XRP Making SILENT HEADLINES That Only The 1% Will Understand [This Is HUGE]

in fact the united states is the only 
country on the planet that has suggested   extra visa security the idea that xrp is a 
security it has traded out there for eight years   you know it's kind of like well if it was a 
security i guess we should have known that   a long time ago welcome back to leading drama to 
another episode 24 hours of crypto and say thank   you all my subscribers for comments and liking i 
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into today's episode oh boy oh boy am i bullish   than ever ever and everything is just coming in 
light everything is happening all the dominance   are falling in place and it is just crazy to see 
it all happen and all the sheeps are going to get   wrecked when xrp overtakes bitcoin in market cap 
and take the number one spot 186 trillion percent   the day will come when xrp surpasses bitcoin in 
market cap and will take that number one spot   and let's get right into today's episode visa 
makes another big bet on fintech buying uk   payments startup currency cloud quick key points 
visa is buying currency cloud in the deal valuing   the british payments start up at 700 million euros 
founded in 2007 currency cloud sell software for   banks and fintech firms processed cross-border 
payments in the second major accusation of the   year for visa which last month agreed to buy 
swedish fintech tick for 2.1 billion dollars guys   biggest takeaway from this i'm going to break this 
down i'm going to show you guys a documentation   back from 2015.

Remember remember remember i 
always say this on this channel ripple could be   working directly with the company or or indirectly 
with a company that is a very very under valued   term that i want everybody to understand and 
i know every single one of my subscribers you   guys understand that to the fullest now because 
now it's all happening i've pointed out many   many other key points uh with you know direct 
partnerships and indirect partnerships and this   is another perfect example so this is back from 
2020 currency cloud announces partnership with   ripple to process cross-border payments on 
ripple net currency clout the global leader   in providing embedded b2b cross-border payments 
for platforms of the future today announced a   partnership with ripple the enterprise blockchain 
solution for global payments ripple net ripple's   global financial payment network let's repeat 
that ripple's global financial payment network   makes it easy for the diverse network of financial 
institutions worldwide to enable faster lower   cost payments around the world folks why am i just 
so disturbingly bullish on this stuff because i   have expertise in banking rounding up to 10 years 
and like i said this thing is gonna completely   melt people's faces when xrp starts going to the 
moon and i can't stress enough take a look at this   uh well before we get into the documentary if 
you don't know um what these payment companies   are gonna do is they're gonna buy out all these 
little smaller payment companies and they're gonna   you know merge into one visa wants to remain the 
big dog same with mastercard all these accusations   will come down the pipeline but we just got 
to be patient and there's a lot that could   be happening right now we just don't know about i 
want to show you exactly why from a documentation   back from 2015 okay so if you guys don't remember 
this visa acquires control of earthport this was   back in 2019 and ripple is a partner with report 
since 2014 okay and then this is again another   earthport launcher distributed ledger hub this 
was back from 2016 and this would that's this was   uh leveraging ripple as well so we could just 
go this is just the tip of the iceberg if   you're new to this channel this is the first video 
you're watching folks this is one of hundreds of   you know indirect direct uh partnerships with 
when it comes to ripple and financial institutions   and take a look at this right here this is back 
from 2015 from the wef the future of financial   services how disruptive innovations are reshaping 
the way financial services are structured   provisioned and consumed okay take a look at this 
when we look at the attendees take a look at chris   larson ceo of ripple and we got michael lavin ceo 
of currency cloud just take a look at that would   you folks like i said this conversation could 
have taken place years back and i know how these   conversations takes place because i have been 
in closed door meetings with you know innovation   that are that were supposed to be implemented you 
know years from now these conversations take place   years before it gets implemented or even before 
the media gets a hold of the news and i want   you guys to understand that they won't tell you 
everything they will spread flood i'm going to   show you a perfect example of jp morgan doing that 
so let me know what you guys think in the comments   down below from this was back from 2015 chris 
larson and currency cloud you know there were   in the list of these individuals on this attendees 
ripple is the only cryptocurrency company digital   asset company whatever you want to call it payment 
company whatever you want to call fintech company   that is in here in this list ripple the 
company is the only cryptocurrency with   given all these attendees individuals 
ripple is the only one so you ask yourself   how big will ripple get and this is back 
from 2015 and you can only imagine folks   and you guys know how far we have come since 

And let's keep going to this complete bs of   this ignorant piece of poop jpmorgan 
opens crypto trading to all clients   this irritates me yes you know it's great 
for adoption and stuff but you know why   it irritates the heck out of me take a look at 
these clips i don't personally understand the   value of something that has no actual value you 
all can do whatever you want and i don't care okay all right that sounds definitely bitcoin hit a 
new high today i i could care less with bitcoin   trades for how it trades wiretrace who trades 
it if you're stupid enough to buy you'll pay the   price for it one day why is bitcoin a fraud and 
when all i ever said is that bitcoin the bigger   these things get the more governments right now 
they look at it as a novelty you know they love   in in in washington all this technology we love 
technology wait until someone gets hurt wait until   it's used for illicit purposes which is somewhat 
useful listed purposes they close it down so it's   just not a real thing and eventually it'll be 
the emperor without clothes for a man just to   spread that should be illegal he should face jail 
time this is what i'm trying to tell you guys   these banks are not gonna tell you or how to get 
into crypto for a very long time okay the price   is already going to be priced in when you guys get 
in it's going to be extremely high even with this   announcement of you know jp morgan opening crypto 
trading all clients you know clients aren't going   to just come through the floodgates and every 
single client under jp morgan is going to use   crypto that's not how it's going to work people 
are going to be still skeptical about all this but   because they're not providing the confidence 
that these youtubers are providing and these   co uh and these youtubers are not providing opium 
they're providing facts 99.9 of everything i say   this on this channel are one well not 100 99.9 
are facts there are one oh my gosh i keep one   saying 100 because folks it's coming okay the day 
is going to come when all this will happen all the   dominoes will fall and this what's happening in 
the world right now people are taking advantage   of this this is not going to happen again this is 
a once in a lifetime opportunity in our generation   so you know something like this could come across 
maybe 100 years from now or decades from now   or centuries from now like it's not gonna happen 
anytime soon so you guys need to understand this   get into it i don't care how old you guys are 
the older you guys i'm telling you if you guys   are older if you guys are above 30 years old and 
if you guys are not exposed to cryptocurrencies   you guys better get your ass in it right now 
because if you're listening to me if you're   listening to me say that and when the day comes 
you know give it a couple months i'm telling you   the next coming months in crypto are going to 
be absolutely crazy crazy and that is 100 fact   and you guys will see it we will cover it we'll 
we will do the journey on this and i just can't   stress that enough so i do appreciate every single 
one of you guys let me know what you guys think   in the comments down below of this peasant right 
here this sheep right here of what he's thinking   i really want your perspective on this and folks 
currency cloud earth point earthport visa just a   tip of the iceberg this is nothing this is nothing 
compared to what ripple is trying to do and that's   world domination when it comes to cross-border 
payments and we will be number one 186 trillion   percent so i do appreciate every single one of you 
guys and we will be back with another episode and   now a word from our sponsors but i like hamburgers 
you know i like hamburgers and chicken wings

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