XRP, Cardano, or Ethereum – Which Cryptocurrency Is The Better Investment THIS YEAR?

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is 
aaron great to have you tuning in today this is a   big video make sure you watch the entire thing in 
today's video i want to talk to you about cardano   xrp and ethereum which one of these crypto assets 
is a better investment this year in 2021 now very   important to keep in mind that there are thousands 
literally thousands of different cryptocurrencies   some will go on to be major winners many will 
go on to be major losers if you can think of a   winner a cryptocurrency that could outperform 
any of these three that you're seeing on your   screen right now let me know in the comments below 
we'll check them out but the reason that i picked   these three today well for a variety of reasons 
we'll go through in the video but pretty much   all three of these coins look bullish to me in 
the short to mid term going into end of year   from a ta standpoint as in bullish momentum from 
a narrative standpoint which is very important   as well as where we are in the bitcoin cycle 
in general the maturing stages of a bitcoin   bull run this is a video that you do not want 
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video every day join us on the road to 1 million   subscribers let's get into it okay so make sure 
you stay tuned for when we talk about xrp i have   a lot to say on xrp and we don't talk about xrp as 
much as other protocols on this channel and to me   xrp looks very bullish going into the short to mid 
term so stay tuned for that before we get into it   i think we need to start with cardano 
because cardano looks extremely bullish   going into september and going into the end of 
the year as i'm sure you know especially if you   subscribe to our channel cardano in less than a 
month will become fully smart contract capable   meaning that everything that people like going 
on in the ethereum ecosystem cardano will be able   to directly compete let's find out some details 
cardano's team has confirmed that smart contracts   are scheduled to launch on cardona with the alonzo 
hard fork on september 12th mark this down in your   calendars this launch will allow for defy will 
allow for nfts would love for gaming apps to go   live on cardano this is a big deal now cardano's 
token ada has surged today in anticipation for the   update it's now the third largest cryptocurrency 
by market cap do you realize this i was shocked   when i realized this that cardano is now the 
third largest cryptocurrency the third most   valuable cryptocurrency by market cap and looks 
to be very strong very strong momentum heading   in to the smart contract era so if you've been in 
this space a while like myself or like you know   plenty of people you remember when cardano was 
not even in the top 10 when cardano was less than   10 when cardano was between 5 and 10 i remember 
when being b coin and tether were both ahead of   cardano and cardano's actually just flipped these 
coins so cardano is building one hell of a launch   pad and building up some real momentum going 
in to september and the end of the year i mean   think about it cardano's upgrade on september 12th 
this year is literally one of the biggest upgrades   in cryptocurrency one of the biggest things 
happening in cryptocurrency this year cardano has   some of the best grassroots support in all of 
cryptocurrency the cardano community is strong   charles hoskinson the leader broadcasts on 
youtube almost every day sometimes twice a day   he keeps the community informed the community 
remains stronger cardano has spent a lot of time   building this launch pad at around a dollar it 
shot up past a dollar everybody's waiting for it   to come back down it spent so much price history 
at these levels now it's finally building its next   leg up cardano is now over two dollars again 
everybody's waiting for it to come back down   i think because of where we are in the bitcoin 
cycle i think it is only blue skies ahead for   cardano i mean obviously it'll be ups and 
downs but let's think about it now a big part   of my cardano investors thesis has to do with 
ethereum i believe in a world where ethereum is   valued where ethereum is doing well as ethereum 
makes its way past five thousand dollars going   up to ten thousand dollars which is what i think 
ethereum will do i believe people look at cardano   as a better version of ethereum i'm not saying 
that's the case i'm not saying there has to be   one winner but i believe because cardano 
has such a strong narrative many people   are buying into cardano because they believe in 
what ethereum is currently doing and what cardano   can do so three different scenarios i think in a 
bitcoin bull market in a market where ethereum is   doing well i think a four dollar cardano happens 
easily i think that would happen easily i think   if ethereum gets to ten thousand dollars i think 
a five six dollar ada happens easily now the fun   of cryptocurrency bull markets and also this you 
know causes the the wreck of the downside when we   get these 80 corrections after the market turns 
you know these coins are prone to blow off tops   so let's talk about really how high cardano 
could go and as long as ethereum is doing   well if ethereum gets past ten thousand dollars 
if a bitcoins over one hundred thousand dollars   i think a ten dollar cardano is possible let me 
know what you think in the comments below now   it's not just cardano that's doing well in 
this cryptocurrency bull market of course   there's dogecoin seems like elon musk and 
mark cuban have dogecoin covered so let's talk   about xrp because xrp has been doing quite well 
ripple's xrp otherwise known as the banker's coin   is created to facilitate cross-border payments 
across the world with xrp as the settlement token   so what's interesting is while bitcoin was created 
as an answer to the banks to work outside of the   banks xrp was created to work with the banks 
and obviously xrp and bitcoin are very different   xrp is developing quite a bit of bullish 
momentum xrp soars to a three-month high   as price climbs above one dollar why is this 
why is there so much buying pressure with xrp   let me know your thoughts in the comments below 
but one thing is clear large buy orders i.e whales   have returned and they're pushing the xrp 
price higher xrp looks primed for higher highs   as buying pressure behind it increases 
and this is interesting because as we know   they're still being sued by the sec the sec 
has recently demanded to see ripple's slack   communications amidst ongoing xrp case so 
do the whales know something that we don't   about this i think they might listen i'm going 
to play you a clip from an interview we did when   we had friend of the channel bitboy come on our 
channel in early july and he gave us his thoughts   on the bold case for xrp i'm not so sure i agree 
with his price prediction i mean it's possible but   what i tend to agree with more is his reasoning 
i think bitboy's reasoning on this is very very   sound and i tend to agree with it so listen to 
this three-minute clip i agree with his reasoning   i'm not so sure about the price prediction it's 
possible but then i'll come back and i'll give   you what i think is a realistic price prediction 
for xrp this year listen to this give us the bowl   case by the end of the year obviously nobody can 
tell the future but what is the bull case for xrp   if everything goes their way yeah bolt case for 
xrp would basically be if by 64 cents today by   the way just looked it up if by october before 
october okay this needs to actually be sometime in   september they come to an agreement with the sec 
they get the slap on the wrist they pay the fine   but the case is done it's kind of like with 
tether right we had a tether flood forever   and then they settled the case and everybody's 
like well i mean we can keep making up fud but   it's not going to matter new york already said 
whatever it's fine pay your fine and move on   and so we saw it with eos as well if that happens 
or xrp and you know the case specifically against   ripple labs all that gets cleared away suddenly 
that price suppression that has been going on   since uh i believe november or december early 
december i think it was when it when it broke   somewhere around there the price depression 
that's kept xrp from reaching an all-time high   will be totally gone and then like a rubber band 
everybody will be able to trade it and it'll pop   right back up the most bullish case for the end of 
the year um i think it's going to sound crazy are   you ready for me to sound crazy i think 30 dollars 
i think i think that's the most possible bullish   case rex rp by the this year 30 dollars and and 
that's really not that crazy of a number if you   think about it that's all that's less than 
10 times its previous all-time high in 2017.   and if it were not suppressed if it were to have 
seen a very similar thing to what ethereum saw   to where this cycle it had already peaked 
out at about three times its all-time high   it would already been at nine dollars and correct 
it down to six right now in that case thirty   dollars wouldn't sound you know that out of the 
question you gotta understand ripple led 2017   it was the number one you know most profitable 
coin across the board people put in 100 100 bucks   you know made six figures at certain points during 
2016 2017 the excitement for ripple is there um   and once again this is not a comment on how great 
i think ripple is i mean at xrp it's not ever been   something i absolutely love but i'm just looking 
at the common sense behind price suppression   against something that's been through a lawsuit 
and all of a sudden now all of those worries   all of those concerns all those people that for 
years said xrp is gonna they're going to prison   the raccoon i was going to prison chris larson 
going to prison when john mccabe was the one   that really should be there by the way you know 
which is he was in charge of basically one of the   biggest scandals of all time when he passed off 
mount gox and got off scot-free on that scot-free   on the ripple legislation but you know whatever 
that's a different subject when all that those   dark clouds above the head are gone a lot of 
people are gonna be thinking oh maybe i should   invest in this as the price rises it's going 
to get excitement it gets the media attention   when the ipo news breaks just think about it i 
think it's definitely possible i think you know   somewhere between uh 12 to 30 is definitely a 
good estimate for this year as long as we're   still in a bowl cycle and we're not like fully in 
a bear market like some people think we are very   interesting like i said i think his reasoning is 
sound now as far as where the price is going to go   let me play you a video from the boys over 
at fx fxstreet.com and their youtube channel   which is a ta channel and i think what they say 
here is very possible for the price of xrp and   this probably isn't even counting the blow off 
top watch this for me right now ripple is at a   very crucial stage for resistance resistance and 
now we're trying to flip it so there's going to be   a lot of resistance and once we flip this as a 
support uh xrp has to clear up to 1.2 and 1.3   uh once this is cleared i think there's a free 
uh path up to 1.7 right and anything beyond that   uh we're looking at three tests of this uh swing 
high here which is one roughly two dollars right   and then we have the the all-time high which 
comes around 3.31 so this is what i was looking   at from a really high time frame uh xrp is in this 
ascending parallel channel and uh my first hurdle   was around 1.1 and i think beyond that it's 1.7 
that i just spoke about and then finally it's the   all-time high which comes around 3.31 right 
and i think uh it kind of coincides with uh   the upper rundown of the parallel channel that is 
assuming we rally back this in the next 27 days   kind of impossible but i think if we do 
clear the 1.7 level and the the outlook of   the cryptocurrency market remains bullish i don't 
see this as impossible this is honestly possible   it's possible yeah how far out like 
what time frame are you looking at oh   uh it's honestly i don't give time frames because 
you do not know when the market is going to turn   but right now assuming everything 
remains bullish for uh the way it is   and bitcoin uh hits a new all-time high 
uh from that particular point probably   two three weeks from when bitcoin hits 
an all-time high from an all-time high that's an impressive move a short period of 
time yeah because uh in all of ripples uh   price rail is right you have the spirits 
of consolidation and then a massive   shot up uh so consolidation shot up so these 
things keep happening right and it's really not unlikely for ripple to uh pull 
off another one of these exponential   almost vertical ascents right and yeah so 
that's why i think it's honestly possible   well certainly if the situation with the sec 
evolves in a positive fashion or something big   comes out of that that's bullish that definitely 
would be the catalyst for something vertical like   you're talking about so that's that's one thing to 
consider yeah definitely and honestly uh from here   i don't think it's a lot it's just 200 upswing and 
honestly we've done this a lot finally my friends   let's talk about ethereum in my opinion this cycle 
is ethereum's cycle to lose ethereum has so much   going for it this cycle as long as bitcoin remains 
in a bull market how can you beat stuff like this   this is one example of major corporations or 
major organizations with huge communities using   ethereum directly time magazine and cool cats to 
give away nfts for great memes after selling nft   magazine covers time is getting back into crypto 
collectibles in a very unexpected way and all of   this is happening on ethereum time magazine has 
partnered with nft project cool cats to release   limited edition nft collectibles the nfts will 
be available on openc which is one of many nft   places where you buy nfts now look at this 
data this is nft marketplace monthly volume   look at how much bigger this month is compared to 
every other month you remember this month seemed   big or this month seemed big or this month seemed 
big look at all these platforms open c super rare   nifty gateway all of these are almost all of these 
use ethereum as basically the settlement token   now as we know ethereum recently changed its 
monetary policy and that makes me even more   bullish because whether we're talking about open 
c another nft platform play to earn games stable   coins which have just been going crazy over the 
past couple years almost all of this in the entire   ecosystem is happening on ethereum my personal 
opinion i think as long as bitcoin is doing well   i think a 10 000 ethereum is likely now raul paul 
says that 20 000 ethereum will happen this cycle   i think that is possible for sure it might even 
blow off higher than that again it depends on   what bitcoin will do now give me your opinion 
in the comments below whether you think ada xrp   or ethereum is the better investment this year now 
make sure that you subscribe to our channel on our   road to one million subs because we will continue 
to update you on this stuff and things change all   the time now my personal thoughts and this is 
contingent on bitcoin being in a bull market   and ethereum being in april market my opinion 
between cardano ripple and ethereum i believe   that cardano could see the greatest gains of 
course it would be a blow off top situation   probably be a large correction afterwards but i 
believe that if ethereum does really well this   cycle cardano ada will do even better now of 
course the key is to make sure that you realize   profits or at least you know be smart you 
know learn money management anyways guys   that's enough for this video i will see you 
tomorrow this is turning into a great year

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