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Today, we will explore why the judge ordered both parties from the XRP litigation? How did the Swiss-based exchange decide to relist XRP? Subscribe and turn on notifications To keep updated in this area. let's start. Welcome to the "money party". Unlike the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fight against Ripple Labs, US Judge Sarah Netburn directed both parties to hold "Tuesday, April 6, 2021 Call to find the meeting". The judge’s order instructed the parties to discuss Coercive motion filed by Ruibo Law Firm. On March 15th, on behalf of Lawyers for Brad Garlinghouse and Christian Larsen, the current CEOs of Ripple Labs, ask Judge Netburn Force the SEC to produce documents related to the lawsuit filed by the regulator against the fintech company. Ripple’s lawyers argued in the motion that because the regulator refused to produce the required documents, It is necessary to seek a court order. Specifically, the lawyer claimed that the SEC did not provide " A single document about Bitcoin or Ethereum-two virtual currencies very similar to XRP".

In addition, the lawyer also claimed in the motion that, The SEC did not provide internal documents related to the legal status of XRP. lawyer We are also seeking "any documents for 10 of the 19 custodians proposed by the defendant." At the same time, as ordered by the judge, some of Ripple’s supporters on Twitter Praising the judge's decision, they think it will help the financial technology company's case. E.g, A Twitter user called Kingslayer wrote: This will be a huge step because in the end The internal communications of SEC News will be exposed. April 6th will be a day worth looking forward to . It may become clear. Another CNF user asked: "I am the only one I feel that both Ripple and the SEC have a good idea of ​​how bad these documents are ? Bafang has provided countless positions, guidance and advice for more than eight years , There is no unified regulatory policy.

"At the same time, the order also requires The public who is interested in listening to the discovery meeting dials in a number, The number "will be distributed to all parties before the meeting." Is Ripple the choice of CBDCS? It is not clear whether Ripple will pass its white paper to The central bank spoke to put pressure on the ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Either way, the central bank may be reluctant to cooperate with Ripple at this particular time. Ripple recently released a white paper introducing the XRP ledger as Intermediaries that connect digital currencies of different central banks. "The Future of CBDC" Will XRP It is called a neutral bridge, which provides an intermediary between different currencies in an effective way. The company led by Brad Garlinghouse claims that if CBDC communicate with each other, then Commercial companies can more easily conduct international business. The company said that with CBDC Of cross-border payments received little attention from the central bank, adding This is a "shortsighted" position, because an interoperable CBDC can bring a country a competitive advantage. Ripple pointed out in the white paper: "Compared with the current 3-5 days process, it supports instant real-time foreign exchange transactions.

A currency account with pre-funded funds may still be required.” It’s not clear whether Ripple will Addressed the central bank through its white paper , In order to put pressure on the ongoing legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Either way, the central bank may be reluctant to cooperate with Ripple at this particular time. This is especially true if they lose the lawsuit and the company is at a loss as to what to do with private legal requirements.

When competitors get included R3's Corda, Ethereum, Stellar, Hedera and Eftpos When the central bank is concerned, too much uncertainty needs to be dealt with. However, Ripple has attracted the attention of France , The European Central Bank plans to launch a digital euro in the next five years . The European Central Bank’s Panetta proposed to set a threshold of 3,000 euros per citizen. The creator of the XRP ledger can still solve legal issues, And can cooperate with the central bank through the establishment of a separate company or subsidiary. Since the ledger is open source, So anyone interested can use the ledger, but the ledger does not Privacy settings provided in the recently released CBDC private ledger. First Exchange participates in #RelistXRP campaign The Swiss exchange Lykke decided to relist XRP, which is related to the Ripple block Controversial cryptocurrency related to the chain.

CEO Richard Olsen (Richard Olsen) Claim in Twitter statement that tokens can bridge The gap between blockchain and traditional finance: we are happy to #RelistXRP-Bridging The gap between traditional finance and the new world of blockchain is our mantra, And #XRP is the basis for achieving this goal; regulation allows us to relist is a milestone, this is A big step forward. As other major trading platforms such as Coinbase and Binance US Litigation, as the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ripple, Lykke XRP transactions and token storage were suspended on January 18. The token Initially listed on the exchange in October 2018. Siren CEO Jesse Powell believes that XRP constitutes a "huge" risky encrypted exchange. Last week, The militants in the XRP community launched the #RelistXRP campaign, making it Main trends in multiple counties.

According to data provided by CoinMarketCap , The 24-hour trading volume of the XRP/EUR pair on Lykke is only $3,945. Community Hope Swiss Exchange It will set a precedent for other exchanges. The bad news is that Lykke is not actually in the U.S. Operations, which makes it unclear why they chose to abandon XRP in the first place. Coinbase and other top companies are extremely unlikely to resume XRP transactions unless Clearly state the security status of XRP, which is the core of the complaint. If we look at this daily chart; recently, XRP has encountered some troubles, Part of the reason is that the SEC classifies XRP as security.

Although there was news yesterday The US Securities and Exchange Commission expressed doubts about its decision. This may be a setting or disagreement , The purpose is to deliberately put XRP in the background, and establish some hedge funds and futures, in order to be in the pool when the time is right Inject a lot of capital. Technically, the older chart pattern is Bitcoin In itself, with all the earlier bear market trends and bottoming out, it has been doing a very long downturn. H&S. Since XRP has hit the $0.8 price level three times in a row and was rejected, I am pretty sure that the fourth time will become a reality . Compared with the previous bull market, XRP hesitated for a moment, and before soaring Back to a certain price level. I cannot guarantee that this will happen, but it is technically possible , I may not be surprised by the surprise that Ripple brings us .

By the way, XRP has always appeared very late, but when it appeared, There is no holding. Many people have lost hope for this token, or are totally opposed to the basic principles, Because it is a banking token, they actually have the most practical use cases and hundreds of copies contract. Many Asian banks are already using xrp in the testing phase and have made cheap transfers.

However, the next step may be that institutions may wish to hold these tokens as assets. We also know that xrp is xrapid instead of xcurrent, this It is actually a token used for banking business, but the company’s success is also related to its token. 3 years ago, people were Even the price of $14 was speculated and predicted. Please consider carefully and trade safely! Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor.

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