Hello everyone and welcome to this new crypto currency technical analysis video. then you saw it the tome team has not taken much value in recent days and precisely in this video we will come back to it we will analyze a lot of crypto including obviously bitcoin and lands but we will also talk about other crypto currency that I'm used to less talk in any case in recent weeks like for example the bnb and especially the x rp then we will start as usual with the analysis of bitcoin in monthly time unit on the unit of monthly time you see it we clearly have the buy signal which is validated then this signal purchase I have already been talking about it for several weeks obviously but we can see that it is confirmed bitcoin continues to grow and above 19 thousand dollars you can see it on the screen so he is almost in fact on his ath to a few small percent he is on his nhât th then I told you in the previous video analyzed that of even before the signals purchase is reflected in the units of time moi first from the shortest unit of time to the longest, for example, we could first have signed for the h4 field and then as an offense in weekly and in monthly is there is what we see if we start again in crime we had obtained the signal purchase on bitcoin early enough we had obtained around mid-October then if we leave on the weekly we had obtained it a little later you see it here on the fence of the candle around October 19 and finally if we start monthly is the signal to buy it is just having read at this very moment at the close of the candle obviously mentions the buy signal you see them clearly to validate once again I have been talking to you about it since a long time it's a textbook case that we had completely flat bollinger bands on had a resistance here which was tested several times in monthly and there we have a magnificent candle upward momentum in the month of November so November is not yet over but bitcoin has already taken about more than 40% of its value, so precisely speaking of the camps percent and well we see that bitcoin it's been a very long time since it had a such performance if you look at the previous months and well the last time the bitkom has gained so much value in recent years over the past two or three years that can be counted on the fingers of one hand in the end so we can see that the craze has also returned to bitcoin on crypto its candles there you see the shape of this candle clearly remind us what we could have had for example on this upward surge that we had during the first half of the year 2010 9 but of course what we had throughout 2010 is particularly at the end of year 2010 16 you see we had b strong momentum candle we were coming out of the bollinger bands and it's been finally since 2010 is that the weekend price did not come out of the bollinger bands here on the year 2010 is several candles closed above but since finally the higher of the bed of glue and the price is never ironed above the bollinger bands he only does it now so clearly there we signed the purchase without any hesitation in monthly then be careful qiddissine el hachadi obviously that it will not go up in a straight line it can retrace but if we look at it on a monthly scale we can have a retracement of -20 -30 -40% can very well here imagine a nickel price that keep pushing back to make a pullback here and hop it loses less 40% but on a monthly basis it is absolutely nothing you know crypto currencies are very volatile here we are for the analysis of bitcoin in monthly the buy signal it is there it is valid this does not mean that the the month of December will be mine in the green in the month of January on a month in the green you see that even in 2017 there are also months of less bearish but once again what matters is the finish line and the finish line it is not in a month or two months concerning bitcoin is over in a year, a year and a half or even two years and in a year a year and half two years obviously that bitcoin a priori will be much more valuable than it is worth currently we will now switch to the wiki time unit good on your weekly unit you see it continues to grow we had here a magnificent resistance on the 12 000 dollars we had to retest it if one last time before crossing it we closed here I told you about it So at this time on the close of 2000 dollars the breakout and the close above 12 miles dollars the exit of the bollinger bands and therefore my since it's been several weeks that the price bitcoin is only pushing upwards so obviously it's very promising for the future if we now switch to the unit of time says we have the same thing when we can note on the unit of time offense is something that we have not had for a very long time is that the movement increase in the price of bitcoin this is not an exaggerated movement it is a very you can see that the trend here is strong the price consolidates it goes up it consolidates and rome between the ground floor we go up we consolidate a little we go back we consolidate we go back we consolidate we go back we consolidate etc etc you can see it also at the level of the bollinger bands that looks like rollers and not a bubble you have a bubble when its like that the price goes up in a straight line you have a bubble which forms and therefore there the premium very quickly but after it consolidates not bad and sees even after they can retrace while when you have a roll the movement it is much healthier they last much longer and we do not necessarily have at a retracement behind so you can see that here the rise in bitcoin is still healthy enough it is not exaggerated despite its price which can suggest a really strong volatility is not necessarily the case with bitcoin even if today it has taken 5% to 2 5% is not huge start of volatility bitcoin has already undergone several days where it has gained more than 10 or even plus 15% plus 5% that's completely acceptable for volatility in Oman crypts is therefore now varrault switch to the weekly time unit we will see a little the scenarios that we can consider for the continuation art the problem is that a lot of people wait for a retracement at the level of bitcoin th at around 20 thousand dollars a lot of people you probably saw it on certain networks because bitcoin is going to seek its attachment on the 20 thousand dollars and then that it retraces for example to 2013 1014 thousand 15 thousand dollars before going back up but you often know when you have a lot of people who agree on a point of view it is often the reverse in fact that happens in particular with obviously the bitcoin is therefore a scenario that we can very well consider is that bitcoin and reach it his tie at 20 thousand dollars and which does not stop at 20 thousand dollars that he continues to rise in straight line up to 24 thousand 25000 dollars and only then it traces it takes both finally run because people will say to themselves that here is the bitcoin he broke his tie he has risen above 20 thousand dollars it has reached 25,000 to 30,000 it can only continue to go up and this is where finally it will retrace it will go down to 15,000 20,000 and which you will have obviously all beginners who will resell and only after the bitcoin will resume then this is something that cannot be clearly observed with the price of bitcoin why because that first thing and good if we look at the history of bitcoin each time we has reached anna task for example here look at th in 2013 well the price of bitcoin he has consolidated but it has consolidated a little bit here we see it on the monthly unit it has consolidated a little bit but it can precisely because it has always been solid and in the past the reverse this year and that is to say to go up in a straight line not more power more than 100 % above the earth j but maybe a + 20 or a + 30% before retracing so that is the first thing second thing is that when I record this video we have absolutely no shortness of breath on the bitcoin price trend we do not see a weakening here we see that we is still or not i am talking to you making bitcoin higher again is at 19,000 317 dollars so given that we have no shortness of breath nothing lets us think about a retracement I told you about it last week when I told you bitcoin At the time I was recording the video there is absolutely nothing that let us think of a reversal of price and well look there it only went up to wil consolidated for a few days but it is reassembled well today it's the same thing bitcoin is still making a new one highest in the world I make you this video is absolutely nothing that indicates that bitcoin is retracing look at the 20 thousand dollars are really right next it is enough that the bitcoin a few small percentages he is stingy militate them very well reconsolidate a little and go back frankly the 20,000 in Arabic 1 2023 2024 1025 mhz and only then retrace again because that there we have no shortness of breath of the trend normally should at the approach of a resistance have shortness of breath before turning around for the moment the part maybe we got them tomorrow the day after tomorrow we'll see but for the moment we don't and so it's a scenario that needs to be really consider the fact that the fart beacon are ath they show in a quick way and then there re correct because we have it on a correction when we appended the price and as I say this is good we have no excess price the price rises in a fairly linear way so for the moment nothing fear once again have to be careful maybe tomorrow the price will turn around and so will have the confirmation in two days three days four days but for the moment we are not there not yet and as long as we are not there, we just have to stay and position our par compared to the private club we have always been positioned on bitcoin for more than a month now we is still positioned absolutely nothing that tells us to sell you see it we have taken a position at the level of this blue arrow and well for the moment we remain positioned and that we will sell well I would tell you but for the moment we absolutely do not sell so now we will move on to the alcon analysis then in the previous analysis video I had taken the total 2 for you situate a little the context of alcohol where I said that we were close to a stopover season being given that we were just below a significant resistance and that it was absolutely necessary in the coming days, monitor the halts market because it could potentially wake up so last week in the world I was making the video for you, it is right on hair here under the red resistance and send although the price to consolidate has made you the same thing with bitcoin before breaking the 12,000 dollars the price had gone to seek the resistance of 2000 dollars he stumbled on a small reversal before crossing two ways and net the 12000 dollars on bitcoin is of course the stats we are observing the same thing look last week it continues to grow and this week we are only Tuesday and it still continues to grow so we can see that we are in a trend that is clearly bullish for the moment on the halts market speaking of dale coyne obviously we will talk about the largest is the ether and therefore on the lands that we had the same thing we had here a resistance that had been tested several times I will talk about it so we are on this level there just below the resistance we reached this last high point I remind you that we is on the weekly scale so one candle equals two weeks well we had a chase of the trend this week is the same we are starting to grow again on the land have helped the 600 dollars you see that it really starts to wake up concerning the market described in the nose and in particular the stops because here is the land has already made about 30% in the space of one week a little over a week so it's been a long time since the land had reached this level of once the land had reached 600 dollars it was in May 2018 it's been a year and a half we can see that and there we can see that we have a trend reversal the graph is enough now we are once again on the weekly time unit we can see that here we have a purge unfortunately the price is turning around so we are clearly partly in an uptrend for the next few months without any hesitation on the crypto currency market we can also talk about the good concerning me the good I had posted to you on twitter an analysis so you will find the twitter link that I recommend you obviously in the description just below this video I recommend you go read the twitter we post tweets every day whether it's news, trading or even analyzes do not hesitate to see them so there a few days ago you posted three graphs the first was on the bnb where I said that the good has been patina for three months but we have still an excellent fundamental it skates it did not grow unlike other cryptome is that we could have a catch if we break the resistance of 32 $ you see it here we was on the resistance of 32 dollars we had not yet crossed the price was slightly below 30 dollars if we see a little bit where we are now and well we are pile precisely on the 32 $ even slightly above hours we will switch to the unit of time two countries and on the unit of time offense we have a textbook case we can clearly see that we have a trend which is bullish supported by its support line and we have resistance tested several times on the 32 dollars a right triangle is forming so it is clearly a textbook case we see here today that we had an impulse candle which for the seller seems end in May chat we have a big big game here should not be the price reinstated resistance or to have the close tonight but we are having this buy signal on the bnb a lever has not been pushed very hard for three months if you compare with the other stops therefore sounded on the resistance and we can very well here imagine a fence above the residences and that the country continues to grow or have a maybe in a week two weeks three weeks we will be 40 dollars 45 50 $ on the half reach it is quite possible if obviously the rate clip market continues to grow as it has been in recent weeks so here is a little bit about the bnb I also had the tweet post for you so I will I talked about camping and also about x rp where I asked you if the x rpi ultimately not in waking up look at this graph we had on the x rp here a magnificent right of resistance tested three times the price crosses it he made a pullback on it and he classified this resistance he tested once twice three times the resistance and we had the buy signal on this candle for a few days so the price at that time was around 41 cents 42 cents 2 dollars and so if we see what the x rp has done since you see it goes up in a straight line the price it has made over 50% since the tweet is in a few days he obviously made more than 100% he is already at almost 64 cents of dollars with a higher at 80 cents of a dollar so clearly but the problem is rhdp we see it is in the process to wake up it's been a long time since he woke up so luxury rp I can tell you had already spoken this summer we had this resistance of the 32 dollar cents and so I had you says if they broke the resistance at 32 cents it would be a buy signal so this summer we hadn't broken the price, it came back to bounce back on the moving average 50 and It was only a few days ago that we broke this long resistance of the 32 cents of dollars and we made a weight of 1 there you see we are at 64 cents so there luc some wake up but what the x rp is really an interesting crypto you obviously know but my opinion on this what to know with the x rpc that it evolves in a quite different way from other clips shot they are not treated the same way it is obviously much more risky why because we clearly see that we have a kind of manipulation on the price it stagnates for months and months then when he decides to go up and well he handed me right then the style for months they go up neither straight then it stays and it for years alas it seems to go up in a straight line so it is really a crypto but very dangerous why because if you buy it at the bottom of the impulse at the moment of the impulse it's great you go do a lot of guys so obviously you sell at the right time because if if you don't profit between of the impulse 2017 and that you do not sell well you systematically look at everything so for those who return at the right time quite brilliant on the other hand for those who return at the top and well you lose almost all your investment the price loses a lot of value so really be careful for those who invest in the x rp me you know my opinion once again above I do not have x rp I do not invest in seven clips became I would not even be in the analysis videos it's not a crypto currency that interests me of course I can understand that it will interest some of you so just know to pay attention to his clips thundered the who are sleeping and all of a sudden wakes up like that in the middle of nowhere to some manipulation so now can the x rp continue to climb can it continue to populate of course we can see that here he triggered his buy signal on the breaking this resistance he can continue to people without any worries again if that continues to paint on the other re clips and if he says that to continue to people and that he break the task and that he does not turn around at that moment but we can clearly see that there is still a lot of upside potential an excess rhdp which is in a few days will be a dollar one dollar 20 of their 30 or even 1 dollar 50 that absolutely does not shock me, however I will let go no I absolutely would not like to buy it even if I think it can continue to go up I will not buy it, however, it is not a Romanesque crypt and which in the sense of the risk gain ratio is interesting, you will still be a lot compared to what you can potentially win so here is a little bit compared to the filmed clip that I wanted to introduce yourself in this video so you see the trend is still bullish on the crypto currency compared to the portfolio two copies trading and well also do not hesitate to go on twitter to follow all this because on twitter obviously you will find graphs of the analyzes you will find me a lot of information but sometimes it I may sometimes give you a portfolio report two copies trading so currently the copy trading portfolio when I gave you the screen earlier well there was 14 thousand dollars so that's 1 + 40% in the space of a month so it's been going up since just now before recording this video it is + 43% so you can see it goes back a a little bit there again the objective of this portfolio was not to take a excessive risk the risk is very controlled but the gain is also a little more is limited the idea is not to have a wallet that goes to the lines on aix rp to have a wallet diversified where you are going to have the sign but which have given a buy signal currently it is for example the bitcoin the lands the light gold etc etc so do not hesitate also to the east on twitter if you want to follow the evolution of this portfolio as you go weeks because I won't always give you the account in the videos analyzed shows I will always do it on twitter also do not hesitate to follow all tweets the days we bring you news of which there are things to know from platform ags or anything and well you will be kept informed of the above that's a little bit compared to this analysis video if you enjoyed it as usual do not forget to leave like under the video for support if you have any remarks comments put them under the video analysis that will allow me to prepare a live that I will organize for you in a few days I will give you a live and therefore if you have already asked questions I will answer them in the live then at schedule videos about me on this youtube channel for the next two weeks well this Friday I'm going to post you a video that lasts one hour it's a coaching extract that I had given on Sunday not that Sunday but the Sunday before it lasts about an hour and therefore I answered a lot of questions that I think are relevant and that could interest you so if you have time to watch this coaching I really recommend it to you there is an hour of video where I answer the questions that were asked to me live there are a lot of questions that were really relevant which you will see the answers that I really give do not hesitate to look this coaching I will post it to you on Friday around 5 6 p.m.

Also I had you talked about a video to present indicators that are relevant to the beat coyle and I also speaks in this extract of coaching that I will publish to you on Friday, well know that this video it is already ready I will tour it for you on this youtube channel during the week next so the video on the two bitcoin indicators will be published next week is also maybe i will do a live on youtube either this week or the week next for analysis and decrypts live crypto currency is what you want and if you obviously have questions on the market described in view of the fact that things are moving quite a bit at the moment so here I thank you once again for following this video I find you in a few days for this one hour video and I wish you all a great evening

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