’s the first great news, most people are   so focused on what is happening with XRP and the 
SEC that they forget to see the massive leaps that   this coin is making all over the world. Over the 
past two years, XRP has been making partnerships   with different major players in different 
countries and that is what is going to push   this coin to the top. Yes, that’s right! Over time 
XRP is going to be unstoppable and the SEC can’t   even touch them. I mean, so many cryptos have been 
getting away with a lot of bad deeds and sometimes   even crossing the lines to criminal stuff, but you 
know what; they haven’t been attacked by the SEC.   Why? Well, most of these cryptos are impossible 
to stop and they are too massive.

When XRP   reaches to that point, not even the SEC or the 
government could stop it. This coin is set to   become the ruler of them all, the one true coin.
I got a comment from my fans requesting,   why I’m not talking about Bitcoin and all I 
do is talk about XRP. Well, here’s the thing;   we can all agree Bitcoin is hailed all 
over as the founding father of cryptos,   right? Now aside from it being the founding father 
and being branded as the gold of cryptos, what   value does the coin add to the crypto community?
Let’s be honest with each other. In fact this   tweet shows you the propaganda vs the reality 
of BTC. Yes, I know I’ll get a lot of hate for   this but I’m here to educate you as much as I 
can. I’m not against BTC, don’t get me wrong!   I’m just simply saying that that crypto has very 
little to show or add to the crypto community   and the real world. Aside from being a pioneer, 
there’s not much to say about BTC.

As a matter of   fact, it might be the reason why most companies 
or governments are against cryptos as a whole.  BTC mining isn’t that friendly to the environment 
and this coin has been against the control   governments have over fiat currency. So 
in real sense, BTC is actually anti-fiat.   Technically speaking, I could honestly blame 
BTC’s success as the reason why we still have   cryptos that are against fiat. But on the other 
hand, we can now start speaking about XRP.  XRP happens to be the bridge currency between 
these two worlds. RippleNet acts as the perfect   bargaining chip for XRP and vice versa in both 

RippleNet offers banks and other financial   institution a chance to improve their customer 
experience by offering cross-border payments and   on-demand liquidity. Who wouldn’t want that?
Through this network, customer service in   financial institutions will be better 
than ever. And a little cherry on top   is the fact that cross-border payment will 
be affordable. Now RippleNet can’t exists   without XRP. That’s because XRP is the crypto that 
powers this blockchain-based technology. And that   means any company that incorporates RippleNet into 
their framework, they are willingly accepting XRP.  Aside from that, XRP has a private ledger 
that banks can use to ensure the privacy   of their customer transactions are not 
on display for the whole world to see.   I don’t own a financial institution of any 
sort but I can spot a good deal when I see one.   And this is an incredible deal for any firm.
So what’s the catch currently and why   are we all not adopting XRP?
Well, I believe there are major   players trying to blind fold the general 

We can all profit from this coin’s   price movement to the top but everyone is a 
bit skeptical about it. My biggest wonder is,   why are they not skeptical about BTC? Once you get 
to understand that, then you will start to see the   bigger picture. When XRP will move to the top. BTC 
will drop extremely and most people will end up   blowing all their crypto investment in months, or 
likely days. That will also happen overnight. So,   if you are smart enough, don’t bank on this crypto 
gold. Instead, buy XRP and diversify your crypto   investment. But remember, this isn’t financial 
advice. I’m simply sharing my insights on what   I believe my happen in the next few weeks. That 
said, let’s take a look at the technical analysis  XRP price forced below $1.1 and the 100 
SMA following overhead pressure at $1.2.  The MACD and the RSI emphasize the emergent 
selling pressure, risking Ripple’s freefall to $1.  Ripple had gradually and with struggle rose to 
$1.2 during the weekend session.

In September,   the international money transfer token lost ground 
to $0.86. The lower prices allowed more buyers to   come, thus lifting the token above $1. Bulls have 
their eyes glued on $1.4, but the barrier at $1.2   and $1.1 currently limit their efforts.
Here's my point of view about BITCOIN .  I'm bullish in the long term. However as you can 
see, the price is about to reach a fresh supply   area. To be honest there is % that the 58.000 act. 
Of course, late buyers can suffer or panic sellers   can suffer. Play with probabilities, manage 
your risk. I personally have short term sell   limit pending in the 58000 mark. All controlled. 
Price can also break it without any hesitation,   anything can happen. Let me know in the comment 
section , are you bullish or bearish right now ?  According to JP Morgan, institutional 
investors are so keen on Bitcoin that   they are buying the digital currency instead 
of gold as a way to hedge against inflation.  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only. 
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