XRP Changing the World 2021 (Ripple Stablecoin REVEALED)

the engines of crypto run at high rpms and churn out a lot of torque but the race we're in has multiple classes of cars in it some like bitcoin are the high-end prototype cars others like engine or cosmos are exotics stable coins they're more like a mitsubishi mirage stable coins are boring to us djinns but vitally important to the entire crypto ecosystem but don't be fooled the tech behind stable coins is no slouch and the future of stable coins will determine how much freedom the world will have in the coming years the race to be the number one stable coin is intense and a new driver is coming onto the scene that right now is downshifting and attempting to pass the current leader tether from the inside let's get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad largest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we look at the super secret xrp stable coin that is coming out very soon xrp is a coin that we like on this channel only because it has tremendous upside honestly i'm not the biggest fan of a lot of different things about this project from ripple labs however i own a lot of xrp because it works for my portfolio and i'm in the business of making money in crypto don't be mistaken xrp is going to be taking a victory lap around the sec in the very near future setting it up to take the lead among other stable coins well ben who who cares about stable coins everyone should not only are they the most traded crypto by far they're the on and off ramp to take profits for the longest time tether or usdt has been the top dog of stable coins with others like usdc true usd dye and others lagging so far behind it's like their engines are running on corn syrup instead of gasoline maybe even corn scissor because stable coins are the means to put money in and take money out of crypto they are getting a lot of attention from governments all over the world governments are trying to make their own version of stable coins called central bank digital currencies or cbdc's we don't like cbdc's it's the worst form of financial centralization they are the path to a cashless totalitarian society where every cent spent or earned is tracked and used by governments to repress freedoms stable coins like tether are based on blockchain tech and have public ledgers any transaction they do whether it's on an ethereum chain or the binance chain is all out in the open via block explorers like blockchain.com yes tether had its problems when it first launched but it has since cleaned up its act and for that reason has become the industry standard stablecoin for not just buying crypto but for shadow banking and before you go off thinking that shadow banking is only for criminals put yourself in neutral and remember that shadow banking is just a term that means you are handling your finances outside of a country central bank people across the world and oppressive dictatorships are shadow banked out of necessity and fear over 40 percent of the loans in china are shadow banked and tether is the number one crypto used for that purpose so i know what you're wondering where does xrp fit in i thought xrp was its own currency well it is or maybe it was xrp first came out in 2018 as a normal digital currency like litecoin or did you buy at least that's what they wanted you to think xrp turned out to be very centralized according to many their founders held a lot of the initial coins that were owned by the founders and ripple labs themselves and look we've gone into xrp many times on this channel and you get all that information by clicking the link above but the important development for xrp that you need to know about is this a few months ago white paper was released in secret by ripple labs that outlined how xrpl the more malleable form of xrp can be made into a cbdc stablecoin hybrid governments know that they are on their back foot when it comes to crypto they are getting dangerously close to the alt economy making them obsolete oh no how terrible government drones are actually putting off taking bribes for a minute or two and instead reading white papers from ripple labs to figure out a way to get ahead but why ripple well because ripple has what tether and other stable coins don't money from old fi and the blessings from one of the biggest players in the crypto verse the digital currency group the dcg knows that they have an uphill battle against tether die and maybe even doge so instead of taking them head on like they're attempting with usdc more on that in another video they're using xrpl to be the stable coin of choice for inter-bank transactions in the white paper they cozy up to the central banks by saying things like time to define the future of money the introduction of cbdc's will be one of the defining transformations in the history of money and central banks will not be willing to relinquish control to a completely distributed model is they need the ability to direct and influence their economies through currency management also known as manipulation or here when they talk about running qualified validators this would give central banks the flexibility and functionality that comes with decentralized ledgers while retaining enough centralized control over their monetary policies and economic management the the qualification you see is that you run the node that the banks can control at any time this xrpl stablecoin hybrid doesn't even have a name yet but it would be a key step for any central bank to make up some time on the decentralized supercars they're currently losing to they would have a hybrid not like a porsche tycon but more like that hybrid truck soundstage torture chamber from mad max so immortal joe aka jerome powell can run you down and put your whole family in jail for sending dogecoin as a graduation gift to your niece when you should have used the government-approved currency instead because as we were told this past week every cryptocurrency transaction is criminal and if they don't like it they want the ability to reverse the transactions or worse that's the end game full control they want to change history but will they if it's a race of innovation between tech and finance we already know who will win tech but if finance continues to lose they'll start drafting us and try to play dirty using regulation and government bullying to slow down d5 just look at what they're doing to binance right now how many times a year do we get fired about tether that's what's on my mind for the future of xrp and cbd seats it's grim but i know the crypto verse can fight against it now if you want to stay in the know on everything in crypto make sure to hit that like and subscribe button but in the short term what does all this mean well i think it's obvious now that the sec case is going to hit the wall and spin out ripple labs will have to take a pit stop but then get right back out there jed mccaleb will finally be paid off and dump all the rest of his xrp the central banks will quickly look at developing xrpl probably for a benign task like handling escrow transactions the big movement would be the fact that xrp would get listed on the major exchanges again the sudden release of downward pressure on xrp and influx of capital will surely see it rise to two dollars and it's not a stretch to see xrp hit 10 or more over the next 12 months that would mean huge gains for the long-term holders this isn't go-kart racing this is le mans both high performance and endurance you know the track layout now and who the newest team is it's up to you to stay ahead of the pack that's all i got be blessed you

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