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the crypto revolution can't be stopped anymore cryptocurrencies are about to become the biggest thing in the world and xrp is going to be one of the main ones welcome xrp army let's grow the xrp lab community by pressing the like button and subscribe we are giving away 500 at the end of the month to one random subscriber to continue on their xrp journey all you need to do is to like the video subscribe and comment your thoughts on xrp in the comment section in today's video we'll discuss the great news regarding xrp in the crypto world which can make you your first crypto million shoon let's head into it the exciting news regarding ripple just don't stop ripple received its first installment of one billion dollars in the final quarter of 2021 and something amazing occurred as a result of that following the publication of the first announcement whale alert on twitter claimed that three transactions took place in which a total of 1 billion xrp was released from the ripple escrow wallet approximately 18 hours after the news was first published the escrow tracker leonidas hajiloyzu said that in a very short amount of time ripple transferred 100 million xrp and returned 800 million xrp to the escrow the fact that ripple was able to make use of such a big quantity of xrp that had been freed from escrow was the first time in months that the company had done so in the majority of situations ripple locks in a bigger sum of money back into escrow as compensation in the past data from the xrp arcade indicated that the average amount of ripples xrp sent back to escrow was 900 million xrp but this time it was just 800 million xrp according to the statistics the cryptocurrency exchange ripple said before the end of 2019 that it would begin using a new form of xrp volume reporting and that it will take a more cautious approach to its sales in the coming months as a result ripple has maintained a substantial sum of xrp in escrow as a result of the situation according to a statement made at the time the company is working with a limited number of important partners to increase the utility and liquidity of the cryptocurrency in the asia-pacific and european markets xrp was transferred to its on-demand liquidity corridors in mexico luxembourg and the philippines among other destinations this was a surprise action on the part of ripple all of the cash were sent to the exchange partners in these countries including bitso coins.ph and bitstamp who were all recipients of the amounts distributed upon completion of the most recent withdrawal and deposit the escrow balance stood at 47 billion 100 million xrp with the final escrow expected to conclude in october 2025 according to the most recent projections this should open the door for xrp to make much greater gains in the foreseeable future thousands of investors have made their first million thanks to the cryptocurrency xrp in recent years and if you're presently holding an xrp position chances are that you'll become a millionaire soon as well by the way do you think you'll make your first xrp million soon as well let us know in the comments section down below currency transactions have skyrocketed in emerging markets across central and southern asia in recent years demonstrating the diverse variety of motivations that individuals have for wanting to learn more about digital assets such as bitcoin ether and xrp chainalysis a blockchain analytics company recently published a report revealing that bitcoin transactions rose by 706 throughout central and southern asia and oceania between july 2020 and june 2021 a vast region that includes countries such as india pakistan and vietnam when expressed in monetary terms the overall value of the transactions was 572.5 billion dollars accounting for 14 of the total value of all transactions conducted worldwide the vast majority of transactions were made by institutions and businesses on a big scale giving more evidence of cryptocurrencies adoption by sophisticated financial institutions and businesses there was a particularly significant surge in the number of large institutional size transfers above 10 million dollars in india where they accounted for 42 percent of all transactions the equivalent numbers for vietnam and pakistan were 29 and 28 percent respectively the research is the second in a series of geographical assessments of bitcoin transactions by chain alice's and it is available here the first report which was issued in january was a success first and foremost according to a study published last week the region of central northern and western europe has outperformed all other regions on the planet in terms of cryptocurrency transactions with over one trillion dollars in transactions over a 12-month period exceeding all other regions combined a total of 46.3 billion dollars in institutional transactions took place within the european union in june 2021 representing a 12 rise from 1.4 billion dollars in july 2020 according to the european commission according to coindesk while europe is the leader in crypto transactions asian countries are the leaders in total adoption as measured by unchained value received on chain retail transactions and peer-to-peer transaction volumes according to chain alice's global crypto adoption index for 2021 vietnam india and pakistan were ranked first second and third respectively in terms of cryptocurrency adoption african countries such as kenya and nigeria are increasingly relying on peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges such as local bitcoins and paxful for their cryptocurrency needs as seen by the growth of platforms such as local bitcoins and paxful in the region the government of el salvador became the first in the world to formally recognize bitcoin as legal tender and as a result of this event two crypto exchange unicorns have risen to prominence in latin america also make sure to write your thoughts on all these news regarding the spread of crypto in the world in the comments section blockchain is making its way into every area of our life and is improving the quality of all of our lives on a daily basis human life expectancy is always being sought after by scientists and blockchain technology may have been the linchpin in the search for innovative techniques to prolong human life expectancy till now more than one billion dollars will be spent over the next 10 years by the longevity science foundation a swiss organization founded in 2006 by a consortium of biotech founders clinicians and leading longevity research institutions with the goal of discovering technologically based methods of extending the human lifespan to 120 years with blockchain and other next-generation technologies the foundation hopes to uncover new frontiers in four important areas of the field therapeutics customized medicine artificial intelligence ai and predictive diagnostics applications for financing are being accepted by the foundation at this time in accordance with the statement such initiatives have the ability to make a significant difference in people's lives even if they are implemented over a period of five years the primary goal of the group is to put theoretical concepts of longevity into practical application in the real world as much as possible a major goal of the foundation is to translate scientific discoveries and technological advancements into therapeutic treatments and solutions via the use of philanthropic contributions and grants in addition dr alex zivaronkov who is well known for his research on the science of longevity has been named to the foundation's visionary board of directors along with these roles dr javaronkov consults with long genesis a blockchain based medical data marketplace that recently launched a joint endeavor with the bitfury group to build a blockchain-based consent management system for the healthcare industry gary zamadze the managing partner of laungevc spoke on the potential role that technology might play in healthcare research noting that when used in conjunction with artificial intelligence blockchain can unlock hundreds of terabytes of unstructured medical data for future investigation this should prove to even the last crypto skeptic that cryptocurrencies can't be stopped anymore and that you can either remain a skeptic and lose out on tons of money or join the train and make your first crypto million soon if that's what you want then your first crypto option should be xrp what do you think about the latest news regarding crypto and xrp do you think xrp is about to make many more investors crypto millionaires let us know in the comments section if you want to continue knowing about xrp we have two more videos waiting for you on the end screen to check out enjoy your day and i'll see you in the next video before heading out kindly note that prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value the information provided in this video does not constitute investment advice financial advice trading advice or any other sort of advice you should not treat any of the content as such the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice do conduct your due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions [Music] you

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