XRP PUMPING to the MOOOOOOON!!! (Secret Truth Behind Ripple Price)

welcome to bitboy crypto home of the vet squad the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys you know i am the supreme leader master and commander of the xrp army and uh guys xrp is pumping and let's figure out what this could be why are we seeing a big pump for xrp it's up about seven percent right now it's one of the biggest uh ten gainers in the top ten uh a couple coins pumped you know pretty astronomically but they're down towards the end of the top 100 it is the top coin for gains right now in the top 20.

Now why is this is this because we are about to see the case get settled and because we're gonna we're seeing movement people front running the price of xrp getting ready for the gigantic momentum wave that is going to happen is that what is happening right now is that what we're seeing well let me tell you guys what if you think that's what's going on if you think a 7 pump is the big thing we're waiting on for xrp then i got a bridge to know where to sell you because that's absolutely not what is happening right now what we're seeing is how and i've had a lot of people ask me this if the sec lawsuit is not getting settled uh you know extremely quickly or you know are we going to see xrp still move well yeah of course it's a crypto it's in the top 10 we are going to see xrp continue to move along with market consolidations bitcoin right now is it 55 500 dollars it's pumping right now uh and we are seeing xrp get some benefit of that but specifically what is making xrp pump right now this is the asian market we're finally seeing if you guys remember a while back where we talked about the sbi story in uh in japan we talked about several exchanges now starting to list xrp in the east well it takes some time for that stuff to actually kick in like look we're gonna have probably two big ways when we get a bitcoin etf announced we're gonna have one wave that's gonna be the news the hype and we're gonna have another wave that's actually an effect from the cause of getting an etf when an etf finally actually goes into play people are starting able or able to invest in it or institutions are we're going to see the price move up of bitcoin so we're gonna see two separate ways well that's what we're seeing with xrp right now we got all these exchange listings we got ripple moving into the apac region in the asia pacific but we didn't actually see those things come into play yet we saw the hype go along with it but we didn't get to see the actual effect of the new liquidity that exists for xrp in asia that's what we're seeing right now people are looking at xrp and they're saying okay this is the only coin in the top 10 that has not hit a new all-time high this bull run even if even if the sec case which this is zero percent possibility but even if it didn't get settled in the bull market we're still going to see xrp move an xrp pump and people are starting to look and say man wouldn't i want to get in on something that hasn't hit a new all-time high yet doesn't that show how much potential is left in this bull run for xrp settlement or not which once again settlement is coming but uh so that's what we're seeing right now that's why we're seeing xrp really begin to move and to get some traction the asian market you can look at the times and when it started pumping it's up at a dollar 19 right now at the time of this recording now how high is it gonna go is it gonna go to uh you know a dollar fifty is it gonna get to two dollars is it gonna get back to a dollar thirty well dollar thirty is the target right now this is the last place where it was when it finally stalled out when bitcoin dumped so there you go there you have it that's what's going on with xrp right now that's why the price is pumping it's not because of some backdoor deal going on right now uh you know the powers to be would rather hold on or to continue to suppress the price so they can continue to accumulate during this time but let me know where do you think xrp is going drop that down below in the comments that's all god be blessed good boy out

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