XRP Ripple: ⚠️The REASON Behind $300 XRP Price Prediction!⚠️

Ripple is one of the most intriguing 
cryptocurrencies we have in the market   right now. Ripple has, over the years, been 
creating partnerships and associations with   several of the largest banks and investment 
companies. These associations and the SEC lawsuit   are some of the primary reasons why the price 
of XRP could skyrocket very soon. The most   impressive thing is that despite everything that 
has been happening with XRP, this coin has not   shown any signs of backing down lightly so far.
Although we are likely to hit a massive plunge   before things move to the brighter side, XRP 
price is hinting at a powerful upswing.

Yes,   XRP could indeed hit $300. We are getting into 
all the nitty-gritty of today's video shortly.   But before that, let's roll that intro.
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XRP can indeed get to the $300 mark.

As we all   know by now, Ripple was created to make financial 
transactions more advanced while ensuring the   cost is less, and the speed is high. Ripple is 
working with the traditional bank system to make  The fact that Ripple has partnered with some 
major big fish organizations has pushed for the   mainstream adoption of its native currency XRP. 
What's more, over the last couple of months, big   investors have been allocating more significant 
sums of money for the digital asset XRP.

In fact,   XRP is the top rising altcoin among institutional 
investors. Among them, we have the World Bank,   World Economic Forum, IMF, and EU 
Commission, who are on board with   the Ripple and actively working with the team.
Besides all the issues XRP has been dealing with   the SEC, the currency serves as the bridge between 
different currencies. Ripple essentially has built   on the shortcomings that the traditional banks 
have attributed. Transactions being performed on   the Ripple network can be settled in seconds in 
contrast to what we get with conventional banks.   We can all agree, transferring funds with 
traditional banks could take days and sometimes   even weeks before the wire transfer is settled.
What's more, Ripple comes with a more reasonable   rate of exchange than the traditional banks. 
With Ripple network, the minimum transaction cost   is set at 0.001 XRP.

And as we are seeing, there 
are many reasons to invest in XRP. The fact that   Ripple is pushing towards an attractive future for 
the financial sector is making XRP one of the most   attractive digital assets in the industry. XRP 
is an ideal investment for not only experienced   but also beginner traders. However, for XRP to 
reach $300, it is said that it needs to have a   market cap of 13 trillion.
Next, we have this tweet   from @LeoHadjiloizou that says;
whether the SEC would care to admit it or not,   the Howey orange grove analysis does 
not apply as neatly to the facts and   circumstances surrounding XRP and its offering."
As we can see from that article posted on   Financefeeds.com, "Denise Fesdjian, an associate 
at Ulmer & Berne, has analyzed how the SEC defines   digital assets as securities in a document 
titled "Comparing Apples to Orange [Groves]."  Ms. Fesdjian, an attorney 
representing broker-dealers,   investment advisors, and registered persons 
operating in the financial services industry,   started by reminding the term "investment 
contract" has been liberally construed by courts   to apply to a wide range of money-raising 
schemes that were found to be securities.

The   landmark case of SEC v. W.J. Howey Co. – a hotel 
operator which sold interests in orange groves   as an investment scheme – established the 
"Howey Test" for an investment contract.  The Supreme Court held that the circumstances 
surrounding the sale of the orange grove   interests constituted an investment contract and, 
therefore, security. Denise Fesdjian clarified   the Court's finding: "It's important 
to point out the following distinction:   the underlying asset (the orange grove) itself 
was not held to be a security, but rather it was   the way in which the tracts of orange groves were 
sold that rendered them an investment contract.  "Naturally, you may be wondering, what exactly 
do orange groves have to do with digital assets?   As it turns out, the SEC believes they have 
a lot more in common than you would think",   she continued, adding that U.S. laws and 
regulations have been stagnant and haven't   kept up with the crypto craze.

Without new 
legislation to rely on, the SEC has determined   that a digital asset (such as a cryptocurrency) 
may be considered an investment contract and,   therefore, security under the Howey framework.
SEC commissioner Hester Pierce,   who has recently denounced the lack 
of clarity within the crypto space,   has also said in an interview that "when we think 
about a crypto-asset as being security what we're   doing is we're saying it's being sold as part of 
an investment contract. It doesn't mean that the   asset itself necessarily has to be a security. 
It means that it was being sold as a security."  Moving forward, we have yet another 
tweet from @JamesRuleXRP that says;  "XRP Lawsuit: SEC files for seal, agreeing with 
Ripple on the irrelevance of third-party identity"   Now, if we look at that news that was updated 
on Coingape.com, we can see that the SEC,   in fact, followed Ripple's lead and filed 
for seal in the Interrogatories Dispute,   the latest development in the XRP case.

plaintiff claimed that it agrees with Ripple's   Motion to Seal evidence in the Interrogatories 
Dispute over the application of the Howey Test   to XRP sales during the last eight years.
"The SEC agrees with Defendants that the   identities of third parties are not relevant 
to the Court's decision regarding Defendants'   Motion to Compel…permitting sealing 
of portions of documents revealing   identities of individuals and entities where the 
public interest in such information was low."  The settlement speculation is really only 
confirmed as the SEC and Ripple continue to   work together to seal evidence. The SEC may 
be employing the seal to prevent creating   any legal precedent in the XRP action. The case's 
example cannot be utilized by anybody soon,   including SEC opponents. The SEC had requested an 
extension to file its letter move to seal earlier   in the interrogatories dispute. The SEC confirmed 
that it would consult with the defendants   before sealing portions of the appeal.

This added 
to the suspicions. The SEC petitioned the Court   for merit sealing because the portions to be 
sealed concerned the names of third parties.  The SEC approaches Ripple for a seal 
to protect some prominent individuals'   secrets concealed in the exhibits. The seal 
and settlement conjecture continues in circles,   bringing us back to the SEC contacting Ripple for 
a seal to protect specific eminent individuals'   secrets hidden in the exhibits. In the 
Interrogatories dispute, the SEC also filed a   letter noting that it "did not oppose" Ripple's 
request to seal parts of specific exhibits.  As we all can see from this, the SEC is losing 
as the case unfolds. For that reason, the SEC   seems to be considering a settlement with the 
defendants. That's because they want to bury this   lawsuit now as it keeps on digging up the past. 
In fact, just last week, Ripple filed a letter   appealing to the SEC's addition of three 
documents to be reviewed after the August 31,   2021, telephone conference based on 
a privilege log provided by the SEC.  This has definitely thrown the 
SEC into havoc as these papers   include an email chain that would potentially 
discredit the SEC's former 'just an opinion'   justification about the 2018 Hinman speech.
Now, as we wind up on today's video, we have   this final tweet from @MackAttackXRP that says;
"SEC v.

Ripple: XRP's utility and currency value   backed by former U.S. Treasurer" Well, it 
seems like Ripple XRP has earned itself   another high-profile backer. Let's look at 
that article posted on Financefeeds.com.   We can see that 'Rosie Rios, the 43rd 
Treasurer of the United States from 2009 to   2016 under President Barack Obama, has made 
quite a statement as the SEC v. Ripple lingers   and CEO Brad Garlinghouse refuses to settle if 
no "absolute certainty" about XRP is provided.  The 56-year-old academic took to Twitter to 
send a message to everyone out there still   figuring out if XRP fits the description 
of a security under the 'Howie Test'   as the Securities and Exchange Commission 

"XRP's primary purpose is facilitating   cross-border payments while other #Cryptos find 
their value in speculation. China's latest move   brings this point home", Ms. Rios stated.'
Both utility and currency value are features   not found in securities. This statement is 
being made by a former United States Treasurer,   thus lending influence and credibility to 
Ripple's arguments in opposition to the SEC.   With that said, let’s take a look at the charts!
The diagonal trend lines have acted as important   resistances and supports over time.
When the bullish euphoria stage will   start to kick in during Q4 the targets to hit 
will be the previous diagonal resistances.   There is a low probability it will hit target 3!
Absolutely nothing has changed with my chart and   everything is progressing as expected for now. The 
bear party looks like it will finish between $0.65   and $0.75. The rise up to $2.00+ is supremely 
likely. It'd be ashamed if you missed it 🙂  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only. 
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