XRP, Monero, Dash, Tether, & Zcash are SCAMS??? | 2021 Crypto Lawsuit WARNING

What cryptocurrencies do you think are scams, tell me in the comments section below, But before we start, make sure you love to share and subscribe to my channel and let's get directly into it Until you have all heard about recent lawsuits and lists of major cryptos companies on Platforms, for example, ripple is no longer offered on coinbase um dash monero Bitterrex is no longer displayed, and a lot of other platforms are sweeping the list of cryptocurrencies left and right And I think that's a trend that will continue to happen. Recently there have been a lot Of the scams that happen in countries like India and the United States, so this is clearly a thing It needs to be addressed whether or not the crypto is safe to invest in, needs to be considered In it just like the arrows you know just like here in the US we have the seconds that Looking at the stocks and making sure everything is OK so only time will tell So I'm talking about xrp monero dash zcash but they might actually end up.

Winners in NGOs You Never Know You May Other cryptocurrencies are going bankrupt or written off, and another cryptocurrency that has an issue is pegging And, basically, they were misusing the money, it would be interesting to see which of these cryptocurrencies He gets out of these lawsuits and scrutiny because you never know they might never recover Coinbase itself is also being sued for failing to look into xrp and whether it is illegal Or not, so they're also in legal trouble so some of these projects in cryptography will pass Very difficult periods of time or not, whether or not they are able to exit successfully No, it would be a matter of time because I think other projects like Bitcoin or Ethereum So far she hasn't been sued from what I know but there are conversations about Bitcoin in reality, facing up Some of the legal challenges that appear because a lot of people are looking at technology and with More and more people do that, you'll find that problems arise, all of that Part of your investment ed to see if the headline is correct or not and if it is It will affect your investment or not, just keep an eye out because now with the Taurus outbreak 2021, a lot is expected It's people that the crypto industry does very well but at the same time you're going To see a lot of cryptos just like companies or be a judge or go through legal challenges for that Just thing to keep in mind and not be afraid of it but also remember to do your own due diligence Don't do your homework before you invest just because something is falling apart in the short term due to Bad news or something legally happens if you believe in the project and technology And you think they will get out of it booming and then keep investing in it Take advantage of lower prices and actually invest more, that's another option too, so Tesla, for example, went through a lot of legal challenges with their cars in the beginning with Full autonomous driving potential.

From this technology, a lawsuit was filed against Tesla, But look at it now, it is literally the most valuable automobile company in the world, so It is just something that we learn from those obstacles that it will face and whether we can Going around or above them it would be just a matter of time and at the end of the day it depends It is only a matter of project management and integrity, whether they are honest or not Anyway, which of these cryptocurrencies do you think will work out of these lawsuits Thriving, why and which cryptocurrency you think may face some of the next legal challenges Also, let me know in the comments section but down below everything helps and the mr comes out!

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