XRP: More Exchange SUSPENSIONS After XRP Pump (Do We Need To Worry?) XRP News, Xrp Price Prediction

Welcome back to Make Money Online. Today, we'll be taking a look at the headlines of exchanges
suspending XRP after its pump. Is it something to worry about? Don't get to like this video and subscribe to this channel
for more videos like this one. The fourth largest cryptocurrency to date, XRP, is again
under the media and community spotlight as the currency experienced a massive wave of volatility. The price swings and crypto exchanges, coin check and prime
XRP either cease operations with XRP tokens or completely remove XRP trading pairs from their platforms.

Coin check was the first to halt RIPPLE operations, citing
problems with the transaction status of RIPPLE. However, the hull did not last long as Quoin check resumed
XRP operations 10 minutes after Prime XRP went a step further, announcing that the exchange would delisted Sexer
BTC and Xabi USD trading pairs by Wednesday, February 10th, according to the exchange. The move comes following recent events surrounding XRP as
well as the delisting of the asset across our multiple liquidity providers. Many analysts are considering the prime next move to be
dictated by one of the most volatile days for Apple in its history. A fifty six percent price rally from forty eight
cents up to seventy five cents managed to give enough of a push to overtake Teather and reclaim the third position in
the top Croteau rankings based on market capitalization. However, the two days of constant gains were stopped
abruptly by 24 hour price drop from seventy five cents to thirty nine cents, which Ristic Skrappy's gains from the
previous days.

The dump put together back in the third spot, while traders
on Twitter shared a common opinion that the price volatility happened due to a coordinated speculation effort. Wrapping my head around how a pump and dump group pushed
XRP, one of the largest cryptos from twenty five cents to seventy five cents, didn't think it'd be possible, but the
chart checks out no bounce yet, but I think this will probably be the same as Doege with vicious thirty percent
dead cats before dying, Twitter user Looma Crypto wrote on Twitter. The pump and dump price action comes amid Ripple
LLC, formerly replying to the SEC accusations that the company raised over one point three billion dollars through
an unregistered ongoing digital asset securities offering counter accuse the S.E.C. of distorting the facts about the status of its
cryptocurrency XRP. The SEC's case is unprecedented and ill conceived. The SEC has ignored excerpts clear status as a virtual
currency, contradicting not only the findings of other US regulatory agencies, but also international regulatory

The SEC accusations have been putting enormous stress on
ever since the initial claim. Many investors cashed out of people seeking other crypto
projects to invest in equity prices fell from fifty five cents to twenty cents after the US Securities and Exchange
Commission announced a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, triggering a number of exchange delistings of the
cryptocurrency. The regulator charged the company with violating securities
laws by raising one point three dollars billion over seven years from retail investors through its sales of XRP.

Ripple Labs pushed back against the SEC's allegations on
Friday, arguing the functionality and liquidity of XRP are wholly incompatible with securities regulation and its
registration as a security would impair its main utility and faster, cheaper and more transparent global payments. XRP trading on coin check was halted on Monday, while
Primate's BT said it would delist the currency pairs by 10th of February reports being crypto. The moves follow recent pump and dump activity on XRP,
although Quoin Check resumed trading 10 minutes later. The delisting announcement by exchanges comes after XRP
recorded a string of volatile days, having rallied fifty six percent from forty eight cents to seventy five cents,
although it dropped forty eight percent to thirty nine cents afterwards. Teather also rose to reclaim the number three
spot in market cap, and these moves are speculated to be caused by large pump and dump group. XRP rise has also been said to be caused by ripples
rebuttal to the SEC that the cryptocurrency is not a security. RIPPLE also states that Vincent approved the sale
of the cryptocurrency in 2015 with no input or warning from the SEC at the time, although XRP rose 50 percent after the
news of a rebuttal from the company, speculations are that the surge was a result of a coordinated pump.

XRP is currently gaining XRP. USFDA is up six point twenty six percent on 30th of January
twenty twenty one XRP registered its biggest forty eight hour spike in over three years, surging by one hundred and
seventy percent on the price charts. The crypto assets entered from twenty seven cents to a
yearly high of seventy five cents. In fact, the crypto asset almost matched is twenty twenty
high. However, right after the top it registered a massive fifty
two percent correction on the price charts. What does this entail. Well, on paper and might look like a
classic case of asset manipulation with a recent report suggesting that certain next whales may have orchestrated
the entire thing.

However, while it is all speculation at the moment, few on
chain metrics do seem to give a little more clarity. Did exchanges improve holdings? Is there profit left to be taken? According to sentiment, the largest holding group, i.e. more than 10 million, registered an increase in allocation,
while simultaneously big ERP wallets exhibited a decline. The report in question underline the possibility of
pre-existing knowledge of the pump.

Something will come to address later. With the crypto space already correcting XRP network,
profit loss indicated that it's riskier to enter the market now as traders may have already pulled the profits off the
market. At the moment, more owners are left with losses than
profits, but losses have come only at the bottom. From a market structure perspective, the decreasing selling
pressure may improve AARP's investment credentials because the crypto asset has maintained a position above its recent
monthly average of around thirty two cents to thirty three cents. He had substantial pressure on its price from short
sellers and community members selling in light of the sexy news.

At the same time, since the lawsuit was filed, RIPPLE
announced that they would suspend any additional sales of XRP until the suit is resolved, which did relieve some of
the pressure people used to sell as much as one billion XRP each month. The big shift came Friday when RIPPLE Follett's
answers to the SEC complaint and provided a very strong argument against the SEC claims. Of course, the community saw this as very positive news and
many XRP loyalists. But on the news, this caused short sellers to cover their
short positions and created a short squeeze. Similar to GameStop, volume on many exchanges went up 10
times normal volumes and was similar to the November 20 20 pump we've seen. However, we think the situation has
changed a little recently as the pressure on buyback and liquidations of short sellers has abated, a price has come
back to normal levels.

The Reddit crowd is moving their money from one asset to
the next to triggers such aggressive price movements. But you need to remember that on Wall Street, such moves
are followed by large institutions like BlackRock piling into GME behind the Reddit crowd. Going forward, XRP faces an uncertain legal future. We don't know the outcome of the SEC battle, but you can
expect many swings to happen in the next few months as each side opens more and more fronts to try and win its case. What's going on in the financial markets these days is
indeed a good example of changes in the crowd psychology. Investors realize they can influence the market and change
the rates set by Wale's. Those who seem offended in any way get protection from the
new bulls. This has never happened before on financial platforms, and
the perspectives remain vague. Meanwhile, remains in the midst of the conflict with the
SEC. The nearest hearing is scheduled for February second. So how did you reach here, coming back to the earlier
holding and distribution coincidence, a day before the pump, Telegrammed saw a group formed by the name of Buy and Hold

The group went on to add one point five million members by
the time XRP climbed to forty four cents on 30th of January. Now, the telegram group later did officially release a
statement indicating that they did not intend the market to pump in that manner, but the aforementioned case has shades
of Wall Street bets all over it. What then, well, can be speculated to have been a case of
minor manipulation, and that is what led to the distribution and holding talks between XRP wallets and the 10 million
allocation group. It should be noted, however, that none of these narratives
seem to point to a line image, for example, and it will be interesting to see if the crypto asset faces another spike
or correction over the next few weeks. On day one, exposed, corrected after a steep increase and
keeps trading at thirty eight point two percent Fibonacci. We can concurrently suppose that upon testing the support
level, the quotations will go on ascending.

Aiming at the sixty one point eight percent Fibonacci. The histogram keeps rising while its signal lines rest near
zero, which is another argument for the end of the pullback. When it's over, the uptrend might continue. Aiming at a previous target level of 52 cents in this
chart, you can see, is ready to go higher due to the fact that the price for new support levels after downtrends and
probably can bounce one more time, the price can start growing and reach a new resistance zone. But do you need to worry about this recent development
simply no, you don't need to bother yourself. No worry about this recent development. All investments of rainy and sunny days and that of XRP is
just signal to us. And we don't need to worry. All we do now is put a stop to our training, follow recent
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