Xrp Daily News in 0 – 10 Minutes: Ripple’s Yearly Report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey what's going on crypto people it is your boy decrypt those seeds with your XRP daily news and zero to ten minutes let's go so guys let's check out this information here I think this is critical big eyes are seeing in understanding what happened with the Serie C funding was ripple it's pretty outstanding rebel begins 2020 with forty nine job openings in the US UK Brazil Japan Singapore Dubai in India OH sliced exercise twenty20 begins ripple appears poised for a global expansion the company currently has 49 open positions spread out around the world including in the US UK Brazil Japan Singapore Dubai and India sixteen of the positions are for engineers who will continue to develop ripples payment solution and help clients integrated software ripple is also looking for senior managers in Sao Paulo London and San Francisco the company's job listings also highlight the company's efforts to boost adoption of the digital asset XRP there are currently eight openings at Spring ripples fundraising and development arm that's focused largely on growing the XRP ecosystem so here are some of the job listings SDK into engineering is spraying partners partner engineer senior infrastructure engineer so some of you smart guys out there senior product manager spring developer services senior SDK and tools engineer senior software engineer and Russ software engineer spring developer tools vice president of developer relations spring ripple owns more than half of the total supply vector P they love to state that don't bet the company recently it's two hundred million dollars in a Series C fun raising round which values the company at a whopping 10 billion now yes that is with the V very interesting quick to the point article here on a daily huddle that I do like the fact that I mention this in the beginning I hadn't even read the article but the Serious Eats funding was about a large part of that was about being able to hire people of course a lot of us are speculating on the other things like whether or not they're going to IPO whether or not they're going to be doing more acquisitions or in fact that they may become an acquisition themselves right so is it gonna be an IPO is it gonna be an SCO is it gonna be an acquisition or are they gonna be the ones doing the acquiring we shall soon find out but obviously a big part of the series funding was about bringing on more employees bringing on more smart people let's see what else I got let's go on to the next article that I thought for me that's pretty interesting so here's the title of this thing it says ripples yearly report from dumping fear uncertainty and doubt to being valued at 10 billion dollars very few companies survived the aftermath of the ICL hype ripple is one such company that was inspired by ideologies of Bitcoin and built to make cryptocurrencies that are faster and more secure although the narrative around what ownership has changed over the years both have done more than just survive they have flourished as the years come closer then ripple rage 200 million dollars as a Series C round reportedly valuing it at a whopping ten billion dollars this article takes a peek into the past year to gauge ripples achievements and development so real quick eyes rippled the paynus company unlike others rep identifies itself as a famous company rather than a currency company rightfully so as they're aiming towards revolutionising the payment sector using blockchain a cryptocurrency and the payments feel ripple has a major advantage due to this early shark and is also making sure to leave by example ripples X current X Rafa detected via now known as ODL let's wrap it is now in those odl each of these has a role to play in reducing the inefficiencies and can be integrated into a ripples network called the ripple Network three products and current now it's a trap that is now ODL and X via the first product the first product X current makes use of the blockchain technology to make payments happen and is widely used by more than 50% of ripples plethora of partners that's rabbit now called odl is a rather attractive yet risky product that yet risky product that makes use of X would be to provide liquidity for transfers across borders this method is risky since resident regulations surrounding the use of digital assets hasn't been standardized around the world and I will add yet the next product is X dia X via is a suite of software solutions that allow institutions to transact by leveraging the use of ripple net not talked about much X via but obviously it is significant product to look into over the course of 2019 report has made considerable developments to improve the utilization of all the solution perhaps the most important development is the use of X rabbit now known as odl if hammer said that enough a major financial provider projects partnerships that's rapid and more ripple has partnered with over 350 partners in 2019 in quarter one of 2019 represented in a purple entered partnership for 13 major institutions Euronext banks and friend J in F X F TCS Ally Bank of Kuwait trans Pago and others 5j in FX and friend trans-pecos FTS and Urim Exim Bank of the above partners have announced the use of x RP to provide liquidity so this is a little time behind because we all know about flash effects right so in quarter 2 of 2019 that's rapid user switches ODL now you should stop by 7% additionally a 30% increase in X rap partners was also witness this was mainly due to Brooke was partnership with MoneyGram in June of 2019 one of the top five financial service providers X rapid works by leveraging XRP to provide on-demand liquidity it was also reported that ripples odl was responsible for the transfer of 10% of Mexican foreign exchange trading on November 25th ripple completed the 50 million investment commitment by giving investing by giving investing the remaining 20 million in money Brown however ripple reported the audios uses shot up by 75 percent comported to the quarter 3 and the dollar volume of audio increased by more than five times in the same period addition ripple announced its acquisition of team Algrim keep that in mind it is really significant to support the ongoing development of audio so that the album is going to be massive I didn't want to start to hear it mid 2020 to late 2020 gonna start hearing more about them speaking with AMD crypto and XRP enthusiasts with a screen name extra piece scans stated and 2020 I expect more audio quarters but open and the existing ones will continue will continue seeing even higher amounts of fun flow bridging to local non USD currencies in or through in under three seconds is the killer feature that has potential to take huge business away from traditional players and many of these inefficient quarters as ripple on boards new exchanges and speeds up payment within the inefficient corridors I expect the network to touch new heights both in terms of transaction and by you transferred from this is a guy an XRP enthusiast a guy or gal calls himself excel free skin nicely done an extra piece can the most important development in terms of adoption of cryptocurrencies to place by ripples investing in arm investing arm spring it invested and apprise it's like Forte labs boat labs agaric etc etc all of which are trying to develop new and efficient methods to address different inefficiencies in watching for tape focuses on gaming and is trying to solve on how to better align player engagement and develop a business model my present forte is trying to leverage inter ledger protocol cody is an XRP to improve cross chain interoperability security and even liquidity Forte I think it's going to be massive Gaming is going to be massive in the digital asset space kama Labs is the world's first intellectual solutions provider and it's working toward integrating companies and black chains with interim ledger Kabul EV tokens were recently launched on finances ie o Launchpad some Springs development XRP scan stated this is a long-term play that was C returns several years down the line see how dev experienced rich AWS and MSDN ecosystem is today ok so I got one minute to cover the rest of this let's go on regulatory front in quarter 2 SEC announced that it would establish those on certain open source permissionless lasers since as the XRP ledger to help inform its policymaking moreover UK's financial conduct authority analogize XRP to eat which is recognized as a hybrid utility slant exchange token on a security token perhaps the most important development by crippled and easing regulatory uncertainty is their move in Washington DC where but announced that they had open a new office in DC and they would focus on educating policymakers on cryptocurrencies and black stain technology in addition to this move Craig Phillips former councillor to the US Treasury second to the US Treasury secretary Stephen Venusian joined ripples Board of Directors to advise a firm from regulatory affairs Susan Freeman and Ron Hammond two officials with government backgrounds have also joined the DC office purple has joined the black chain association group to further the regulatory clarity for digital assets and I'm gonna end right there because my ten minutes is up guys I'm excited about doing this I'm gonna be doing more of these videos it'll be X bar P daily news in 0 to 10 minutes this was the first one I hope you enjoyed it guys let's never ever forget this old money doesn't want you to win they don't want us to win they would rather us remain a cog in their perpetual wheel of trading our time $4 they don't want us to play in the same playground that they play in 4 we allow our money to work for us this is our chance to win guys the digital asset space is our chance to win we are in the midst of the greatest transfer wealth in the history of man are you participating or are you standing on the sidelines here's what I do know that the battle for you has already been fought and the victory is yours go get it I'll talk to you soon guys see ya bye

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