XRP & ADA RIPPING! Cardano and Ripple to the MOOOOOOOON!!!

welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button now i'm gonna address a question i i know a lot of you are gonna ask why am i wearing a yankees hat well this is my six-year-old's team i'm coaching the 6u yankees over here in akron georgia and we're going to destroy all the teams so both my boys are on the yankees this year cringe to put this out on but uh you know we we got practice jerseys we got everything we're ready to roll let's talk about crypto so i don't want to spend too much time uh tonight i really just want to talk about xrp and cardano we're going to talk in the morning about intel getting involved in crypto i got some behind-the-scenes information on that for you guys so we'll be talking about that bitcoin ethereum in the morning in our sunday drive to church video but today i want to talk about cardano and xrp ada gang where are you at so we'll start with cartono the price right now is about two dollars and 20 cents at the time of this recording now why is cardano massively pumping well we told you a couple of weeks ago when charles said that it was going to be a fun couple of months for cardano uh we told you take that serious the last time he said that was in february when the prize cardano went from about 70 cents all the way peeking out about i think about two dollars and fifty cents a couple months later he told you again something serious is coming yesterday we had the announcement smart contracts will be coming to cartondo on september the 12th now that's a massive massive date why because that is going to be the middle of september about a month from now everything should be running and taking off at that point uh some people are wondering is all this a bull trap which we'll talk about tomorrow because it's absolutely not um but you know cardano right now is running it's doing things we haven't seen it do in quite a while so where is cardano heading to well i would think the cardano most likely is uh heading up to around 1.50 we have to get a small retracement at some point we want to get some breathing room before the main or before the smart contracts come out so kind of something you can compare this to would be when you know projects like theta and kyber last year went on their own main nets uh you know we saw a huge run up uh up to that date and then when it actually launched they it continued running for a couple more months i think this is what we could see from cardano about a two-month run after the smart contracts launch so i know we get a lot of by the rumors sell the news but in a bull run when things are really really pumping selling the news isn't nearly as important but buying the rumor certainly is something you want to do i can see cardona like i said going up to about a dollar fifty retracing a little bit what are the next major levels the major numbers we need to be watching for cardano well according to uh some traders on twitter uh they're saying watch the fibonacci levels there should be one around three dollars and 35 cents and one around five dollars so a lot of people have been asking where you should take profits well i'm estimating cardano is eight to ten dollars for this bull run so look anything over five dollars you should start looking at funneling some profits out i think next month we'll get there and then we'll have some decisions to make so we'll talk about that then xrp army where are you at uh that's right as you guys know i am the supreme leader and commander of the xrp army now um and you know it used to kind of make me feel like a slime ball but then i put on this yankees hat and it really put it all in perspective for me uh nothing wrong with a little xrp army love guys a dollar 25 right now xrp is at a dollar 25 i didn't think we would see this this quickly you guys know i told my dad to buy a bunch of xrp around 60 cents uh he's already doubled his money on that over doubled his money so it's been fantastic to see uh and i think we're going to see this run up continue cardano and xrp right now are both running away from everything else cardano now firmly in that number three spot about three billion dollars ahead of binance coin at the moment i think that lead is going to stretch out a little bit more we could have a time where it snaps back a little bit and then continues but i do believe that xrp will be right up there at number three or number four before you know it uh as far as ripple goes something really interesting we've never seen for ripple before right now the github activity for ripple is actually higher than the github activity for bitcoin big things are coming for ripple big things are coming for xrp look the price has been suppressed we know that here's the cool thing though the cool thing is that this run that we've seen from xrp over the last 24 hours it's not been it's not been news fueled now i've told you guys before that i've been told that the middle of september kind of the same time for the smart contracts on cardano the middle of september this sec lawsuit should be settled and we should be moving on from that that that's when we're going to see some fireworks but i was also told that things are advancing very rapidly right now and we may see that happen even sooner than previously thought so this week next week we could see the sec lawsuit taken care of i'm looking around the beginning of september uh if we're going to see something happen there it could happen at that point so definitely something interesting to watch if you're in the xrp army and you're wanting to get some massive gains i mean you're already getting massive gains am i right you're already getting massive gains right now we're still over 60 percent of the way uh from ripple's all-time high okay but the thing is this has not been news fueled if we are heading to a place where the ripple case gets settled sooner than later we right now could be seeing some whale insider activity that's why the price could be moving gearing up for a gigantic explosion when that lawsuit is dropped and they get their slap on the wrist all this is coming uh like i said i've been told next month i'll keep you updated if that changes but if you are in the ada gang or you're in the xrp army you are loving life right now and i know a large percentage of the viewers on our channel are in that situation so enjoy those gains you guys remember to take profits don't huddle all the way to the bottom you will regret it all right guys that's all i got for today i'll be back with a new video in the morning where we're going to be talking about bitcoin ethereum bull traps and we're gonna be talking about intel a lot of cool stuff so make sure to check that out that's all god be blessed good boy out

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